Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? The Human-Demon Great War – The situation of Tagawa Kunihiko

The “golden pair” meet a true monster (?) for the first time.

The Human-Demon Great War – The situation of Tagawa Kunihiko

Author’s note: The point of view of reincarnator Tagawa Kunihiko. If you’re wondering who this guy is, you might recall him appearing in the elf village timeframe, hopefully.

I had thought that I was in luck. To be reborn in another world, like that from a light novel. Not only that, but beside me is the girl who was also my childhood friend in the previous world. I even have a cheat-like ability. Hey, isn’t this an easy win in life – is what I had thought.

It’s not like I hated the previous world. However, I definitely had the feeling that something was lacking. I wanted more excitement. I wanted to go on an adventure like in a movie or light novel. When that wish came true in practice, what I felt was more of a sense of expectation rather than a sense of loss. I’m aware that I’m not normal anyway, and compared to Asaka who was in the same situation as me, I couldn’t be normal like her and weep for some time. I was fortunate to be unable to think of the environment I was born into as being suspect.

Asaka and I were born in the same mercenary group, at the same time. Mysteriously enough, the instant I saw Asaka, even though her appearance was completely different, I could tell that she was Asaka. It seems that was the same for Asaka too, so I thought that it must be fate.

Asaka and I in the previous world, were just childhood friends. It’s not like we were dating or anything, it just that we hung out together whether we liked it or not. However, somehow or other, I vaguely figured that in future we’d probably get together. While it seems that Asaka also felt that way, it felt like it would take a bit more time until we would become intimate. Then, because we went through the unbelieveable experience of actually being reincarnated in another world, the sense of distance between us instantly changed. I think that after we were reincarnated in another world our relationship changed to one where we both depended upon each other.

Asaka was afraid that she would probably lose sight of herself if I wasn’t there. And if I hadn’t had Asaka, then after being thrown into a strange and different world all alone, I doubt I would have been able to say optimistic things like “adventure time!” and stuff.

As for the mercenary group we were born into, they set up a village close to the border with the demons, and made a living by repulsing demons who invaded, or conversely to invade the demon territory to attack demons. To put it in a positive way, they were a defense force that protected the humans from demon invasions. To put in a negative way, they were a bandit group that repeatedly pillaged the demons. That’s the type of bunch they were.

Asaka was disgusted by such a village, and was fully determined to leave the village once she grew up. I was also in favour of leaving the village, as I had the desire to become an adventurer and travel the world. In order to build up my strength a little, I was taught how to fight from the other mercenaries starting with my father.

However, it turned out that Asaka and I would leave the village far earlier than we had assumed. Because the village was no longer there.

I will surely never forget what happened then. The troop of demons who attacked us. The familiar mercenaries who opposed them. Both my father and Asaka’s father were amongst them. Those lives were taken, all too easily, all too quickly, as if they were mere bugs being crushed.

「Merazofis! Are there no survivors remaining?」
「Yeah. Let’s go back.」

Despite that, when I had challenged him and got beaten in return, he overlooked me who had been reduced to a tattered heap on the ground. He even went so far as to conceal us from his fellow demons. Asaka and I, survived due to his pity.


「At last.」

Countless demons. With both humans and demons fighting while jumbled together on this battlefield, I am participating as adventurer. I wonder just how much time has passed since the battle began – while fighting constantly, even my sense of time is missed up. After killing 10s, 100s of demons, and breaking through, I finally caught sight of that figure. That figure that I couldn’t forget even if I wanted to.

「I never expected you’d be a big shot demon commander.」

There was only one demon from back then that I had any awareness of. However, I could clearly remember his name and face. It then appeared in the intelligence that the scouts brought back while risking their lives, the name of that demon commander. I was delighted when that name matched the one in my memory.

「I shall claim my vengeance!」

And so, I challenged Merazofis, that demon commander.

