Slave Harem 224 – Additional

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“Is it okay– to attach the Coral Monster Card to Vesta’s weapon?” I suggest.

“Yes. Agreed. It’d be good to let Vesta have it.” (Roxanne)

Is Roxanne in favor of this? After all, she wants to enjoy hard fights until the last minute.
It’s wasteful to simply end with petrification. It must be something like that.

“It should be put on the weapon of the vanguard. If it’s fine with Roxanne-san, then it should go to Vesta.” (Sherry)
“Do your best-desu!” (Miria)
“I want to do my best!” (Vesta)
“It’s a good idea to put it on the weapons of the vanguard for the Lords’ meeting” (Rutina)

Is it unquestioned by the other four girls, as well? Well, when it is okay with Roxanne who is the most involved, then hardly anyone will object.

“Then, this way.” Deciding with only this statement, we repeated the boss battle.
We hunt the coral that can’t sing. It is easy since a coping method is established.
A coral that can’t sing is just a coral. It is just troubling if it makes sounds.
Oh well. Even though it is just Coral, they move toward us, showing hostility, and attack us… At least most of them…
Some of them also sing….

At least I want them to forgive us for not allowing them to sing. Even if it is a fight against the top of the thirty-third floor.
After hunting a lot, we finish today’s battles.

“Ah. There’s a note” (Roxanne)

After shopping and returning from the adventure guild by warp, Roxanne immediately starts running. It seems a note was left. Only Luke would leave a note at our house.
Is it because a note from Luke has the possibility to enrich our equipment, that Roxanne spotted it quickly?

Most of them are either Kobold or Caterpillar monster cards though.
But then, it is for the sacrificial Misanga given to everybody, and to sell at the Imperial Society Lodge shop when necessary.
Eventually it will lead to the enhancement of our equipment. Changing your point of view is not wrong either. (1)

“And? What does it say?” (Michio)
“It says that the Coral Monster Card bid was successful” (Roxanne)
It isn’t a Kobolt or Caterpillar, but a Coral. Huh? That’s doubtful.

“…… I see” (Michio)
“We can make a two-sword style in one go, can’t we?” (Sherry)

Unlike me, who is making a doubtful expression, Sherry raises a good point.
Is there also such a point of view?

“I see. I’ll make it for Vesta anyways. Shall we make two at once?” (Michio)
“No. I think we should make them one by one” (Sherry)

Sherry denies with a quick rebuke.
Isn’t that obvious?
First, we can start by putting petrify on Vesta’s sword, and try it first.
Then, we can add the Petrify skill to the other sword if a two-sword style sounds better, but if one is enough, we can add the Petrify skill to another person’s weapon.

“I see” (Michio)

It is the second “I see”.
As expected of Sherry. It may be good if we give the Petrify skill to Vesta’s and someone else’s weapons.

“In any case, It’s good news” (Roxanne)

Roxanne is also happy.
You can say it is worth finding it.

“Right. If it is okay to make them one by one, I guess it is fine to make one now, and the other tomorrow. No need to go to Luke’s place to get it, tomorrow is fine. That also has its advantages. As expected from Sherry” (Michio)
“Thank you very much” (Sherry)
“Alright. Vesta, hand over your Steel Sword of Fury.” (Michio)
“Eh?” (Sherry)

Sherry is surprised. I’m satisfied.

“Understood.” (Vesta)

Vesta puts the Steel Sword of Fury on the table. Me as well, I put the Coral Monster Card and the Kobold Monster Card on the table.

“Because we have two of them, I think it is a bad idea to put the first one on a weapon that doesn’t already have a skill.” (Sherry)
“You sure understand that, don’t you?” (Michio)
“Since there is a possibility to attach petrification to someone else’s weapon, isn’t it natural to put the skill on the stronger weapon?” (Sherry)

She really understands.
It’s the perfect logic exactly as Sherry said.
First, apply petrification’s skill on one of Vesta’s swords, then see how it goes.
If it is better to use a two-sword style after all, I just need to put the Petrify skill on the other sword, if one seems sufficient enough, use it on someone else’s weapon.
So naturally, it is better to put the Petrify skill on the better sword.

