Origins – Character List

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In Order of Appearance

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  • Sam – A ship’s Artificial Intelligence
    • Sam was simply referred to as Computer or ‘the intelligence’ until he was given a name by his Captain

Crew of the IW Kovali (Imperial Era)

  • Captain Darnel Soran
    • Captain of the Imperial Warship Kovali
  • Colonel Elohim Granger
    • Executive Officer of the IW Kovali
  • Commander Johan Deras
    • Chief Engineer of the IW Kovali
  • Commander Xi Denning
    • Chief Medical Officer of the IW Kovali
  • Major Eradim Hassani
    • Chief Science Officer of the IW Kovali
  • Senior Leiutenant Tarman Chui
    • Flight leader for Raptor Flight – A combat attack squad of the IW Kovali
    • Squadmembers – Sidewinder, Coolies


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Origins #1 - In the beginning