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Origin #12 – Man and the Machine (Part 6)

Matt picked her up and as they sat in the lounge with Anna clinging desperately to Matt he told her in a calm and even tone, the events of yesterday. Even the part about trying to bargain with aliens about not being anal-probed. She smiled at the funny parts and asked a lot of questions

Origin #11 – Man and the Machine (Part 5)

Anna awoke the next morning feeling deeply contented, and with a smile on her face like she was some outrageously lucky winner she recalled with a blush the previous nights activities. Scott had never touched her quite like that, was love the reason why the sex last night had been so good? She knew without

Origins #10 – Man and Machine (Part 4)

Within a few minutes Matt reached the forward airlock, after the air cycled through the hatch slid open and Matt stepped outside the ship. He wondered how he was going to navigate his way to the end of the tunnel when Sam’s voice sounded like it was right beside him. Matt whipped his head back

Origins #9 – Man and Machine (Part 3)

Author’s Note: So it’s been a long old time since I’ve posted an update. There is a single reason for this. I was evicted from my just over 2 months ago and have been crashing on couches with limited to no internet until now. I have another job, albeit one that I really don’t like

Origins #7 – Man and the Machine (1)

Arc 2 – A New Dawn Chapter 7 – Man and the Machine (Part 1) Author’s note: So I am still looking for an editor to help me out, which would speed up the process quite a bit so I can just concentrate on writing. Any takers can contact me through discord. Ohh and I

Origins #6 – The Dawning of a new day (2)

Author’s note : Hah! After that hiatus here’s the next origin a little early 🙂 I’ll get to updating the character list within the next few days. Still looking for a editor to help out. Can contact through discord. Arc 2 – A New Dawn Chapter 6 – The Dawning of a new Day (2)

Origin #5 – The dawning of a new day (1)

Author’s note: I’m very sorry it’s taking so long to publish a new chapter of this story. I have had a lot of Real Life Issues including a dead hard drive causing me to loose months of work on this story, all my plot arc notes, pre-written chapters and a dirth of material I just