Slave Harem 223 – Okawari

Recap: I was worried whether I was fooled out of the equipment, but it seems to have been a needless anxiety

Translated By: airsblue

Edited By: ThePlaneskeeper


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“Is that right?” I inquire.

“Yes. Though it may take a while, due to the temperament of the benevolent emperor, I believe you will surely receive some additional attention for that. Perhaps there will be another bestowal” Sebastian notifies me.

It seems the Enamel High Heel Boots of Swift Horse safely reached the emperor. 

Most appreciated.

However, according to Sebastian’s statement, it will be reciprocated. I’m surprised. It’s probably rude to look forward to it in anticipation. I should pass the time not expecting anything, that would be appropriate. To begin with, being impatient is out of the question.

Honestly, it isn’t like I am not expecting an Emperor-like reciprocal gift. However, I feel like it will be an extremely showy gift.

But, I do want the return gift.

Oh well, in the beginning, it was ordinary stockings, wasn’t it? When I think about that, isn’t it fine to not expect anything big?

However, if it wasn’t for the bestowal from the Emperor, I could have purchased the one with many skills slots for myself. On the contrary, I can say it would have been better if I didn’t return it. 

In other words, I blame the Emperor. It was a present which I didn’t want. I regret being bestowed upon. I would like you, gentlemen, to remember that!

“I see.” I can actually only say this statement though. Oh well, I guess it is good enough.

“I would like to ask you to show yourself sometimes as well from now on.” Sebastine informs me.

“Understood” I guess it isn’t possible to leave it as is, when the case is of a bestowal from the Emperor. So, I suppose should drop by sometime. My unnecessary business has increased.

Is the person to be blamed the Emperor, as I guessed? Oh well, I’ve come occasionally to window shop before now. I suppose I can say this isn’t that much of a change. Just continue checking the shop. It’s an easy job, where I gaze longingly until those other boots have sold.

He is the one to blame, as expected.

Given that I don’t know what careless slandering I might do to a noble lady or gentleman, I decide to vacate quickly. No matter how noble a gentleman or lady, or how much of a pervert they are. A king’s ear is a thief’s ear.

Is there a crime named disrespect? I quickly return home using a warp. Let’s vent this bitterness on monsters.

It is a series of battles against the boss of the thirty-eighth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth. The enemy is, Chorus Coral which can’t exhibit it’s ability by itself.

“I did it-desu.” Miria mercilessly nullifies it. It is to the extent of this battle being comfortable.

Oh well. I should be able to stop the chorus itself by paralyzing them using my thunder magic. “Should” which means, the enemies don’t cause a situation where they get paralyzed to stop them from singing.

Because she is able to shower them with attacks without fear due to the paralysis counterattack, Miria is able to petrify them immediately. The paralyze could come apart, but I think there was hardly any boss who would recover from paralysis. Well, until now at least, in boss battles. No more than two have appeared in boss battles, and the place where they appear is also close together.

Well, apart from the possibility of a boss that is paralyzed for too short of a time for me to notice. In a trash fight – as it was necessary to start petrifying approaching enemies from the closest first. Usually the paralyzed monsters in the back would thaw before defeat.

I also would hate neglecting the approaching monsters causing a pincer attack. That can’t be helped. You could say the all bosses so far are weak to either petrification or paralysis attack. There is no case where the boss Chorus Coral’s has succeeded in a chorus so far.

Miria petrifies them in no time.

In reality, this boss here is a coral without a chorus. (2)

Is that fine? Chorus Coral.

Do your best! Chorus Coral.

Crush your enemies! Chorus Coral.

Enemies besides us.

The equipment those enemies leave behind, I would gratefully like to receive them. In other words, I want you to treat the parties that enter the boss room ahead of us poorly. I will look forward to Chorus Coral rousing themselves. It exists, this game ‘The rise and fall in a labyrinth. (3)’ Each coral chorus should exert himself more than ever.

“Alright. Then let’s run another lap, again.” I plant the Z-flag and left the boss room.

No, not good. I shouldn’t hope for others’ death. I shouldn’t hope for the rivals’ failure to enjoy the profits. A curse will rebound on oneself if they wish for such a curse.

Dangerous, dangerous.

I was about to fall in the darkness of the labyrinth. It would be better to avoid traveling the easy path. We should work on our own equipment using only our own power.

