Oshiete D-sensei! Lesson 2

Gangster dragons, bugging angels and serial killer maids.

See also Oshiete D-sensei! Lesson 1. Think of the format as being D and the “Meido” (M) being a pair of presenters on a TV programme or so, speaking in turn to explain things to the viewers, while doing a subtle comedy routine.

Oshiete D-sensei! Lesson 2

D「Greetings. We are back with everyone’s favourite segment.」
M「I’ll do everything to pretend the previous disgrace never happened.」
D「E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e-’s f-a-v-o-u-r-i-t-e!」
M「There’s no need to be so desperate… Well, let’s get on with it already.」
D「E-v-e-r-y-o… [That’s enough, okay?」」
D「Ahem. Starting from the beginning then, it is time for the second “oshiete D-sensei”. On this occasion we shall discuss the gods.」
M「Ahh, that’s torn it I guess.」
D「At the time of the Past Arc, it was impossible to give an explanation about the gods. There was no other way, so there was no option except for D-sensei to make an appearance. Thus, this segment was revived.」
M「How meta.」
D「That being said, the explanation will not be especially detailed. The subject of the gods becomes a huge topic once you start to discuss it, so I shall only explain the parts relevant to the Past Arc.」
M「Specifically, that would be regarding the dragons and angels, right?」
D「Correct. As was touched upon in Past Arc ③, the dragons are a bunch of damn fools who believe in the supremacy of dragons.」
M「Do not use such bad language! You’re not wrong though.」
D「Indeed, seriously, they really are a bunch of good for nothings. They are egotistical and haughty creatures who cannot accept not being the best. Nonetheless, since they are strong at least they are troublesome in the extreme.」
M「Since the one in charge of the exposition is doing nothing but complaining I shall give a detailed explanation. Dragons are born with the expectation of being able to reach the realm of gods sooner or later, so they could be called the elite from the moment they’re born. The origins of them are also ancient, as they are said to be the second oldest gods, following the oldest gods known as the titans. They have both history, and power. As a result, they flaunt their successes and don’t hesitate to declare that the dragon race are at the very peak, and in fact they rule over many planets.」
D「In short, they are cocky.」
M「Well, you’re not wrong. However, they do in fact have enough power to justify that. Being gods they carry an enormous amount of energy within themselves for a start, and their bodies are far sturdier than any human’s. In addition they have high intelligence.」
D「Due to their personalities that high intelligence is not readily apparent though. Being narrow-minded is not good. Gyurie-kun would surely also blush at how he acted in the past.」
M「Just how much do you hate dragons? Sheesh. Let’s continue the discussion. The greatest trait that dragons have is their boundary field ability. Being able to completely invalidate the workings of magecraft, is the boundary field trait that dragons possess. In modern times the dragons and drakes that appear have the magic obstruction skill which is a deteriorated version of the ability that real dragons have.」
D「The dragons and drakes that exist within the System are imitations of real dragons after all. The only true dragon left on that planet is Gyurie-kun.」
M「There’s no comparison between the boundary field of real dragons and the imitations. In particular, the individual recognised as the strongest dragon is even called the “The Unbreakable God”, boasting a defence that invalidates almost all attacks. Such a cheat eh.」
D「……Like you are one to talk?」
M「Oh my, what might you be referring to?」
D「Nope, nothing.
M「Well, this is how the dragon species already boasts of possessing perfect strength. A species with such strength would intend to rule over worlds.」
D「STO-O-P! I shall explain from now on. Or rather, if I let you keep on with the explanations in my segment, it will totally become “oshiete Meido-sensei”. I shall definitely block any further explanations.」
M「Erm, well, okay. Go ahead.」
D「As a species the dragons certainly have great power, but the reason why they do not currently rule over worlds is due opposing forces, as I am sure you are already aware. One of them is the angels.」
M「There are forces other than angels, but those will be left out.」
D「There are a lot of them after all. If we started talking about them all it would never end. Anyway, with regards to the angel race, they are a bunch with a lot of mysteries about them. In the first place, it is said that they suddenly appeared after all. This was during the ancient times when the dragons had gotten full of themselves, and it is said that suddenly one day appeared beings who began to kill the gods. I had not yet been born then so I can only go by the rumours though.」
M「Those times were very chaotic, apparently. At any rate, during the period when there was the two great powers of the dragons and the titans, there was the sudden appearance of a third power.」
D「Moreover, when it came to gods they attacked indiscriminately. Naturally, it was chaotic. There are various opinions with regards to the true nature of angels, but the most prominent one is the theory that perhaps they are a defence mechanism belonging to the various worlds. According to this theory, the angels might be a race that was born from worlds that felt a sense of impending crisis due to the gods going rampaging around like drunkards.」
M「They not only suddenly appeared without any warning, they also only attacked gods after all. And, the aspect that supports this theory more than anything is that the angels evolve by killing gods.」
D「Indeed. All members of the angel race are capable of evolving by killing gods. If they defeat a strong god they get that much stronger, and if they defeat a smart god they get that much smarter, even adopting the appearance. The reason why many have a humanoid appearance is because they killed the god said to be the originator of the human race. Incidentally, this law also applies to the worlds as well. If a prominent god dies then the living beings on that world also evolve to become closer to that god. The reason why it is believed that the angels might have a strong connection to the worlds is because of the existence of this law. Then again, there is an enormous gulf between the rate of evolution of normal living creatures and angels though. An angel will radically evolve on killing a god after all.」
M「Ironically, as a result of evolving too much and gaining a sense of self, a certain fallen angel appeared who began doing whatever he felt like.」
D「Indeed. By nature angels are all similar to Sariel who just made her appearance within the story, lacking in human kindness and being like machines. Despite her being known as the Goddess with her head full of flowers, I am sure it was unexpected for Sariel to be that type of character.」
D「In practice she is a woman who will absolutely accomplish her mission. Moveover, the worst part about her is that she is a stray angel.」
M「Regarding her being a “stray angel”, for some reason she has strayed from the main force of angels, yet is still faithfully continuing to accomplish her given mission. In this sense her being a stray angel is like a “bug”, and with her being the type to blindly devote herself to her mission without any flexibility she’s causing many troubles. Seriously, why did this individual called Sariel become a stray angel?」
D「Regarding that, while I am not certain whether it is related or not, but long ago there was a nuisance of a god rampaging around that area apparently.」
M「Then isn’t it due to that god? The angel Sariel is a powerful enough individual to meddle with dragons without hesitation it seems. Surely she wouldn’t become a stray angel without something unprecedented occurring.」
D「Indeed, something must have occurred. As unprecedented as the god rampaging around in those days killing random gods to improve her skill. Indeed.」
D「Of course, it is unknown if it was related. Indeed, completely unknown.」
M「U, undoubtedly it was unrelated. Surely it was. Let’s say it was okay.」
D「And we shall leave it at that.」


