Return of The Former Hero ch.150

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Chapter 150. Former Hero – Accepts Gratitude

And the next morning.
Last night I had to practice restraint…because we’ll be leaving to the labyrinth today.

[Is this it…. Somehow, this place doesn’t feel like a labyrinth.]

We climbed the mountain according to the map the guild reception uncle gave us. I was half expecting that there will be a sign saying [Warning: Labyrinth ahead!] at the entrance.

But it actually looks like a regular office building.

[This is where we can mine the magic stone. Regular adventurers can’t normally enter this place without permits.]

Celes who was walking next to me, explained in a whisper.


If she said so, then it’s most likely true.

What will happen to those who entered the labyrinth without permit?
Now now, we have no need to worry about that.

Entering the building, we were greeted by yet another uncle.

What’s with this town?
The number of uncles is really high here.

After we showed him our permits, he guided us to the back room.
The back room was where many tools were stashed and also where the real entrance to the labyrinth is.

[This is the map.]


Checking the map the uncle had given us, it has a detailed depiction of the structure up to the 10th level.

[This is quite complicated.]

[It’s because the lower levels have been expanded continuously for mining purposes.]

[I see.]

Looking at the map, it’s quite obvious to me that it’ll be hard to get around from place to place quickly without one.

[Well, shall we go now?]

I handed the map to Celes and finally stepped into the labyrinth.

[Wow, this is quite amazing.]

As soon as I entered the labyrinth, I could sense that the magic power density in the air has changed.

This place is clearly full of magic power.

This is also the same as Iris town’s underground labyrinth, Search does not work well in this kind of environment.

It won’t be easy to mine those magic stones then.

Still better than nothing. Let’s try maintaining search all the time now.
…it’s possible to grasp the surroundings, albeit only as far as 10 meters or so, I guess?

[My power… Rising up]

Behind me, Elcure muttered something with a very chuuni vibe.
Don’t act weird now, please.

Beside me, with the map on one hand, Celes navigated the shortest route to the 11th level.

People seemed to visit this place regularly up to the 10th level so there were very few monsters lurking around.

By the way, we encountered a bat-like monster along the way.
But Tanya, now a similar size as me, finished it off with a very swift move.

[Fuh. Not enough!]

Tanya somehow acted more spirited.
Perhaps because of the labyrinth’s dense amount of magic power in the air.

We went through the labyrinth under the dim light of the artificial light fixtures that ran on the surrounding magic power.

Tanya and Leon would finish off every monster coming from ahead swiftly.

By the way, I’m responsible for carrying our luggage.
I guess it’s better than having to do nothing.


[Oi, Tanya. Don’t go too far forward alone.]

I called out to Tanya who eagerly walked at the front while humming.

[It’s fine, it’s fine. I know!]

Tanya looked back and showed a large grin in response to my call, before taking a right turn at a two-way junction.

Oi oi, what’s with that attitude. I don’t know anymore.

Also turning right without hesitation like that as if you already know the path.


[No, it’s true that we’ll take the path to the right.]

Eh? For real?

Celes told me while looking at the map.

Why did she know the path?
Is it her intuition or wild instinct?

[Perhaps because Tanya-chan has a demon bloodline, she seems to be able to sense a location with higher density of magic power.]

So I suppose with this much magic power around, she could sense her surroundings even better?
Nothing less from the demonkin.

[Well, if it as you say so…then it’s okay, I guess?]

…is it really good though?
It’s still a problem if she were to go ahead on her own.

However, my worries were proven pointless as it only took 3 hours for us to reach the 10th level.

I asked Celes to guide us to an open area so that we could take a short rest.

[Well then, it’s time for lunch.]

I unloaded the luggage, taking out the food stashed inside.

[Food! Food!]

Attracted by the smell of food, Tanya clung at me from behind.
And since she’s currently in her adult form, her sizable breasts are now pressing around my neck.

She’s no longer the usual pettanko.
Not that I mind with this version.

And therefore, a bulge also formed in my trousers.


If Leon and Elcure are not here with us, I would’ve eaten Tanya for lunch.
But we shouldn’t do that inside the labyrinth. Right?

I invoke my gentleman’s willpower and distributed the food to everyone evenly.
It’s proven to be more of a chore than it’s supposed to be.
But since I don’t have to do anything else, I’m not complaining.

Anyways, we had lunch while observing our surroundings.

[If you ran out of water, just tell me. I’ll take some out.]

I said as I gnawed on a piece of salted meat.

This is actually quite fun. I can’t stop, I don’t want to stop.
I had never heard of this before.
So I guess there are still things I have no knowledge of.
It’s like it’s not normal meat.

I only brought food for a few days, I suppose that’s the real reason why I want to savor the food as much as I could.
Or perhaps I should just exit the labyrinth and buy more food at the town.


While having lunch, we listened to Celes on how we will operate once we reach the 11th level, when suddenly I sense something odd happening to Elcure who was sitting next to me.

By the way, I wonder why she always seem to sit near me?
Is it a coincidence? Is it fate?
It’s making my heart beat faster.

No, leaving that aside…

I can’t say that I see it clearly in this dimly lit labyrinth, but Elcure’s face was blushing red.
No way, don’t tell me her erotic delusion flared up just from sitting next to me like this?


Moreover, she seems to be high at the moment.

Is it really erotic delusion?

What is this familiar feeling!?


[Are you okay?]

[Ee?…. What is it…?]

I tried to speak to Elcure, but her tone was somewhat…amiss?
I didn’t have much confidence, because it’s always been a ‘make or break’ situation with her.

[No, it’s just that your face is red. Are you okay?]

[It’s okay…I’m fine…thank you.]


I was actually expecting Elcure to reply me with her usual [Doesn’t matter…. Go die], but she actually did something different this time.
And a [Thank you] at that?

I, at the moment, may have finally sunk through.

Easy peasy as usual, me.

No. But a girl, face blushing red, while glancing intermittently, shyly said [thank you] to a guy she rarely talked to before?
There is no need for reasoning. I’m digging in.

She’s definitely playing around with my mind.
Even if it has come to this, don’t believe it so easily.


[Ah…umm… I see. Well, don’t overdo yourself.]

Up until now, I have to admit that everything I did have been ridiculous.


My facial expression, attitude, and words.

But what’s with that [uwa] just now? Is that all you have to say?

…I don’t want to believe anything anymore.

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