After I lost the village I was born and raised in to a demon raid, Asaka and I made a living as adventurers, travelling to many different places. At first there were many things that went badly. Since Asaka and I are reincarnators, we might be more mature than the average kid, but that was only on the inside. With us looking like children, we were always treated as children. The adults took the profitable jobs, and due to the rules we could only get minor work such as gathering medicinal herbs or capturing small animals. If Asaka hadn’t been able to improve our evaluation so reliably and steadily, I might have given up in a sulk. Asaka dragged me into stability orientated jobs that I had no enthusiasm for, without thought to gaining ranks. When I think of those days, I was no match for her.

Eventually we were able to conduct monster subjugations, and from there things sped up. By defeating monsters experience points can be gained. By gaining enough experience points your level rises, and you can then fight with stronger monsters. Once that happens, you can take on a wider range of requests. Our fame quickly spread, and we were able to obtain the abilities of first-class adventurers at such a young age. To be frank, Asaka and I are already outstandingly strong amongst the humans. Even compared to our S rank seniors, Asaka and I are surely stronger. That’s why, we participated in this war with the demons. In order to avenge our village. Since even against demons, I was certain that we couldn’t lose.

And yet, is this some kind of joke?

「Huff! Huff! Hah!」

I can’t even manage my breathing. If I foolishly tried to take a rest, this guy wouldn’t miss that opportunity.

I guard against the approaching sword with my blade. As for the magic that flew at me at the same time, Asaka shot it down for me. That was dangerous. If not for Asaka’s support just now I would have taken that completely. I want to give Asaka my thanks, but I have no time to spare. All I can manage to do is to prepare for the next strike.

This demon called Merazofis, is outrageously strong. In swords, in magic, in precision. Instead of having some simple strong point, everything is at a high level. By sticking to the basics, he’s as good as flawless. Asaka and I together, are purely defending.

How pathetic. Why the heck was I saying that we couldn’t lose even against demons. I want to go back to before the battle and punch the me who dared to think that we might be fortunate enough to get revenge in person. Against a monster like this, nobody else would even stand a chance.

That’s right. The only ones who can handle him, are Asaka and I alone. Precisely because Asaka and I have been able to hold back this guy, the humans are winning this battle. However, if he wasn’t held up, this guy alone could turn the tide of battle. Like how Asaka and I together were routing the demons and raided the demon headquarters, this guy alone could trample down the humans. Thinking that, gives me another reason not to lose.

I can’t hear any sounds from the battlefield despite how noisy it should be. Due to concentrating to the limit, it seems that I’ve shut out all sounds from the surroundings. Even with the surroundings seeming to be in slow motion, Merazofis’s movements are still fast. Despite having my thoughts accelerated, I still can’t keep up with Merazofis’s movements. I can just barely follow him with my eyes. Saying it another way, because I can follow with my eyes, I can still fight. If I couldn’t follow him with my eyes either, then it would be completely hopeless. However, that will be the situation before long.

The accumulated fatigue is dulling my movements. Glancing at Asaka, I can tell that she’s about as exhausted as me. The dropoff in my movements, is slight. However, even that slight amount, could be fatal against this guy. I’m bleakly fighting while wondering when my head will be sent flying off after all.

I desperately strike with my blade. Asaka’s magic is easily repelled, and a follow-up strike heads towards me. At the same time, the ground shakes, and my exhausted legs buckle and I fall. Fortunately, the tip of his blade passes before my eyes as I fall onto my backside. If I had still been standing, I would surely have been cut. However, that’s as far as my luck goes. Right now, I’m defenselessly sitting on my backside after all.

As I get up in a panic, there’s no pursuit. When I look, Merazofis is standing still. Ignoring us, he is gazing over the battlefield. There, I notice for the first time that the demon forces are in tatters.

「I guess this is an opportunity.」

He idly mutters that.


Followed by, a shout.

We have no scope to chase after that adept retreat. Since rather than us overlooking him, it was him who was overlooking us. Again, Asaka and I, were overlooked.


Translation notes:

Back in 234 – The demon of Envy and the demon of Wrath, Shiro mentions that she sent Mera to save the adventurer duo from an elite demon group.

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Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? The Human-Demon Great War – The situation of Kushitani Asaka and Aurel