FAQ – What’s up with you, RTD?


Rumanshi here~

As you may be aware, Raising the Dead has moved here.  You probably have a lot of questions to ask!  Well, I will answer as many as I can now and then anything else you have to ask later, I will edit them in.   Let’s get this started!

Q:  Why the new site?
A:  Many of you may have noticed the old site beginning to show signs of decay (long loading times).   Unfortunately, although we attempted to fix it, the old site owner went MIA.

Q: Will the old chapters be moved here?
A: Eventually, yes.  However, before we do such a process, we are planning to edit them to improve their quality of what was originally done.   This will not affect any new posts, however.


Q:  Can we have a dark mode?
A:  We are working hard to implement this on the new site.  Please bear with us.

Q:  Will you pick up X novel?  
The short answer?  Probably not.   The longer answer:  We definitely won’t pick up any novels which are still being translated by other groups.  We won’t pick up novels that we don’t like.   We won’t pick up novels if it would interrupt our other novels.   We will work with you if you wish to host a translation or original novel on this site.   For now, please contact us through our discord.

Q:  When will we get email subscription?
A:  Pretty quickly, hopefully.

Q:  Who are you?
An admin of the site. (“We call him ramen”,Fairy)

Q: Why the move to Disqus?
A:  Helps improve the speed of the site.

Q:  Will you marry me?
A: No.

Q: It’s bare not bear.
A: Wrong.


And now, you can ask anything you want.

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