Return of The Former Hero ch.148

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Chapter 148. Former Hero Goes to Explore the Labyrinth

The morning went as usual.
Rithina was hugging my head. I woke up with my face buried in her breasts.

I remembered holding Rithina and Tanya before I went to sleep. It seemed that somehow I sunk down and got sucked in by her breasts while I was asleep.

Let’s wake Rithina as well by sucking on her nipple.

Mugu mugu.


Sticking to the top of her breast, I played it around with my tongue, rolling and lapping until Rithina woke up.

My eyes feasted upon the wide array of her exposed skin.
Savoring the mysterious taste of her breast with my mouth.
Holding her back and butt with my hands.
My thighs wrapped around her legs.
I can’t see it, but I can sense Kagura-san snuggling on my back.

It’s a bliss.
Is there another word to describe this better than bliss?


However, after this blissful wake up, I felt slightly sad that I’ll be away from them for a while after this.

I don’t care anymore about exploring labyrinth and mining magic stones.

The labyrinth should just come to me.

…..can I really complain though?
I felt like a kid running out of time on his favorite ride.

A hero should fulfill the expectations placed on him!
However, now that he’s a former hero, he should only fulfill the expectation of his wives.

And, when I just renewed my determination to depart today to explore the labyrinth, I sensed yet another reaction.


Releasing my mouth from Rithina’s breasts to look around, I found Celes who woke up much earlier than she usually does.

[Ah, good morning Celes. That’s earlier than usual]

[Ah, yes. Well, this, I’m just being excited with today’s labyrinth exploration.]


Are you an elementary student excited for an outdoor excursion?


That’s not it.

Didn’t she hide something behind her back just now?
What are you trying to hide?


When I tried to reach out to find out what Celes is hiding, all of a sudden, Kagura-san stretched her arms out.


It’s a bit weird to say that the cold season has already passed, but Kagura-san pulled my body, seeking for warmth after waking up still buck-naked.


Kagura-san, are you kidding me here?
I’m definitely getting very warm down there though.

Ah, strength is leaving my body. Really now.
That thought crossed my mind before my libido went full throttle.

I could be careless about what Celes was trying to hide. That thought disappeared from my head as I enjoyed Kagura-san’s hand caressing my member.

I decided to relish the morning of my departure day.


[Well then, I’m going.]

It was in the afternoon.

I greeted everyone who came to see me off with some lingering fatigue.
Was 1 round in the morning a bit too much?

Not everyone will join the labyrinth exploration.
The group that will be accompanying to the labyrinth consisted of Celes, Tanya, Leon and Elcure.

It’s an interesting party composition if I had to say so myself.

Aside from Celes and Tanya, Leon tagged along as a part of his training.
Apparently he saw the need to improve himself and thus offered to come with me.

Honestly, I don’t want to be in the same party with another male, but as a mentor figure, I just had to bite the bullet.

Oh well, that’s that.

The problem here is Elcure.
She doesn’t really have to follow me but I’m anxious about leaving her unattended in the town as well.
I thought that she won’t cause any trouble even if I’m not around but just in case, I’d rather keep her within my reach.

It’s purely anxiousness and no other evil intentions.

[Haruto-kun. Don’t forget to stop by the adventurer guild first.]

[Yeah. No worries.]

Rithina advised me.

It’s because the adventurer guild would also post a request to explore the labyrinth.
Just as ordered.

That request was created under my name.
Posted a request under my name, and taking it myself so that we can explore the labyrinth.

I don’t know why I need to do that, but it’s the system. Even if it’s a bit awkward.

However, if I don’t follow these steps, many things will come to inconvenience me later on. So I suppose I had no other choice.

[Good luck!]

[Don’t forget to bring back souvenirs.]

[Be careful.]

[Take care.]


Sharon, Laurier, Mina, Kagura-san, and Aura each sent me off with their own versions of farewell.

Sharon actually wanted to join the labyrinth exploration, but she gave up the thought since she had something else she wanted to do.

Laurier is wearing a maid uniform for some reason. Recently, she seemed to have awakened to the path of maids and even becoming Mina’s apprentice somehow. I really have no idea why.
Perhaps Sharon wanted to do a similar thing?

Mina bowed deeply with a beautiful posture and perfection, as usual.
Laurier’s path will be harsh, but do your best.

Kagura-san said that she’ll probably craft something once the magic stone supply arrives, so she’s going to prepare in advance.

As for Aura, she’ll instruct the knights alongside Yunikram.

Other than that, Kyaron has also been accepted as a church official, so she’ll be quite busy with various things from now on.

Most of that were based on Rithina’s assignment.
I’ll just leave the managing in her good hands.

[Well then, I’m going. I leave the town in your care.]

After exchanging a few more words, we finally went on our way.


[So this is the carriage.]

After taking the request to explore the labyrinth at the adventurers guild, we were taken by Etna to the town’s entrance where our carriage is waiting.

The prepared carriage is actually much better than any other carriage I’ve seen running around here but of course, it still cannot be compared to Kurato.

The job, this time, is small-scale so we decided to not use Kurato.
It belonged to the royal family anyways.

However, as I’ve already been spoiled by Kurato’s accommodations, it’s a bit disappointing.
Not that I mind.

[Next, this is the labyrinth exploration permit.]

Saying so, Etna handed me a piece of paper.
Looks similar to the border pass paper. At least the format is.

[Yes. Thank you.]

I took the permit.
Not forgetting to make direct contact with Etna-san’s fingers in the process.


When our fingers touched, Etna-san blushed a little, turning her eyes downward.

I can feel it.
Something has been achieved.

I’m steadily climbing the stairs here.

I was on track, I thought as I kept holding Etna-san’s hand.


[Eh, ermm… that. Haruto-san and everyone as well. Please take care in your labyrinth exploration]

Since there is no Sharon to stop me, I’m doing as I wish with Etna-san. Etna-san continued on despite some stuttering at the beginning.

But she refrained from shaking my hand.
That simple act would be enough to raise the tension even higher.

[Oi, don’t take your own sweet time!]




It was Tanya who jumped behind my back and kicked me.

Is it luck disguised as misfortune? I was pushed forward by that kick, and hit Etna-san. After a series of movement, the scene ended up with me holding Etna-san so as not to let her fall down.

It’s a position where I’m in such a close proximity with Etna-san.

Tanya-chan, nice assist.

Her eyes moistened a little.
Then a sighing voice reached my ears.

This, isn’t this the right moment for kiss? Should I go for it? This!
I should! Surely this is the moment!


[Pardon me. Are you okay?]

[Ah…ye, yes. I’m okay. Thank you.]

If we were alone, then I would’ve gone all the way.

But Leon is with us now, right?

Should I act gentlemanly?

I don’t know what I’m thinking any more.

[…..are you a beast?]


It’s not only because Leon is here.
Elcure was also looking at me like she was staring at trash.


I don’t mind Sharon’s cold gaze because deep down, it’s love. But Elcure’s gaze felt so much harsher, I felt like she’s about to swallow me whole.

This fellow, I should’ve just left her behind.

It’s about time, huh?

I released Etna-san from my embrace, sighed and said it once again.

[Y-yosh, let’s go.]

After loading the baggage into the carriages and with Etna-san sending us off, the five of us finally left Aria town to explore the labyrinth.

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