“That’s how it is…” (Michio)

I push the sword and the monster card toward Sherry.

“I understand.” (Sherry)

Sherry nervously receives them.
And then, after a long pause, fusion starts. Sherry’s hand shines. Once the light settles, a sword remains.

“Ooh. It’s a success. As expected of Sherry!” (Michio)
“I-I’m glad…” (Sherry)

She is probably nervous about adding a skill to a weapon with a skill already equipped.
Since there is an empty slot for a skill, there is no way it will fail.
At least, I believe so.

“We increased our strength with this. It will be fine to pick up the one at Luke’s tomorrow” (Michio)

I give Vesta the Steel Sword of Fury with the Petrify skill, in addition to the 2x Attack Power.
It seems to have become a pretty good weapon.
Aside from Durandal. It’s a shame that Durandal doesn’t have petrification. But I don’t think petrification suits Durandal.

“Then what will fit it?” I will be troubled if I am asked that, but petrification feels ominous.
It seems to have become something like a cursed sword.

Well, it is also possible to say HP absorption and MP absorption is a curse, isn’t it? A New fact- Durandal is a sword of darkness!! In that case, it would be coherent if it also had petrification.
Not having it is a pity after all. Well, if it had it, then it would turn into whether to use it or not. That would also be troublesome, huh? As with bonus points for example… Petrification will not fit with Durandal after all…

Testing the effect of the petrification on the Steel Sword of Fury will be done tomorrow.

“Because we got a new set of equipment, I want to check it out before heading to the boss fight”
“I understand.”

We fight several times on Quratar’s thirty-ninth floor.

“I did it-desu!”

However, a petrification battle between Miria and Vesta won’t happen, Miria is overwhelming. It’s clear that Assassin’s Status Abnormal Up is more effective. Vesta petrifies less than half as often as Miria.

Should Vesta also be an Assassin? However, she won’t be able to use a two-sword style.
Again, it’s not good to rely too much on petrification, is what I feel. We will be in a sudden pinch if a monster that petrification doesn’t work on appears.

Well it is not like we are completely relying on petrification, there is also the magic of Rutina and I.
Not only magic, I can also attack using Durandal. Looking at it this way, is it not assorted to some degree? By having different attack patterns, it seems we will be able to deal with a variety of enemies.

A monster that petrification doesn’t work on… I feel like it’s really going to happen… An enemy that I’m afraid of? A monster that petrification doesn’t work on, or a monster that can’t even be damaged by Durandal.
Nevermind, what’s really scary is an enemy Roxanne can’t avoid. I think it’s a checkmate if such an enemy appears.

If it is only one of the aforementioned, we may stall it with Vesta and bring it into an endurance race?
However, if there is a monster that the Petrify skill doesn’t work on, neither magic nor Durandal can cause damage, and Roxanne can’t avoid it’s attacks, mankind will already be checkmate.
For example, It must be at the level of… A DEMON KING.
How can it be defeated? In reality, it is more than enough; worrying about one of those points.
Two at most…
Even just that, can be worrying about nothing. To be blindly afraid is rather dangerous.

“Vesta, so far, how does the handling of Steel Sword of Fury feel?” (Michio)
“Yes. I am holding it with my right hand right now, trying to attack as much as I can. It is hard to only use my left hand to parry the monsters’ attacks, but I think I will be okay once I get used to it.” (Vesta)

Are you going to use it exclusively for attacking? Won’t the monster get petrified by parrying its attack with the sword? Does it not count as an attack when the sword parries the monster’s attack by hitting its body?
It’s probably the case. Then, it’s possible to petrify monsters when parrying their attacks. Well, if she attacks with her right hand twice while receiving with her left hand, she needs to prioritize that.
In the first place, “When will it get petrified?” That is impossible to know. The question of whether the petrification will collapse or decoherence. We may not know when petrification occurs just as we don’t know when Schrodinger’s cat died.
I wonder, what will happen if the Steel Sword of Fury pierces a monster? Will it deal continuous damage?
If it is Estoc of Petrification, it can pierce the monster. Though doing that doesn’t seem popular as it seems it could break.

