Shinka Chapter 8

Chapter 8 「5 Months Later」 


「Damn!!! 」

I, Hiiragi Seichi, am fighting a level 311 Aqua Wolf ———- the wolf that attacked me that time.


「Buhee! 」


It’s a one-sided beat-down.

「WA~! TIME-OUT! Wait, please wait a minute!? 」

After it attack me with his front paw, the Aqua Wolf persistently pursues me.

「Chi! 「Moment」! 」

I activate my skill 「Moment」, dodging the pursuing Aqua Wolf with a speed at which it can’t keep up.

「「Cutting Leg」! 」

I am not just dodging, but also countering. Just like that, I activate my 「Cutting Leg」 skill.

「ZushaAA! 」

「KyaUN! 」

The slash that I release tears the Aqua Wolf’s skin.

Originally, I didn’t mean to use this on the Aqua Wolf, so I release the 「Cutting Leg」 while suppressing its power as much as I can. Because of that, the slash only tore its skin. It’s not going as far as tearing the meat. Taking advantage of the recoil of this attack, I use this chance to run as far as I can.

「Mou, I hate it! Why do I have to pass this when I’m just going to collect 「Heat Rock」! 」


「Mou, Don’t come this waaaaaaay! 」

In the end, the Aqua Wolf is still chasing me.

While frantically running for my life, I remember my life experiences during these 5 months since I had that first evolution————.


5 months passed by after finishing my first evolution and various things happened.

First, by relying on the knowledge of the Clever Monkey, I moved towards the river. I must secure water provisions.

Then I went to the harvest spots of precious minerals like iron ore and unexpectedly gathered many of them together.

Without realizing, I got a title due to my body odor……

Anyway, these long 5 months felt like only a moment.

The meat is terrible. The muscle is too thick, which makes it difficult to eat, but for my own life, Clever Monkey meat became my staple food.

In addition, by relying on the Clever Monkey’s knowledge, I’m also looking for edible plants.

Thanks to that battle with the Clever Monkey, I’ve become completely accustomed to it; I also experienced 8 times the intense pain that comes together with the evolution.

Just like that, my current status is:

≪Hiiragi Seiichi≫

Race: New Humanity

Gender: Male

Occupation: Forest Man

Age: 17

Level: 1

Magic: 8024

ATK: 11088

Defense: 10200

Agility: 11376

Magic Attack: 8008

Magic Defense: 9176

Luck: 8000



「Ultimate Weapon: The School Uniform」, 「Ultimate Weapon: The Student Pants」, 「Underwear of Sure Death」, 「Undershirt of Sure Death」, 「Kensaru Chain」, 「Kensaru Rod」


「Intermediate Appraisal」, 「Absolute Disassembly」, 「Paralysis Resistance」, 「Wind Resistance」, 「Sleep Resistance」, 「Confusion Resistance」, 「Charm Resistance」, 「Petrification Resistance」, 「Hindrance Resistance」, 「Poison Resistance」, 「Cutting Leg」, 「Moment」, 「Super Compounding」, 「Tool Production: Super First-Class」, 「Fatigue Resistance」


Evolution × 2


「Smelly Player」

≪Money in Possession≫


That’s it.

First, my level still has yet to rise, still level 1. Moreover, the Charm point is always in blank. Well, worrying about it is too troublesome, so I give up.

Because neither race nor gender changed too much after one evolution, I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Only, what about my occupation?

……What? Forest Man.  Since when did I become a Forest Man?

Mou, making a tsukkomi for every little thing is troublesome……

After that, the fatigue in ≪State≫ vanished and a new skill 「Fatigue Resistance」 was added in the ≪Skill≫ column.

Thanks to that, I’ve never felt fatigued recently. I’m lively again.

I keep the 「Kensaru Chain」 from defeating the Clever Monkey. With the exception of the one equipped on me, there are 7 of those in my item box.

As for the newly added ≪Title≫, the 「Smelly Player」, why is the effect so cruel?

