Slave Harem 225 – I want more

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Recap: If we are to increase the number of assassins, it is best to choose Sherry.

“Me?”  Sherry is surprised after being told that she will become an assassin.

Well, she probably thought she was safe because I needed her as a blacksmith.  Well, that’s right of course.

“In case it is needed, that’s all”  Actually, not sure about that.

If blacksmith leveled to some sufficiently, won’t it be possible to change her to assassin during battles?

In Vesta’s case, we have the option to tank monsters that can’t be avoided by Roxanna.  So her being a dragon knight makes sense.

But what about blacksmith?  I neither think it’s an essential job to have during battles nor does it increase our options.  If it is only during the battles, we have the option to change it.  It’ll be positive for physical attack power as her strength increases.  However, if she is an assassin, her intelligence will increase as well.

The problem will be that we need her to raise her blacksmith level.

Sherry says she will be able to make a new variety of items as she makes more of them, but I believe there are items she will not make until she raises her level.

Or rather, even though I can’t verify or make it, it may be easier to make equipment with free skill slots if we increase the level.  I also want to raise the level of the blacksmith.  Hence, it is necessary to fight with said blacksmith job.

If we go with both blacksmith and assassin, it will be troublesome to handle.  Maybe I can manage it somehow with 20 times the experience?  Is it really unreasonable to make Sherry an assassin after all?

It may be different if the battles become harder and we have no choice but to increase the number of the assassins but it is not the case right now.

“Umm. Me being an assassin?”  Sherry inquires again.

“No, uhh, not right now”

“I want to gain experience as a blacksmith, but I am not opposed to the idea.”  She clarifies.

Well, Sherry doesn’t know about 20 times experience.

I need to be grateful she says she is fine becoming an assassin without knowing what I am thinking.

“Thank you. It is not the time for that right now”

Sherry confirms.  “Okay.”  

“Roxanne, I guess it fine to fight the boss soon”

“Understood. This way I believe.”  Roxanne directs us.

Is it around here?  Walking after Roxanne, we arrive in the waiting room.  It seems we have been hunting near the boss room in advance assuming we will do a boss fight.  In other words, we are ready.  I wonder if there is any party going to the boss room or already inside.  

Have we been played by Roxanne?  Is it because it is early in the morning as it is on an upper level as well?  

The door to the boss room opens immediately, so maybe there really is no one.  What appears is a cow shaped monster.  It is Senmai, the boss of Honeycomb, the boss of Mino’s.  It is smaller than both the Mino and Honeycomb tripe.  It is nothing compared to Vesta.

Of course, it is small but strong, most likely.  Since he is the boss, he should be strong.  It is an Ox like Ushiwakamaru.  Does it have questionable origins?

Both Roxanne and Vesta pair up against the two bosses.  Roxanne, a Trelo Matador who brilliantly evades Senmai’s attack.  Vesta intercepts the Senmai’s charge like Don Quixote windmills.

“Did it, desu.”  Miria states.


Senmail who, without knowing his own place and faces an overwhelming people, is easily defeated.

Roxanne doesn’t get hit, attacks against Vesta do not pass.  It is impossible no matter how you look at it.  It is the limit of the monsters who do not aim at me and Rutina who are in the rear and weak.

Can’t monsters with their wisdom circle around?  Aren’t there monsters that persistently attack rearguards?  There may be some smart monsters who come after weak opponents.  It will be nasty, if there is a monster specializing in attacking wizards.

Senmei, of course, isn’t such an enemy.  As long as they continue targeting Roxanne and Vesta, our victory can’t be refused.

If it is only a boss fight, it doesn’t seem to be a problem right now.  Having broken through the Senmai fight, we advanced to the 40th floor.

“The monsters of 40th floor are rapid rabbits, right?”  Roxanne inquires.

“Ah, that one”  I hate them because they are quick.

Will it be alright?  I don’t particularly think we can fight it.

“It doesn’t look like there are locations with a lot of them. I think it will be good to go back to 39th floor and fight the boss again.” Roxanne offers.


Roxanne no longer wants to take us to any place without a large number of monsters.  But since we have fought against the 33th floor boss, we don’t need to verify anyways.  Certainly, it is not a situation where we need to say ‘let’s try it once.’

And so, we decide to do the boss fight again, and return to the 40th floor.

“It is close by. There aren’t many. But they are close.”  Roxanne directs us, and takes us to a place with a rapid rabbit and two honeycombs.

No, really, this is more than enough.  There is nothing unsatisfactory about it.  The numbers are quite enough.  Well, it means the number of rapid rabbits we have to fight is less though.

Probably.  She must have meant that.  There’s no way my Roxanne is so belligerent.

But even one rapid rabbit is more than enough, isn’t it?  As boss fights go, there is no point in trying to fight only one.  It is fine to start with one.  There is nothing left to be desired with this.  I have almost been deceived.

When hitting the flock of monsters with lightning magic, the rapid rabbit drops down, paralyzed.  Ah. Only one may not have been good enough.  Is that what she meant?  I am not sure if she thought that, though.

The two honeycombs circle around the paralyzed rapid rabbit and come to the front.  In other words, rapid rabbit was in the front.  Rapid rabbits seem to not only be fast in attacking, but also moving speed.  It is a troublesome monster.

Yes, it is correct to only face one.  In the next lighting magic, two honeycombs drop out.  The girls attack the paraylzed honeycombs.

“Did it, desu.”  Miria confirms again.

It is already one sided.  Miria finishes them one by one.  It is a blood festival, or rather, it becomes one without blood gushing.  Because they are petrified.  As the two fall down, the four run toward the rapid rabbit.  From the front, Miria, Vesta, Sherry and Roxanne.


