Return of The Former Hero ch.147

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Chapter 147. Former Hero – Goes to Work

[Haruto-kun, I have something I need you to work on.]


Two weeks had passed since I became the lord of the town of Aria.
I was enjoying a bath alone in the large public bathtub, when Rithina and Mina soon showed up wrapped in bath towel.


What do I need to work on this time?
In these two weeks, do I even have any notable experience of being a lord of a town?

To be honest, the political and managerial parts of the work are handled by Rithina. The bureaucrats from the capital are also doing their best to assist her..

Of course, they were sent here to help because their third princess is here. Apparently there are many talented people among them so the management of the town is going along quite smoothly.
Actually, I don’t quite understand how it works, to be really honest.

In any case, thanks to that, I’ve truly become a lord in name only.
They were the ones responsible in planning and executing it; all I need to do is to approve it.

I originally thought that it’s a good thing.

I’m just being the usual me.
Flirting with Sharon, practicing with everyone, flirting with Laurier, attempting sexual harassment, flirting with Mina, going to the guild to woo Etna-san, flirting with Rithina, attempting to persuade Elcure while trying to win her heart, flirting with Tanya, trying to build a hobby room, flirting with Celes, trying out a new costume I ordered, flirting with Kagura-san, trying to get my idea of having private maid corps approved, flirting with Aura, looking for cute girls in town….

Ah, I feel like a jobless person.

[I’ll work on it.]

[That’s good to hear.]

Rithina smiled in satisfaction after hearing my reply, then took off her bath towel.

Big as usual.
I’ll never get bored of it.
Ask me anything.

But I’ve nothing to wonder about.

The two entered the bathtub and quickly washed their bodies.
Then they sat on my left and right as per usual.


Not to be outdone, I reached out and hugged them both.
Warmth that is different from the heat of hot water spread out from both sides.

This is the natural flow of things.
As if we were born for this…

[….well, Haruto-kun. About the work.]

Ah, yes.

Rithina gently stopped my hand which had crept down from her shoulder toward her breast.
The same goes with Mina on the other side.

Not bad at all.


[What is it this time?]

Apparently, the reward will not be given until the talk is over.
Did you aim for this particular timing just to take advantage of that?

Not like I mind if I still get to do it anyways, even if a bit later on.

Please just say what I need to do already.
Anything is fine so be quick about it. Quick.

It was such a great effect.

[The other day, Haruto-sama asked to buy some magic stone, yes?]

[Magic stone? Ah…yes, I did.]

I stretched my arms in the efforts to reach their breasts while listening to the story, but the two gently kept my hands away from my goal.

Magic stone.

A magic stone is literally a stone filled with magic power.

It’s different from the material used to forge magical sword or armor and it is rarely used to forge equipment due to the lack of durability.

The magical power stored within a magic stone is usually small in quantity, but the larger the size of the stone, the bigger and stronger its magic capacity.
It’s very rare to see the smaller stone carrying great magical power.

Now that I mentioned it, I did write an application to buy a certain amount of magic stones.

Apparently you can’t buy it directly but only through ordering. So my plan to make jewelry out of them was stalled.

I thought of buying them with my own money, but I couldn’t find any store in Aria that sells it.

Then what’s the relation between that and the work Rithina mentioned?

[The magic stone is quite expensive. Also, most of the magic stones in the market are imported from the Empire and yet, the supply has been dwindling recently, causing the price to rise.]

Rithina explained, finally letting go of my hand.
Seeing Rithina, Mina also followed her example.


Naturally, my hands went in to fondle their breasts.
Rithina’s breast is soft.
While Mina’s sport a different sense of elasticity.
This is just great.

A treasure more valuable than magic stone.

I got a little too aroused there.

[Errmm… is that so?]

I won the battle of temptation since I’m still able to focus on the story without much trouble.

But whether she’s hinting at something, I really couldn’t tell.

The Empire is the largest producer of magic stone.
Of course, I had no idea about that before.

And apparently, the price is rising due to the Empire limiting their export. Eee.

Speaking of which, I didn’t even know the market price of magic stones in this world.
Was it so expensive?

[That’s right. Well, at the moment, it’s still not too expensive yet.]

[Ah, I see….. And then?]

What does that mean?

[In other words, even if it’s not outrageously expensive….nnn… i, it’s not a reasonable price as well, so now….. Nn…. i-it’s a bit impossible to buy with our current finances.]

I guess it can’t be helped.
It’s actually not that important anyway so if it’s impossible, then let’s just give it up.

Eh, no no.

It doesn’t matter if I can’t buy any. What we are talking about here is work.

The story won’t progress if I were to knead and pinch the tip, so I had to be content with only resting my palms over the two hills.

Rithina’s judgment was correct.

[Well, what does it have to do with the work I’m about to undertake?]

[Ah, ermm, the work is actually linked to that… since we can’t buy it, then I plan to let Haruto mine it yourself.]

[Mine it myself…?]

Could it be that this is the work they’ve prepared for me?
To become a miner?


[Celes had also written an application to buy magic stones. But it seems that Celes is aware of the current market situation so she included a plan to mine magic stones from the labyrinth.]

Mina tangled her legs with mine, using her tail to rub the most sensitive area of my body.

This is one heck of a high-level play.

This feels really great!

The fur in her tail that is wrapping my member was warm and damp after being soaked in hot water, sending an unknown sense of pleasure up through my spine.

I’ve been at my maximum tension ever since the two started washing their bodies.
So it’ll be strange if I don’t feel anything.

But at this rate, this tail play will end me. This is bad.

Patience, my friend.
It’s a test of mental strength.

Do I really need to endure it?

Don’t even think of that… we are in the middle of conversation here.

…by the way, Celes also wants some magic stones? But what for?
Probably for research purposes. Yes, that’s it.

Setting me aside, she is aware of the current market conditions and knowing that it’ll be impossible to buy the stones, she also devised an alternative method to obtain the magic stone. Truly genius.

In short, this is the situation we are in.

Both Celes and I wanted magic stones.
However, we can’t afford to buy it these days.
Therefore, all that is left to do is to find them ourselves.

[I see. I get it now.]

[Near the border, 5 days from here, there is a labyrinth where magic stones can be mined. If you can reach the lower layer, we predicted that you’ll be able to mine a decent amount of them.]

So it’ll be a labyrinth.

Speaking of labyrinth, there was that time in the town of Torres when I had some fun exploring the labyrinth.
This might be better than spending time as usual. I should try it out.

If I can mine a large amount of magic stone, won’t the surplus improves the town’s finances?

I see I see.

Certainly it’s a fitting job for me, rather than staying here being a lord in name only.


I got the gist of it.
And that marked the end.

I’ve no more need to endure.

After all, keeping it in for too long is not good for the body.

Agreeing to take up the mining work, I had the two women wash me as much as I want.

Again and again, I don’t know how many times I washed already.

That just means Rithina did a really good job there.

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