「Smelly Player」……Its effect enables me to freely control my own body odor. Its effective range is 10 cm from the title owner.

……The day I got this title, I cried quietly.

I think it’s just that my clothing that I’ve worn since the beginning already became dirty…… Even though I have the skill to create new clothing, I still can’t create any without needle and thread…… Well, I had already resigned myself from the start. I think that compromise is important.

Thanks to continuously killing the Clever Monkey, my body became accustomed to using the skills. I also made a weapon from the bones of the Clever Monkey, the 「Kensaru Rod」 that appeared in the ≪Equipment≫ column in the status screen.

I am using certain special paralysis grass extract that I apply on the weapon to strike at my opponent, making my opponent wounded and paralyzing it.

At first I thought there was no use to that grass, but…… It became a priceless treasure once I unexpectedly discovered how to use 「Special Paralysis Grass」.

The old me made this weapon by completely using the 「Kensaru Bones」, but he couldn’t use it properly. But, something like that is just a bonus compared to the rise in my status; because it’s made my body feel amazing. It’s gotten to the point that my body is capable of various movements. My body lost weight.

Moreover, lately I’ve been thinking, could it have been that amazing evolution in the beginning, adding 1000 points to all status?  Or so I thought, but something like 1000 points is unexpectedly low, right? It’s possible to say that.

Because I know that the Clever Monkey, whose level slightly exceeds 100, which is 120, is considered small fry, and now I’m still desperately running for my life from the level 311 Aqua Wolf.  Its level exceeds 300.

I also received knowledge of this different world from God. Since it’s not too detailed about the things such as levels, I know that something like level 1000 exists, so it can be said that this is the first time I’m facing a formidable enemy. In other words, I, until now, desperately fought for my life against the Clever Monkeys that can be said to be small fry in this world.

But, according to my information about the Clever Monkeys, most of them supposedly inhabit high level dungeons. But that’s, after all, only the subjective opinion about the Clever Monkeys.

I mean, the knowledge I obtained about the Clever Monkeys is from the knowledge of the Clever Monkey itself. Could it be…it won’t be strange if I’m also a little overestimating myself, right?  That’s my conclusion.

But, with Clever Monkey’s knowledge about plants minerals and the technique to create things, certainly its something to be amazed at.

It seems they seriously exceed human knowledge.

After that, my 「Intermediate Appraisal」 changed to 「Advanced Appraisal」. This made me really happy.

Because of the Clever Monkey’s knowledge, the information about edible plants is already inside my head. As for the things that are unknown to the Clever Monkey, I will then use Appraisal to learn them.

My luck is different than before. I am glad that now food that gives bad statuses is rarely found by me.

I also gathered quite an amount of money. Though, it’s completely useless in this forest.

From the knowledge I received from God, the coin value from the lowest is copper coin, silver coin, gold coin, and platinum coin. 100 units of the coin is equivalent to 1 unit of the coin above it. For example, 100 copper coins is equivalent to 1 silver coin.

An ordinary family with an income around 10 silver coins could live well for around a year.  In other words, it’s 100,000G. 「ED note: But 100,000G is 1,000 silver coins or 10 gold coins… I think the author is bad at math.」


Before I noticed it, I was already filthy rich.

By the time I knew this, I drew out a little money, I should be honest with myself and be happy.  No, honestly I’m drifting away from the topic a little. ……Currently there isn’t any chance to use it yet.

NONONO!  This is bad!? I have 82,240,000G!  It’s enough for more than 800 years, you know!?

It’s scary…… This different world, that is……

————–Thus, that’s my recollection during these 5 months.   Like this, a lot of things happened.

Just like that, I’m challenging something new, such as compounding a medicine called 「Elixir」. Though it is information obtained from Clever Monkey’s knowledge, the plant for that 「Elixir」 can be collected in this area.