It is a proper formation, as who is running first and who is in what order.  First, Roxanne is late as she guards the monster in front in case the paralyze unravel.  Roxanne is always the core of our defense.  The rear guards hide behind Roxanne.  However, if we directly hide behind her, it is dangerous because suddenly the magic of an enemy that Roxanne avoids may fly past her.

It is not recommended for amateurs.

Rutina’s not running is largely because she is collecting the drop items on this side after the monsters are defeated.  You can also say it is also because there is only one monster left.  It is a little bit of a joke to run over there, to surround only one, so Rutina hits them with the wand, then comes back just to get the drop items.

It is unnecessary to run.

It is up to Roxanne where we go next.  There is the possibility of escaping to the location from where we came, as there is no possibility of monsters attacking from there.  So, it is reasonable enough to leave Rutina alone.

It is natural for Miria and Vesta who were beating monsters from behind to be in front.  And finally, the rear guard Sherry also runs ahead to Roxanne.  It is about going around the monster, and surrounding it, but this time there is also Miria and Vesta.  There is only one monster over there, and it will be okay to take a closer position to the monster.

In other words, the current formation is a great formation for this situation.  Each of them is forming it based on their own judgment.  It is great teamwork.  Has our party come this far?  Maybe it is because they were trained by Roxanne.

But she hasn’t given that many detailed instructions, right?  It is possible I am the only one who she isn’t instructing?  I don’t think Roxanne cares about that in combat.  That is such a strange sense of trust.

The four surround the paralyzed rapid rabbit, and sack-bang it.  Of course, Roxanne is in the front in case of emergency.  Sherry, Miria and Vesta beat it from the sides and from behind.  Vesta slams it with both weapons.  She raises both two-handed swords from the left and right, and slams it from both sides.

Like a mongolian chop.  Moreover, she repeats a good rhythm.  Over and over again.

“Ya~tta, desu.”  However, Miris petrify it a step faster.  Is assassin better, after all?

Vesta attacks are also going bang-bang, but she seems not to have done much damage.  No. Is it one the same level?

Vesta attacks are also going bang-bang, but petrification is one hit skill.  The other side is just a steel sword.  And in the end, the number of the attacks are not different from Miria.  If the number of attacks does not change, the assassin will win.

Yes.  It is natural.

If Vesta is going to use two swords, do I need to add petrification on both of them?  If using two swords with double the numbers, she can be equal to the assassins.

It is just, even if Sherry takes the next petrification weapon, and if Sherry and Vesta attack once at a time, Vesta’s two swords style petrification attack will not change the total number of attacks.

Since the monsters we want to petrify are limited, is it better to focus on just Vesta?  Or rather, the front guard Vesta needs to take care of the second monster in front after Roxanne, is it better for Sherry who hit and run to have pertify attacks?

Of course, Sherry, who needs to watch for wide attack magic, will have difficulty moving.

Since I use lighting magic, monsters are often paralyzed and unable to move.  If they can’t move, we can rush attack.  In that case, Vesta’s petrification two sword style is effective.

Vesta’s two sword style blow fires away.  Not me.  Well, there is still only one, so It won’t blow yet.  After all that thinking, shall I go with Vesta’s two sword style?

“It is troublesome.”  I mutter when all the monsters turn to smoke.

“Something like a rapid rabbit is easy. I don’t think it’s a troublesome opponent.”  Yo, Roxanne, this is not the case.

Or rather, because the rapid rabbit immediately got pralayzed and petrified, we don’t know yet if it is easy prey or not.

“No, that’s not it.  I’m troubled about whose weapon I will use the petrification skill. Preferably, isn’t it also a good idea to keep hunting chorus coral until some coral monster cards drop? Ah! It is a great idea even if coming from me.”

It is a good idea!  It is not only hunting monster cards.  It means we stay on the 38th floor where Chorus Coral resides.  How many days will it take until monster cards drop?  It may not be over in days.  Yes, we will stay on the 38th floor for a long time.

Let’s do it.  Let’s start immediately.  Let’s do it right away.

“Will we do boss battles until a card drops?”  Roxanne inquires.

“I don’t think it’s that easy for it to drop though.”  Why is Sherry judgmental when Roxanne suggests the possibility of accepting my proposal?

We are going to stay until it drops.  Rather I think it is better if it doesn’t easily drop.

“It may not drop easily, but that can’t be helped.”

“I think it is fine to simply buy it.”  Sherry assesses.

“No. It’s too much trouble to commision.”  It is not impossible to buy one with a high price if I ask Luke.

We will have a 100% success rate.  This is something Luke shouldn’t know.  Because it will be troublesome if it is disclosed.

“Then, wouldn’t it rather be better to go to 44th floor?”  Sherry proposes another option.

“Eh. Why?”

Is Sherry pressing for us to go further more?

“I think it will become harder from floor 45th and higher.  Thinking about it, isn’t it nice getting experience for a while on the 44th floor? With our current fighting power, I don’t think we will face a problem even going up to the 44th floor. At that time, I think it is fine while going to the bosses of those 44th floors we search for the labyrinth’s Chorus coral card.”

Ooh, as expected of Sherry.  A rational judgement.  Continue fighting on the 44th floor and leveling up.  With coral monster cards to further increase our strength.

Author’s Note:

Volume 11 of 『Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World』 will be released on 12/28.

Thank you very much.

Senmai: From my search, it seems it is related to an improvedd breed of caws
It also means the third part of stomach meat. Which could be a joke from him. If you have suggestions please let me know.

Mino: Quratar’s Labyrinth floor monster; Mino is a brown buffalo-like monster

Honeycomb tripe: Quratar’s Labyrinth floor 6th boss

Ushiwakamaru: Probably the name of ox zodic in chinese. Let me know if I am wrong

Trelo Matador: Bullfighter

Don Quixote: Probably refer to this.

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