Shinka no Mi – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Slime

‘This is…… the outside’
Hitsuji, transported Saria and I outside of the forest that we have been living in.
The scene that laid before my eyes was a meadow that extended endlessly. The grass was about as tall as my ankle.

For some reason I turned around to see [The forest of endless love and sorrow] behind me. Now that I think about it, I spent a long time living in this forest…….

The place I trained physically and mentally. ……though it’s also the place where I took a lap around to become human again.
A lot of things happened; It’s the place where I met Saria, and it’s the place where I found the happiness of living……. While I was looking at the forest with profound feelings, Saria came to my side.

“I, this is the first time I’ve gone outside……”

Turning to glance at Saria, she closes her eyes, she seemed to feel something.
It’s a place full of memories for Saria as well. It was a place she could call home. Both of us have strong feelings about this forest. We stayed silent for a while, until I said to Saria. “Well…… let’s get going already”


In response to Saria’s answer, we began to move with the forest at our backs.

My slippers became useless a while ago, so I walk in the grass barefooted.

When I was in the forest, the ground was rugged so there was no place for the grass.

Because of that, the grass hitting my feet felt weird, and made me show an involuntary smirk.

“What’s wrong?”

At such a me, Saria asked interestedly.

“Iya, nothing at all”

I answered, so let’s think about the future.

Our top priority, was to first go to the closest town according to Zeanosu’s memory.

When we reach the town, I think I will register as an adventurer.
Not only was it in Zeanosu’s knowledge, but even in the knowledge that I received from God, it was written that an adventurer profession exists.

After that, it would be about my power.
According to Hitsuji’s talk, my stats that will be shown to others will be the “Disguise” ones. He better not be lying.

That’s why I am currently wearing the full face helmet…….

Un, it’s in the way. I want to destroy it with all my might.
First of all, a full face helmet…… bringing it into a fantasy is no good.
Well, he said it will come off with time……. That is if Hitsuji was not lying.

What’s more, if my appearance is affected by disguise, then is my strength reduced?

This, needs to be investigated, otherwise it could become very troublesome. (TL note: am I the openly one that thinks the sheep was trolling him? There is no way a Skill make you weaker)
I have been thinking since way back, but in the end there is nothing that I can do now, I leave the thought aside, and I walk in the prairie together with Saria.

It happened a while after we started.

Saria and I, met with a well know organism.

That was ――――

`Thi, this guy……’

`So cute!’


―――― it was a slime.

Iya, this is weird, no? The slime in front of my eyes, said “pururun” on his own?

Is it a different fantasy creature similar to a slime?
But, the organism in front of my eyes, is a semi-transparent gel, that’s splashing with a Fuyonfuyon sound in the prairie.

But, it doesn’t have a mouth. Un, I knew the “pururun” was my imagination.


“It wasn’t my imagination!”
Where did the voice come out from!? The slimes in this world, can they all say “Pururun”?

…… Iya, it’s not decided that it is a slime. It can be a different creature!

Fortunately for me there is the skill, “Advanced Appraisal”. Lets use it right now.……

So I decided, to the slime standing going Fuyonfuyon in front of my eyes, I invoked the skill of “Advanced Appraisal”.
“Slime Lv: 88” (TL note: How unexpected….)
“What a high level!”

And it really was a slime!

Wait, were slimes supposed to have such a high level!?
Certainly compared to the Clever monkey, Aqua world and Zeanosu it is really low.

But…… but a level 88 slime is weird no!?

While I was surprised about the slime’s level, suddenly the slime body started to shrink.

“Wh, what?”

Suddenly it stopped, and the slime suddenly jumped, crashing into me.

“U ~ei!?”

Although I raised a strange voice from the sudden assault, thanks to the unique skill “Shingan” (mind’s eye), the slime’s movement appeared really slow, it was possible to avoid it with ease.

“To suddenly attack……”
Well the slime is a monster after all, there was no guarantee that an attack wouldn’t come…….

