Return of The Former Hero ch.149

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Chapter 149. Former Hero – Attends Meetings

Approximately 4 days later, we finally arrived at the nearest town to our destination.

The journey was uneventful. There were no bandits as we’ve subjugated most of them, and not even a single monster appearing.

It’s too uneventful. So uneventful, in fact, that I engrossed myself in the board game that Celes had brought with her.
Cause I had nothing else to do.

By the way, the board game I mentioned plays like shogi but uses magic power instead of chess pieces.

At first, I think I always lose because I’m not familiar with the rules yet, but turned out it’s just that Celes and Leon are very good at this game.
Elcure is mediocre. While Tanya and I are on the same level.

Let’s try it with everyone else once we got home.
Just my guess, but I think Rithina and Aura should be super good at this game.

As for Laurier, she should also be at my level.

The rules are quite similar to shogi. We place the pieces on the board to form a formation.
We can move the piece by paying a magic coin that accumulates every turn… well, that’s the gist of it, I guess?

Anyways, we are now standing at the entrance of『Klamath』, the nearest town to the labyrinth.
This town is also part of my territory.

[For now, should we go to the adventurers guild? Or should we divide tasks like booking a room in the inn and go separately?]

It’s already nearing sunset so we planned to go to the labyrinth on the next day.
Today, we should just relax ourselves in the town.

Nothing’s wrong with doing things slowly.

[The guild has prepared living quarters for us. I think everyone should just go together to the guild.]

Celes told me.

[Is that so?]

Well, okay.

Their lord is visiting after all.
So everything like living quarters should’ve been prepared already, huh?

Un, being a person in power is amazing.

So everyone went to the adventurers guild and inquired to the receptionist about our intentions to explore the labyrinth.

Although the bandits didn’t actually attack this town, the adventurers guild was cut off and couldn’t work properly until recently.

With the bandits wiped out, they returned to work as normal.

Firstly, the muscular man at the reception thanked us for subjugating the bandits.

If it’s to show some gratitude, then why did they send this uncle to the reception?
This won’t do. This really won’t do.

If it’s showing gratitude, sending in a cute girl would have a different effect compared to this uncle.

The world is really unfair.

Or is it just me who is unfair?

[But…. Milord? Is milord really going to enter the labyrinth personally?]

The uncle at the reception asked me and the other members.

There is magic in this world so it doesn’t make any sense to gauge someone’s ability through appearance, but I guess our appearance isn’t that convincing either.

Aside from Leon and I, the other 3 are cute girls.

In addition to that, Tanya was stuck on my back, already asleep.

[Well, it’ll be alright. No need to worry.]

[Ah, is that so? That aside…]

The uncle seemed to think that it’s better to stop questioning me.
He just wanted to warn us since it’s dangerous, but realized that forcing won’t get him anywhere.

And so, the uncle guided us to the inn where we’ll be staying on.

It’s an inn right next to the guild and it has a dining hall on the ground floor as per usual.

We were introduced to the inn owner who was cleaning the dining hall when we arrived.

His mass of muscles gave me an impression that he isn’t supposedly an inn owner.

Why is the inn owner a muscle man too?

[So the little bros here is going to the labyrinth? Will they be alright?….ouch]

The inn owner uncle also spoke the same thing as the receptionist uncle.
At least they meant well.

When I thought so, the beautiful lady standing next to the inn owner uncle hit him with an elbow to the flank.

[Don’t be rude. Welcome and please enjoy your stay. Have a good rest tonight.]

The woman seemed to have a greater control over the house than the uncle; she also greeted us with a welcoming smile.

Is she this uncle’s wife?

Why have you tied yourself to this muscle man? I thought inwardly. She’s simple looking but beautiful nonetheless.

Like a rough diamond.

She should be in her thirties, I think?

Truly cool.
No, I shouldn’t go there.

But… a married woman sounds enticing too.

It’s cool after all.
But no.

[Thank you for the hospitality.]

Can you take care of me at night as well?

With pleasure.

A one night stand.

There is no way that will happen.

I exchanged a light greeting with the inn owner couple then being informed about dinner time, and being guided to our room.

Each of us got a private room of our own.
What’s with this trend?

Anyways, after stashing our luggage in our respective rooms, we gathered back at my room.

[Well, alright then, I’ll explain about the labyrinth we are going to explore tomorrow.]

Celes stood before us, declaring the beginning of the meeting.

Houー, clap clap

Everyone raised some applause in response to Celes’ declaration.

[Thank you….um, the labyrinth we are about to explore tomorrow is called Klamath Labyrinth.
I don’t know if it’s named that way because it’s so close to this town or if it’s the other way around.]

