RTD is Looking for Editors

School is in session, so per normal ebb and flow of time:




We have a few new original authors who are looking to publish, plus some who are already publishing.  Both need an editor either due to time constraints on their existing editor need an editor to look over their new work.  The exact extent of review is between you (the prospective editor) and the author, but the general requirements/expectations are as follows:

1. Native English speaker – this is a hard must.  The rest can probably be negotiated

2. Ability to identify grammatical and spelling problems (usually the ones missed by google docs auto-correct)

3. Ability to tell the author they have a plot hole the size of a truck that causes mass tensei

4. Ability to work as a team with your author and not be yandere with their story (it is, after all, their story.)

5. Ability to suggest improvements in a constructive manner (IE: “I think it might be cool if you did this”; NOT “That’s kinda stupid.  Try doing this instead”

6. Ability to represent RTD in a limited fashion (This one isn’t hard… we’re all a bit bizarre, as you know from the RTD stories, but being a jerk to people will get you banned pretty fast)

Looking for Editors
Origin #11 - Man and the Machine (Part 5)