While I was thinking without a care, I remembered. That was, to see if the effect of disguise made me weaker. To confirm that, I am glad to have the slime in front of my eyes.

“Yo ~osh…… lets test it a bit with this slime”

Saying so, I pulled out the “Sword of revolving hate (Black)” and “sword of overflowing compassion (White)” from my waist, taking a stance.

Using this slime, I can confirm my strength.
It was fine to use a skill to attack, but a normal physical attack is easier to confirm.
As I thought that, before the slime decided to attack me again, I attacked it first.


As I charged at the slime, my impression was――――

“Wa, fast!”

That was the only word for it.
I planned to run to the slime, but I moved before the slime right away.
Moreover, the moment when I ran, the ground where I stood a little while ago was completely destroyed.
It puzzled me, but I decided to attack the slime that was in front of me, and swung down the Black that I was holding in my right hand.



Along with the tremendous impact sound, scattered in front of my eyes were drop items. (TL: RIMURUUUUUUUUU!!!!!)




Without knowing the reason, I involuntary released an idiotic voice.
From where the slime was until a while ago, up to about 50m ahead the ground had been gouged out.


” …… I don’t want to see reality……!”
I am starting to understand reality, but the more I began to understand it, the more I want to forget what I did with my own hands.

In other words, the slime was blown away with one attack from me.
True, I swung down Black suddenly at the slime. But, it’s not like I did it seriously. I did it with a feeling that it “would be good” if I did some damage.

“And the result is this!”
Un, I did have a bad feeling since the moment I started running! But it surpassed my expectations! This power is weird!
This is not the power limited by disguise!? It became a situation where only the numbers were disguised!
If I was to attack seriously what will happen!? That was only a small part of that power you know?…… I can’t imagine it. When I hold my head, despairing at my own power, Saria says with shining eyes.

“Seiichi amazing! The creature a while ago was cute though……”

Un, sorry! I didn’t want to kill you!
I wanted to test a bit of power, and run away just like that! It’s not a lie!
I got a guilty conscience from Saria’s slightly sad expression as she approached. Truly, I am so sorry…….
I am tired in a lot of different ways, suddenly from the slime’s drop items, a light sphere appeared, and entered inside me.

“Wh, what!?”

I let out a voice involuntary, somehow I start to recall various things.
Most likely, the slime status entered inside me. Why it didn’t become the usual sphere? I don’t get why it suddenly entered my body…….
Sure enough, the light of the sphere that entered into my body seemed to be the slime’s status, the familiar voice sounded in my brain.

“U n…… well it is fine!” (TL note: no is not! If I was him I was going to be a bit scared! How can he forget about evolutions? No trauma of so much pain?)
It can’t be helped that I killed it, let’s confirm the drop items.

“First of all the skill cards”

Saying so, I pick up the skill cards.
[Skill Card ≪ absorption ≫]…… Skill “absorption” can be learned.

[Skill Card ≪ compression ≫]…… Skill “compression” can be learned.

“U, un……?”

I look at the skill card from the slime that is in my hands, I was not able to react properly.

Because, I didn’t know whether it was amazing or not.

Well, it was a slime after all, the effect would be common.
While I was nodding casually, the skill card becomes a sphere of light, and went into my body.

“The skill« absorption » has been learned. The skill «compression» has been learned”

While paying little attention to those words echoing in my head, I confirm the effects.
“Absorption” …… absorbs all things, it can be converted in own power. Things eaten, can become power without being digested. If invoked when receiving damage, it can be absorbed as one’s own power without receiving damage.

“Compression” …… it is possible to compress everything. Such as its own body and power, basically it can compress anything. However, it is necessary to touch the things that you want to compress.
“Amaaazing cheat!”

This will make me even stronger than now! What should I aim to do!?
What’s more, the skill “absorption” …… if I use it with my mind eye, isn’t it the strongest combo!? It’s amazing in various ways!

