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Origins #9 – Man and Machine (Part 3)

Author’s Note: So it’s been a long old time since I’ve posted an update. There is a single reason for this. I was evicted from my just over 2 months ago and have been crashing on couches with limited to no internet until now. I have another job, albeit one that I really don’t like

Origins #7 – Man and the Machine (1)

Arc 2 – A New Dawn Chapter 7 – Man and the Machine (Part 1) Author’s note: So I am still looking for an editor to help me out, which would speed up the process quite a bit so I can just concentrate on writing. Any takers can contact me through discord. Ohh and I

Origins #6 – The Dawning of a new day (2)

Author’s note : Hah! After that hiatus here’s the next origin a little early 🙂 I’ll get to updating the character list within the next few days. Still looking for a editor to help out. Can contact through discord. Arc 2 – A New Dawn Chapter 6 – The Dawning of a new Day (2)

Origin #5 – The dawning of a new day (1)

Author’s note: I’m very sorry it’s taking so long to publish a new chapter of this story. I have had a lot of Real Life Issues including a dead hard drive causing me to loose months of work on this story, all my plot arc notes, pre-written chapters and a dirth of material I just