D「Well, let’s summarise things for a moment. The planet on which the main story is set was once the domain of angels. However, some sort, indeed, some sort of trouble occurred, and the angels apart from Sariel vanished, leaving Sariel alone to carry out her mission, and properly continued to protect the primitive creatures.」
M「Hey, please don’t emphasise the “some sort” part!」
D「Then the dragons secretly settled. Despite being scared of Sariel they waited for their chance to rule the planet. Sariel was indifferent to anything except her mission to protect the primitive creatures after all. So long as the primitive creatures were left alone they could stay there.」
M「It’s really touching to hear the effort they put in. I have nothing to say about how they arrived with the desire to rule the place though.」
D「They are dragons after all so it cannot be helped.」
M「That’s dragons for you.」
D「But, what we have been talking about is what happened prior to the Past Arc. From here on will be Po-no-ji’s secret manoeuvrings, Po-no-ji getting up to bad stuff, Po-no-ji being reckless and all sorts of other bad things.」
M「Isn’t it generally Po-no-ji’s fault?」
D「That is terribly correct. Then at the end of the world I shall make my descent! My glorious offer to save the world shall appear later in the Past Arc.」
M「What a terrible spoiler. Ah, no. You saving the world is a pack of lies.」
D「Evil Gods don’t lie.」
D「We shall end this second installment of “oshiete D-sensei” here. Well then, until next time. Good bye!」
M「Good bye.」

Gyurigyuri: In the past, I was a rascal to the extent that I would actually say “You damn inferior creatures!”
Meido-san: In the past, I was a rascal to the extent of killing random gods to improve my skill.
D: Past and present a rascal.


Translation notes:

“The Unbreakable God” – literally “the hardest god” (as in toughness) but that sounds a bit odd.

“Nope, nothing” – the implication here is that D was referring to something cheat-like about Meido and that Meido was slightly threatening D in return so D dropped the subject.

“stray angel” – for reference, Gyuriedistodiez refers to himself as a “stray dragon” using the same word for stray in chapter 193, when he drinks with the then Arachne Kumoko.

“Po-no-ji” – an indirect way to refer to Potimas. See the chapter on Potimas for a longer explanation.

“Meido-san: In the past, I was a rascal to the extent of killing random gods to improve my skill” – it should be clear from this line and the other hints dropped that the “rampaging god” who resulted in Sariel becoming a stray angel was almost certainly Meido-san.

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