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Waifu Generator

We did it. Waifu Generator is up! Beta version is out for now. There is only 1 function which is $waifu. More functions will be added in the future! If you wish to have discussions on this Waifu Generator. Look for me in the #GAN channel.

Survey for Waifu Generator

Hi Guys, Fairy here. I need some help from you guys. I am creating a waifu generator and I need your help. Below are the images which comes from the multiple waifu models that I had trained. I need you guys to choose the one that is the most pleasing in the eye. The model

RTD is Looking for Editors

School is in session, so per normal ebb and flow of time:   Greetings!   We have a few new original authors who are looking to publish, plus some who are already publishing.  Both need an editor either due to time constraints on their existing editor need an editor to look over their new work. 

Looking for Editors

Greetings!   We have a few new original authors who are looking to publish, but need an editor to look over their work.  The exact extent of review is between you (the prospective editor) and the author, but the general requirements/expectations are as follows: 1. Native English speaker – this is a hard must.  The

Muses of Smartphone Team

Hi everyone. BlackSwordsman1721 here, one of the Editors of Smartphone with the recent addition of Empress. First of all, thank you for the support you guys have given us. We are really grateful for the amount of support that you guys have given not only to the Smartphone translation team, but also to the whole

New Series Recommendation for our Jobless Smartphone Team

Hi all, We need a new series for our jobless Smartphone team. NOW IT IS YOUR CHANCE TO RECOMMEND US THE STORY YOU WANT US TO TRANSLATE! Rules: Join our discord at Kindly ask our mods the series you wish to recommend to RTD It must be of the format.- Link – Why should we

Stopping of Smartphone Translations

TLDR: We are stopping the translations of Smartphone UPD: Updated partings words of the team (Alex) The people in RTD has always love the Japanese Culture. So we translate these novels to the public so that you readers are able to enjoy them. We feel encouraged when the series become more and more popular. So

RTD welcomes Original Novel Writers!

Dear writers, I believe that everyone has noticed that there are new, original novels on as of current. While we are relatively new in this direction, we have finally sorted out a few matters and issues and we are pleased to announce the details on Originals Novels. Join us on discord for more details.