I failed to obtain the Enamel High Heel Boots which had many skill slots, when I was about to depend on the power of the Emperor. I brace myself.

Once stepping in the thirty-ninth floor, we warped to the small room near the thirty-eighth boss room and headed toward the doors. While kicking the trash enemies who appear along the way.

It was one lap with this.

And like that, we have returned to the boss room again, but in case no other parties entered during that time, won’t the roused Chorus Coral which I hoped for a short while ago lie in wait?


As expected, a curse will rebound on oneself. There is a possibility of rebounding it to ourselves.

“Is there something wrong?” Roxanna is concerned for me. I feel a little nervous.

Pressing forward, we head towards the boss’s room. Oh well, it wasn’t like the boss would stir itself based on my expectations.

There should be no problem.

The boss… forget about lying in wait, it didn’t appear until we entered inside. There should be a fair possibility of someone entering as it was Quratar’s labyrinth with many people.

“Did anyone enters after we left the thirty-nine floor?” I ask.

“I don’t know. Umm. Unless there are strange places, I don’t think so.” Since you didn’t know, could you not have succinctly denied it? Nope, was it not good? Roxanna, was probably thinking I was worried about something like someone entering and placing a trap.

Therefore she denied it.

There was no way she would know a thing about the curse I placed.

“Nope. It is fine. Alright, let’s do it.” While making sure to hide my stupid inner thoughts, I put a on tough front and walk toward the boss room.

Inside, there is no boss waiting or equipment scattered around. Of course there isn’t. Actually, there are almost no cases where I face such a situation.

The smoke gathered and the boss appeared, but I couldn’t spot any particular difference. Nothing. There was nothing, right?

“I did it, desu.” Without even time for something like observing it, one boss becomes powerless.

Ah, I’d be damned. It was especially fast this time. Something like cursing or rousing itself, there no such thing. When coming this far, you probably could call it something like the Chorus Coral’s fate. I was certain that Chorus Coral would strike a door like this.

A delight’s song wouldn’t be heard.

Since it was unable to win against the hero, it has no choice but to live somewhere in the countryside. This was the Chorus Coral’s way of life. It might have an opportunity on the thirty-third floor. It might not want us to come though.

The remaining one, now that Roxanna was keeping it occupied, there was no way for it to become a threat either. It was a repeat of missed attacks.


Meanwhile, getting beat by all members, it is petrified by Miria. The boss fight this time came to an end as well.

Afterward, we deal with the monsters that can’t move. It’s fine to peacefully keep hitting them with magic. Their magic resistance goes down accordingly when they became petrified, and so one by one they turned to smoke and disappeared.

And each of them, left behind an ite……m?


“It’s a monster card.” When the boss disappeared, a monster card was left behind. Roxanne picked it up and brings it to me. It is definitely a monster card.

Coral’s monster card appears when I use appraisal. “Coral’s monster card was petrifying, right? Our fighting power will increase with this.” I declare.

“Yes. That’s right.” I checked it with Sherry, and clench my fists.

I will be able to strengthen the party with this. Presently, our party is fighting while depending on Miria’s petrification. It should become easier to fight when having more petrifying hands.

No, perhaps not. Is Miria able to play an active role because she is an assassin? Perhaps it wouldn’t be that effective, without having the status abnormality probability up.

Oh well it might be possible. At least it will be better than nothing.

“However, for a monster card, isn’t it regrettable it was a drop for the boss?” I ask. The coral monster card, it should drop whether it was from Collagen Coral or even Collage Coral or even Chorus Coral. Nevertheless it is regrettable it came out of the Chorus Coral Boss.

Because I would have preferred the boss’s drop to be something better.

If it was a drop from the trash mobs, I would gladly like it to drop from them.

“Basically, they say the boss tends to drop monster cards more than the other monster in the higher floors.” Sherry notifies me. Which means it would be better to take it from boss since it was easier to get the drop from the boss, huh?

It isn’t particularly regrettable. Is what comes to my mind when I hear Sherry’s words.

I’m grateful for receiving a nice drop. “Oh well in any case I am thankful for what dropped”

“That’s so.”

If there was a problem, it was to whom I should give it too. If we excluded Rutina and myself who specialize in magic, and Sherry who I hope that she will do her best to prevent chanting, as Miria already has it, that would leave Roxanna and Vesta.

Which of the two should I give it to? No. I’m an option as well, aren’t I?