For that reason, a certain mineral is necessary.  It’s the 「Heat Rock」…… otherwise known as 「Flame Stone」…… and then somehow I discovered an Aqua Wolf, and then back to the beginning. 「ED note: 「Heat Rock」 is said in English (lit. Hito rokku), 「Flame Stone」 in Japanese.」

By the way, this miracle drug can revive the dead. This medicine really has such a tremendous effect.  However, it seems it is useless for monsters as it can be used for healing injuries, but not resurrection. If that was the case, what is the purpose of that?

Only that, it’s similar to the 「First Class Recovery Medicine」 and other recovery medicine, but there is a difference in the plants and minerals collected. Until now, I haven’t used it once.

「Heat Rock」, usually called 「Flame Stone」 is a mineral that emits a special flame, which is the reason for me heading towards the mining area.

……I…my luck was raised, right?



「Soooo, don’t come herEEEEEEEE!  」

I’m running earnestly in the forest.

It is too persistent!! This wolf! Just give it up already!

If it was my status from before, I would certainly be killed by it! ……But as expected, maybe the monsters here are quite weak.  Or it’s just that the old me was abnormally weak.

「I don’t have any business with you! Just be good and go away! 」

「GWON! 」

「Listen what I’m sayiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIng!  」

It’s useless. It’s not listening to me at all!

……well, the other party is a monster after all. It’s just me expecting it to understand human language.

「DAAAAA!  It’s so annoying! 」

I made a big leap, facing the Aqua wolf.

「If you come closer than this……I… I will fight!?」

……Please, absolutely don’t come any closer.  It’s scary.

Honestly, with the exception of Clever Monkey, I don’t have any confidence that I can beat it. Its appearance is bad enough.

Only, at the time when it attacked me using Aqua Wolf skill at the beginning, it didn’t cause considerable damage, I have a real feeling that my defense power has actually risen…… It’s still unpleasant.

While I bend back a little, I set up the 「Kensaru Rod」, a weapon created from Clever Monkey bone… While creating it, I also applied the extract of special paralysis grass to its tip.

And, as if the Aqua wolf can read my feelings, it doesn’t attack.

「……N? This…this is……」

Can I go?

By the time I think so.


「Eh? 」

Suddenly the Aqua wolf lays its head on the ground and growls in a low voice.

While I’m bewildered by that sudden action, BA! It suddenly raises its face and a jet of water comes out of its mouth.



That water isn’t some half-assed thing like a squirt gun. It’s basically a water cannon.


I instantly invoke my skill 「Moment」 and avoid the water cannon.

「Wha…what was that!?」

A jet of water just came out from wolf’s mouth!? I don’t understand this anymore…!

I somehow avoided that attack. The water cannon, just like that, passes by me and collides with the tree behind me.


「……No way……」

The water cannon that’s released by the Aqua Wolf collides with a many years old tree and breaks it.

「Is that also a skill!?」

I…iya. But…… rather than a skill…… it’s more fitting to call it magic.

「A…anything is fine…… Anyway, now what should I do for this battle…! 」

I raise my wariness even higher.

Now, I am running wild around. Any second now, a companion of this Aqua Wolf could appear.

……I need to settle this quickly.

「……I won’t go easy anymore.」

First, I release 「Cutting Leg」 with the intention of scaring it.

But, because I’m resolved to fight it, I’m going all out! I’m not strong enough to win against it while holding back on the first strike. That’s why I made my resolution to survive and go all out from the start…!

「Here we go! 「Cutting Leg」! 」

I swing my foot with all my power to unleash the 「Cutting Leg」 skill!

Byun!  Zupa! ……Boto.

「………… 」

The Aqua Wolf’s head falls.






I can’t catch up with the current situation.

Next, the Aqua wolf that lost its neck, and just like the time I defeated the Clever Monkey That effect happens——– the corpse disappears into light particles. In its place, a lot of things fall.


「It’s a lie, right!? 」

My voice echoes around.

All the events that happened during these 5 months are just like an idle chat.

Before long, from inside of the forest, the heroine made her appearance.

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