What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A1. Character Wrap (incomplete)


Current Party/Hamlet:

Adult Men:

Tristain – Void?/Hume Male, Reincarnated
Previously a computer programmer…now a womanizing vagrant.  Previously a father of two daughters. Currently married to Melsy, Lillia’s beloved, and secretly dreamed about by Dubhe…

Otsu – Bearfolk Male

Maimed once upon a time, saved by the Arbitrator.  Currently the protector and in situ family of Nanook and Mika

??? – Shielded Hume Male (guy in chains)


Brendan – Standard Hume Male, Convict

Bald, always looks clean no matter what work he’s done.  Always smiling. Seems very friendly. Known convict. Apparently an expecting father.  Excellent tracker/hunter. Probably dead and food.

Adult Women:

Melsy – Dragonfolk Female

Forced to become Tristain’s wife.  Takes it in stride. Puny humes only live a few hundred years, after all.  She’s like 10,000+ years old, no scales off her back.  Maybe has the boy wrapped around her pinky.

Lillia – Dryad with strong female tendencies?

Initially followed Tristain around because she was ‘hungry.’  She appears to genuinely love him now, but no one understands dryads.  Became a Gaia Tree.

Dubhe – Bearfolk Female

She was Tristain’s first wife in this new world for a very short period of time.  Mother to a number of children (below) which are unnamed, due to tradition. Bearfolk females are strong, like Voids, and possess the rune enhanced claws that can shred bearfolk males’ natural shields.  Along with pretty much anything else, really.

Mika – Void Hume Female

Hates Tristain, Loves likes Otsu.  Mother of Nanook.  Previous Enclave dweller.  Being a void, she can keep up with Dubhe, as far as physical prowess is concerned, at least. Needs to work on her complain game to match up.

Standard Hume Girl

Was a slave, now along for the ride.  Stays out of the politics. Under close supervision of Mika, Dubhe, and Melsy.  Is kept away from Tristain.


Nanook – Mika Mothered

Child conceived from an attack.  His mother still treasures him. Maybe a bit too much.  Loves playing with the other bearfolk children.

Bearfolk Male 1 – Dubhe Mothered

Loves playing with his sister and Nanook.  Big enough for his sister or the Dryadites to ride.

Hume Male 1 – Dubhe Mothered

Infant.  ‘Humes are so slow to wean.’

Hume Male 2 – Dubhe Mothered

Infant.  ‘Humes are so slow to wean.’

Dryadite – Dubhe Mothered, male tendencies

Apparently Lillia is the father of this child.  That may have been a wild night.  It was Dubhe’s idea, though. Can’t speak yet.  Dryadites usually learn to speak in the womb. Since Dubhe was unable to form that connection, he was born without ‘foreknowledge.’


Bearfolk Female 1 – Dubhe Mothered

Enjoys chasing after Nanook, and her brother.  Doted on by her mother. Claws can rend steel. Don’t anger.

Hume Female 1 – Lillia Mothered

Infant.  Dubhe is feeding, since Lillia doesn’t have appropriate organs to feed hume children.  ‘Humes are so slow to wean.’

Dryadite – Lillia Mothered, female tendencies

No one understands Dryads.  Stop trying. You didn’t see us here.  We are being completely appropriate with these explosives.  Walk away Hume. These are not the trees you were looking for.

Others (not in party):

Adult Males:

Adult Females:

A2. Character Observations (incomplete)

Tristain’s Observations:

This world appears to be wider/bigger than earth.  

Can’t find any oceans, minimal lakes or rivers.

Gaia controls the weather…?

World Maintained by the “Goddess”

North and south? Poles are actually giant walls of ice?

Skies are actually walls of Ice?  ‘Nothing but black’ on the other side.

Enclave seems segmented from the rest of the world, but where?

Gaia trees are too big to support own weight.  Active supports? Organic Hyper alloys? Magic?  Probably magic.

Runes are cool, and make life easy…ish.  Why people die is crazy. Runes. Runes people.

Runes are pretty much Magic.

All large based animals have the same genome.  Is that cannibalism then?

Uncertain about gravity, considering that the muscle strength is different.  If it is bigger…not sure.

Melsy’s Observations:

Tristain is not a void.

Dubhe appears to be a good mother, despite being a bearfolk.

Hume girls are ugly.  Where are your scales?  Also, that hair is so inconvenient.

Lillia is scary.

When do I get to sleep again?

Ulg, it’s another day.  Can I hide in bed?

Husband!  No, the bed calls!  Ulg, well, if you are up, I guess I should be too.

Grumble grumble sleep grumble.

Dubhe’s Observations:

Tristain is not a void.

He’s a good father, though.

Please sit down while eating.

Stop yelling.

I said no!

You’re going to poke someone’s eyes out with that.

Stop it!

Hmph.  It’s broken, you happy now?

Dragonfolk are delicious.  Maybe Melsy will die somehow…

Mika’s Observations:

Nanook is the cutest ever.

Tristain is a prick.

Otsu is a good surrogate father to Nanook.

This house is nice.

Orckin are ugly, but delicious.  I was surprised at how good orckin infants taste.

Lillia’s Observations:

Tristain is delicious.

Mika is delicious.

Dubhe is kinda delicious?

Melsy is a bit delicious…as dessert.  No main course.

Ice?  Ice! Ground is now delicious.  And Sky.

I’m a good mother.

Otsu’s Observations:

Mika is a good mother, and Nanook is a great son.

Tristain is odd.

No, all of these people are odd.

Gaia’s Observations:

The Goddess needs to stop #%$#@#@@#$ my world.  MY WORLD. I did the work.

Dryadite’s Observations:


Daddy builds from killed brethren.

But they eat their own too?

I guess that’s okay.

We like our family.

Mommy does well to protect us.

Author’s Note: Thanks for the support! As noted, these are incomplete.

Editor: DungeonPalmz

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