Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? SS – Christmas

And here’s another special chapter – this one was originally published on 25th December 2015. The next chapter is back to the main story…

SS – Christmas

Authors note: This is a side story unrelated to the main story

Teleportation completed. I arrive at the Wakaba residence on Earth for the first time in a while. I boot up the PC and confirm the date. All according to plan, it’s the 24th December – Christmas Eve.

I then start the game. I log in as bald dude for the first time in a while and savor the nostalgia. Though actually, it’s just a long time in my mind, in reality it’s the first time as me you know.

I’ve come today in order to participate in the special Christmas events in the game. I had determined that I wasn’t going to come but suddenly I find myself here. Somehow I feel that I have to participate in the events though I don’t know why. It really should be D that’s doing this, but she’s not here.

……I surely hope not, but I’m not being manipulated by her am I? Like making me do it because she can’t come herself, or something. Surely not. Whatever the circumstances she can’t go that far I’m sure. She can’t, right?

Well, whatever. If that is the case, there’s no particular harm in this. I’m just playing a game, nothing more. If she actually did do something I’d be somewhat, no, rather annoyed though.

Yeah. Let’s not think about it. Let’s just enjoy the game to the max.

Yahoo! Bald dude is as dreamy as ever! Austere, strong and cool!

Enthusiastically I complete the subjugation of the event’s boss monster solo. Ahhh. This boss’s difficulty was to the level where a raid party would presumably be required. Without realising it, at some point I used thought acceleration or something and attacked at full power. There wasn’t a time limit so I won, but it took a long time to defeat it. Incidentally, in this game, parties are all managed separately in the boss room, so it’s not like I had the boss to myself for extended periods.

I glance up at the clock. Gack. The date has changed. Merry Christmas.

Hmm. While I’m here let’s go buy some chicken and cake. I have money. It’s really D’s though, but it’s fine if I use it. I help myself to her clothes too. Our sizes should be the same after all.

So basically, I go to the convenience store and stuff my face with the chicken I bought. I have to keep my eyes closed so I got some puzzled looks from the staff, but other than that I have no problems with the purchase.

However, there sure are many people about. Because it’s Christmas? There’s Christmas parties and get-togethers all over the place I guess.

Death to Normies.

Somehow I felt that I had to say that. Well, it’s not like I really care though. I’m not interested in love etc. In the first place, there’s not much point for a god to have children either. I’m practically immortal with eternal youth so why have kids huh.

Ah, but Kuro fell in love even though he’s a god, so it’s not like it’s impossible I guess. Love, huh. I just don’t get it. Lazing around by myself like this while living idly is enough happiness for me though. What’s this called again? Unpopular girl?


Translation notes:

Bald dude – “hage oyaji”. It might actually be the character’s name in the game.

The Japanese for “death to normies” is “リア充氏ね” – “riajuu shine”. A “riajuu” is sort of the opposite of an otaku – a person fulfilled in real life.

The Japanese for “unpopular girl” is “喪女” (mojo), a term perhaps most famously associated with Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote.

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