Because I can have more than one job, I could become an assassin. Instead of a simple exclusion, let’s think a little more deeply. The merit of me putting the petrification skill on my weapon, is that I would be able to become an assassin. It would be excellent to have assassin’s status abnormality probability up which would also affect thunder magic.

It is also a good point being able to strike from the back with a spear. 

However, even though I could be an assassin, was there a room to become one?

As I expect it is severe to have also Wizard and Assassin, in addition to Adventurer, Hero, Playboy, Grand Wizard, Shinto Priest, Gambler. It isn’t like I never possessed Eight Jobs though.

In reality, I would like to reduce it to a total of five or six jobs. Among them, Adventurer, Grand Wizard, Playboy are required first.

The Hero is rather highly indispensable, and required.

Whether there the space to abandon our recovery means or not? If it is possible, I would also like either Shinto Priest or Monk who are able to use recovery magic. After that, which would be more effective myself using assassin to do petrifying attacks or using Gambler to assist Miria in doing petrifying attacks?

No. If I don’t possess a petrification attack, wouldn’t it mean several people besides Miria will perform petrification attacks since someone else would possess a mean of pertifying?

Additionally, there is a problem of what would happen to the total battle time in the case I use assassin to do petrification attacks and Wizard to do magic attacks. Though I can’t figure out this sort of thing without trying, as it will be necessary to make petrification’s weapon to try it out, it isn’t possible to test it beforehand.

It is likely to change by the situation.

For example, if the two could concentrate on one monster, it would be better if I support them with Gambler. Leaving aside how relevant such situation would be.

Another bad point: because I fight mainly with magic, I would surely put off using the spear, so the number of times I would use it would decrease. Specifically, it would be big not being able to use a petrification attack from the start as I would use magic attack.

Even if they got quickly petrified even for one second, it would mean the battle became easier by that much. I should give priority to the person who could perform a petrifying attack from the start.

Then Roxanne.

Because Roxanna is a vanguard, the benefit of putting a petrification skill on her weapon would be big. For demerits, there is none.

However, though it isn’t a demerit, there is a reason why it isn’t a priority. The safest one in our party when confronting monsters is Roxanne. I will want them to fight against Roxanne till the end.

Though Till the end sounds rather bad, our party basic strategy is for our party to clear the surrounding enemies while Roxanne faces the formidable enemies. I’m certain she herself is hoping for that as well.

After carelessly handing her a petrification weapon causing the battle times to become shorter, I could also see her saying let’s head to upper floors. 

Roxanne would still not feel danger by the current battle state.

No. It is also possible she is actually fighting desperately but isn’t showing that.

No, that’s impossible. Probably.

As expected, the strengthening of Roxanne is postponed.

Then Sherry. The point of attacking from the rear because she holds a spear is its charm. The problem is, because her main job is to interrupt chanting, she can’t attack rashly.

While watching whether a monster is chanting or not, it will be difficult to launch an attack. Though she might manage about two somehow.

I would like her to cover a lot especially when there are many monsters. However, it is exactly when there were many monsters I want to reduce the numbers by petrifying.

I should postpone Sherry as well.

Miria, is already excluded since she already has it.

Then next is Vesta.

The merit is, she can concentrate of petrifying attacks since she is a vanguard. She has an opponent anytime, anywhere, and always.

As for the disadvantages, I have to leave the completion of two-sword style till the next coral monster card and, moreover, there is even the problem that the next coral monster card can’t be given to the others.

Oh well, it isn’t like she can’t use one hand for feints and one hand for petification attacks. In that case, there is also the possibility of waiting until I obtained two.

Rutina next.

Even though her main is magic attack, there is no problem even if she focuses more than me on pertification attacks. As for a problem, I would like her to use a spear if she is going to make petrifying attacks from the rear.

Should I leave it until I obtain another holy lance?

As for who would use the coral monster card this time, Vesta’s weapon is the favorite candidate.


(1) I was surprised at the title and didn’t find appropriate translation as such I kept it as it is. Usually, it translates as second when asking for food but in here it was used for the hint about the second bestowal that he will be given by the Emperor.

(2) Another Japanese joke which is hard to translate….

(3) in Slave Harem, conquering dungeons is considered the duty of nobility. The status of nobility can increase or even obtain by conquering dungeons. At the same time, you could lose the nobility status or die in dungeons. As such Michio called it “The rise and fall in a labyrinth”

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