“You may get accustomed to it, but if there is a possibility of petrification activating when facing the attack of a monster as well, then it may be better to attach the Petrify skill on both swords in case of using a two-sword style” (Michio)
“That’s right. There is also a saying that the compatibility between a two-sword style and a sword that cause abnormal conditions are good, perhaps it is for this reason” (Sherry)

Sherry agrees.

“Whether petrification can be activated in the event of a monster attack, shall we find out?” (Michio)
“I believe it will get petrified as usual, but it will be a relief if there is actual evidence” (Sherry)

Sherry feels it will petrify as usual. I wonder if that’s so? If it is activated when receiving an attack, it may be nice to put petrification on armors and make sure monsters could get petrified when ramming their bodies. Or wearing it on shoes and jumping on monsters. Or putting it on gloves then kick and hit monsters.
If on top of that we count the damage, then I feel Assassin is too strong. However, if she receives a monsters’ strong strike with a sword, naturally, the damage will be dealt to the monsters.
Since it will be cut. Something like “The monster can’t be cut” won’t pass.
Then isn’t petrification the same?

“Umm. Then should I parry them with this sword only for a while?” (Vesta)
“Nope. I wonder about that. Try to fight normally without paying much attention to doing that, if it can be petrified when receiving the monster with Steel Sword of Fury, then won’t it be fine to just let us know then?” (Michio)
“I agree with that.” (Sherry)
“Understood. I think I’ll try to do that.” (Vesta)

Even if I get the Coral Monster Card from Luke, it will be fine not to use it yet. It won’t cause any harm to watch the situation for a day or two.
Sherry also agrees, so she needs to fight normally. When petrification doesn’t activate after receiving it with a sword, then the question remains for how long to wait.
Well that can’t be helped.

“Rather, isn’t Miria’s job, Assassin, quite effective?” (Michio)
“There is no doubt about that.” (Sherry)

Sherry agrees, but it’s not correct. It is more effective than other jobs, honestly, is it not good enough to make everyone Assassins except for me and Rutina? Though because it isn’t good criticizing someone else’s job, it stays untold.
Although I am saying “someone else’s job”, it is something I pushed. However jobs like race-specific jobs exist as well. As expected, it may be bad to deny it from the start.

“Something like the three Assassins as a vanguard” (Michio)
“I wonder about that. It is said a party is more stable if there is a dragon knight, I think Vesta becoming a Dragon Knight would be quite helpful.” (Sherry)

Is Sherry against three Assassins? Well, Dragon Knight is more physically specialized. Certainly, it seems useful. If the number of attacking monsters increases in the future, the stability brought by a Dragon Knight will be required more. As we advance to the upper floor, the number of hits will also increase.
Is it fine to keep Vesta’s job as Dragon Knight? It’s not just a job, we have to see what effects it brings to the party members, is what it means.
As expected of Sherry’s opinion.

“I see. Is it as Sherry said?” (Michio)
“As for me, I don’t think it will have much effect if I become Assassin” (Roxanne)

Dodging is the main thing for Roxanne. And yet since it is not a job like Evasion Warrior, changing jobs may have no effect on avoidance. For Roxanne it seems she is likely to dodge enemies attacks even if she has a job that seems to have heavy movement.
Like Heavy Knight. Though I don’t know if it exists or not.

“Roxanne’s Shrine Maiden is a necessary job in case of emergency” (Michio)
“I agree” (Sherry)
“Is that so?” (Roxanne)

It’s also insurance in case my recovery doesn’t come in time.
Have a walking stick ready before you fall.
A stone bridge is broken by beating.

“And so, if we are going to increase the number of Assassins in the party, it will be Sherry.” (Michio)

That’s how it is…

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(1) 目の色を変えるのも間違っていない. I believe he meant changing their aspect regarding equipment or maybe class

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