“Ha~a…… I am scared of these hands that hold such cheats……”
Aren’t people usually glad to have cheats in their hands? Why do I feel empty? Is it just me? Am I weird?
On a side note, to me the race known as human, I felt like I am moving further and further away from it…….

While releasing a sigh of resignation, I check the next drop items.
Then, the new thing that I picked up, a semi-transparent object that I don’t know, feels purupuru like. It felt quite good.

Since I didn’t understand how to use it, I activate “Advanced Appraisal”.
“Slime jelly” …… pieces of slime that feels good. No particular use. It can be eaten once.

“Slime body is shit!”

The skill was so amazing! Why is the body drop item this useless shit!? This…… Is there no use other than to eat it? It’s a tremendous pain……. But, there is no way that the appraisal result was wrong, it can’t be helped. While releasing a sigh, I tossed the slime jelly in to the item box.

“Then, next?”

The thing that I picked up next was, a treasure chest.

“So small…… ma, it won’t contain anything big”

While I thought so, I opened the treasure box. Inside, was a bag that probably contained gold, and Shoes.

“Shoes eh……”
What can I say, it’s not an equipment that I wasn’t aiming for, but it’s perfect since I am barefooted.

When I take it out, it was a simple design with an emphasis on functionality and a beautiful blue color. I don’t know what it is made of. It’s equipment that came from the slime after all. I don’t have high expectations.

Lets appraise it, to confirm the effect.
“Ao (Blue) shoes” …… rare class equipment. It will raise the wearer’s agility a little bit. Up to 3 steps, it is possible to walk through the air. Changes size to fit the wearer.

“It’s quite awesome!”

It’s subtle, but it’s surprisingly amazing! My agility is strengthened a little? ….I wonder what will happen.
And, I don’t know why 3 steps, but it can move through the air. This, isn’t it quite amazing?
Getting shoes is fine …… but, to wear it, I need to clean my feet and wear socks. Mā, it doesn’t matter. More important than that, I give it to Saria to wear it.

“Saria, won’t you wear this?’

“Eh? Is it fine?”

“Ou. I am fine even without shoes”

More than that, I feel guilty about having a girl walk barefooted.

“I see……then I will take it!”

Saria with a cheerful voice, takes the shoes. Saria nervous from wearing shoes for the first time, puts the shoes on carefully.

“How…… is it?”

After she finishes putting on the shoes, Saria raises the one-piece skirt by the hem while a little embarrassed, to show me the shoes.

Her white, fair skin fits so well with the blue shoes, I am surprised at how well it looks on Saria.

“It fits you soooo well”
It wasn’t a lie at all. The deep crimson hair, with the white of the dress and blue color of the shoes. Even though it is simple, it looks very fashionable.

“Ehehehe Thank you …!”

Saria putting on a big smile like flowers blooming, I felt my cheeks become hot.

…… Uwaaa, I absolutely have a bright red face….

Though I am unwilling, I am thankful to this full-face helmet just this one time.
Seriously there is a big gap from the gorilla.…… Saria aside, I wonder if I am weird for thinking that a gorilla was cute? As expected, of the man with a gorilla as a wife! “Ohhon…… well, let’s finish with the gold”
I say so, while taking out of the bag that I believed to contain gold, and confirmed the contents.

As expected, 50 silver coins are inside.

“Hmm …… in monetary sense …… it may be a huge amount”

50 Silver coins is a huge amount. From a slime that is.
But, because the amount received after defeating the clever monkey and co, was more, I don’t have a feeling of amazingness.

This, could be a dangerous problem…….
However, I can do nothing now. I wonder if I will regain the value of money after arriving at the town……
When letting out an unusually large sigh, an unexpected fanfare rang in my head.

“Now what!?”
Saria who didn’t hear it as expected, tilted her head curiously to me that cried so.
When I was trying to understand the meaning of the fanfare, a familiar voice echoes in my head.



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