Celes explained without much hesitation as though she’s used to speaking in front of many people.
To reaffirm the purpose for tomorrow’s exploration, the session was filled with questions and answers. Kinda felt like being in a classroom here.

The Klamath Labyrinth is located in the mountainside a few hours away from the town.

Usually, the magic stone can be mined starting from the tenth level.

In addition to shaving off the magic stone from the labyrinth wall, one can also bury a regular stone of an affordable size at the spot where magic power is pooling to turn it into a magic stone after about a year.

We can’t afford to spend so much time so we planned to go deeper, find areas rich with magic power and mine the magic stones around there.

The deeper you go, the higher the magical power of the magic stones. So it’s a good idea to dive as deep as possible in this case.
At least to the 15th level… and if possible, the 20th level.
In those levels, the quality of the magic stones should be quite good.

In addition to that, we should map out the 11th level of the labyrinth whenever possible.
It will be a great help to people who’ll go mine the magic stone in the future.

I’d say the entire process will take 2 to 3 nights.

[That’s it. You can return to your room. And don’t forget to have dinner.]

With the meeting ended, Leon stood up.

[Yeah, see you later.]

After listening to my words, Leon left the room.

Now then.

[Oi, the meeting is over. Wake up.]

After seeing off Leon, I woke Tanya up. She was sleeping on my lap up until now.

Tanya became drowsy soon after the meeting started. She proceeded to use my leg and my groin as her bed and pillow then slept soundly.

We never expected to get any input from her part anyways, so we let her be.

The sense of her clinging to my feet and her head resting around my groin area, it would’ve aroused me if not for the fact that she might accidentally bite off my stuff in her sleep.

They say girls grow up in their sleep, but that doesn’t apply to Laurier and Tanya due to their demonic bloodline.

Something to do with a larger body consumes more energy to maintain so they reverted to a smaller body to preserve energy.

[N~…… don’t wanna…]

I don’t know what her sleep talking was all about, but Tanya clung to my legs tighter as she groaned and moved her head incessantly.

If you move your head too much, your pillow will grow bigger, you know?

Can’t help it.

She purred when I patted her head. Such cuteness when pampered; so sweet.

It’s still alright for the time being.

Speaking of which, what is Elcure doing?
She had been quiet during the meeting.

Getting reminded of Elcure’s existence, I turned to my left since Elcure was sitting right next to me.


She’s actually sleeping too.

With her head drooping down and drool hanging from her mouth.

What should I do? Wake her up?

While I was weighing the options I had, her body began to tilt.
Apparently she had reached the limit of staying in a straight sitting position while sleeping.

And her body ended up leaning on me.


This is gotta be one of those lucky pervert moments!

What the hell am I thinking?

Keeping Elcure supported as is, I wondered what she’ll do when she woke up.

If it’s the romcom kind of development, she’ll wake up, and when she realizes that she’s been leaning on me while she’s sleeping, she’ll blush in embarrassment thinking how I’ve been watching her all this time!

My delusions are overflowing.

But, at that moment, there is one thing I forgot.

There is a pair of horns on Elcure’s head.



I was completely out of luck.

Elcure’s horns are pricking my shoulder as she leaned over to me.


Not like the horns dealt any actual damage to me, but it still stings.


Perhaps hearing my involuntary yelp, Elcure woke up.

Our eyes, hers slightly damp, met each other at such a close proximity.


Still looking at me, Elcure’s face gradually reddened.

Her reaction is actually cuter than what I imagined.

That horn attack was unexpected, but it was worth it to be able to see her face this up close.

When thinking about such things…


Elcure pushed me away.



I got rolled out of bed thanks to her shove.

Tanya who was sleeping in my lap also inevitably fell off


Elcure rose up from the bed, staring down at me with killing intent. Her face red like a tomato.

What was that for?
Is it a tsun moment or dere moment, which one?

Also, since she’s standing up on the bed while I’m down here on the floor, I could actually see it.
The usual string panties.

Superb view.


Noticing where I’m staring at, Elcure immediately pulled her skirt down to cover up.
Then she jumped off of the bed and left hastily.

As before, Elcure looked back at me with bright red face before leaving. This time, silently.


Celes who witnessed the entire thing was wondering what is actually happening here.

[Uu~….what’s happening here…?]

Tanya couldn’t understand what was happening as she held her head.

[I-it’s nothing really… By the way, am I at fault here?]

[Well….oniisan is not… I guess?]

Celes’ words couldn’t be more wrong.
I saw her panties purely by accident.
In that same situation, any man will involuntarily look at the same spot.

Well actually, most people would just turn away.

Still, it’s not my fault.

I’m definitely not in the wrong here.

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