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MOSS – Figuring How an Infinite Bag Works 101

A new idea struck me like a lightning, so I thought “why not?” How exactly does an infinite bag work? I mean, everyone knows you can put something in then pull it out while it’s still in the same state no matter how much time passed. Like ice, for example. It, just, won’t melt. Time

MOSS: Tunnels

Just a little preamble before we get into it. I, the author, humbly apologize for the inconsistent update. I know this is literally the fourth post ever (not to mention Red Moon Azure Wolf is supposed to be a three-chapters story). I should’ve worked on these girls faster, but various things happened in life which

Clearing a Dungeon Naked 101

Domo-domo~ Virtual YouTuber, AAA desu~. Or maybe not. Teehee~ Anyway, today I’m going to clear a dungeon without any preparations at all. In other words, naked! Of course, not that kind of naked. I properly wear my clothes. What I meant by naked was challenging a dungeon solely with my own flesh and blood. And