Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? The Human-Demon Great War – The situation of Kushitani Asaka and Aurel

When you’re fighting a real monster, it’s nice to have good support.

The Human-Demon Great War – The situation of Kushitani Asaka and Aurel

Author’s note: The first half is from the point of view of reincarnator Kushitani Asaka. The second half is from the point of view of Ronant’s Apprentice No.2, in her first named appearance. Regarding Ronant’s Apprentice No.2, you might recall her by reading around “Empire knights vs Ogre”, hopefully.

【Kushitani Asaka】

Kunihiko insists on claiming vengeance for the village. For the stupidly impulsive Kunihiko, every time he encounters a failure, he thinks that he should overcome it, it seems. To put it in a positive way, he’s hot-blooded. To put in a negative way, he’s an idiot. However, I was saved by just such an idiot.

To think I would experience reincarnation. I have no real idea why such a thing happened. According to Kunihiko, reincarnating in another world is commonplace in light novels, but experiencing such a thing for real feels like it would be a nightmare or something. However, when I became a baby in a strange world before I realised it, I had to abandon such thoughts. I can’t express in words just how confused I was back then. Incidentally, the fact that the nearby Kunihiko entirely witnessed the scene of me bawling my eyes out, is a painful memory that could easily kill me. Even still, the fact that Kunihiko was there besides me experiencing the same circumstances, provided emotional support.

The village Kunihiko and I were born in, was that of a bunch of robbers who were mercenaries in name only. Like the Mongolian nomads, they lived in tents, travelling around the border with the demons, who they hunted. Then, they would attack the demons they found and escape with their belongings, also reporting about them to the government to receive a reward. Legal robbers, basically.

I wanted to leave such a village as soon as possible. After that, I wanted to live normally. Kunihiko wanted to go on adventures, but for me normal is best. I wanted to go to some safe country, and settle down there.

All that changed, with the raid by the demons. At that time, I was saved by Kunihiko. Speaking only of the result, we were simply overlooked by the demon called Merazofis, but I will never forget the gallant figure of Kunihiko as he protected me and challenged that demon. It was probably at that time, that I made up my mind. To always be together with this guy.

That’s why, even though we became homeless children afterwards and had to wander around various places, even when we became successful adventurers, even though we had to do risky stuff like fighting with monsters, I stayed with Kunihiko. Even coming to this battlefield.

「Again, we were overlooked huh.」
「It seems so.」

It took everything I had to not sink to the ground. That’s just how constantly bloodcurdling that fight until just now was.

The demon commander Merazofis. The male demon who destroyed our village. He was, far stronger that we could possibly have imagined.

Kunihiko and I, are extremely strong for humans. Kunihiko might say that because we were reincarnators we had our growth rate adjusted as a cheat ability, but that could be unexpectedly correct. That’s just how strong Kunihiko and I are.

However, Merazofis was even further above us. Kunihiko and I, even with the two of us taking him on together we were unable to do anything at all. No, I should say the three of us, huh.

I stare at the distant fort. If I could have activated Clairvoyance, I would have seen the form of a woman standing there who was in the same state of total exhaustion. I didn’t even know her name, but she had continuously provided us with covering fire from that fort. I think her magic skills are incredible. From such a distant place, she carried out precision sniping on the rapidly moving Merazofis after all. I could never manage that.

At the end, the reason Merazofis decided to retreat, was because she used great magic to strike a major blow against the demons. The tremor from which caused Kunihiko to fall on his backside, making me panic though. Rather than defeat Merazofis, I think her strategy to tilt the state of the battle in the humans’ favour and make them retreat was successful.

Then, in the opening when Merazofis was distracted for a moment on seeing the battlefield, she shot him through the heart. Immediately after activating great magic on a big enough scale to completely change the progress of the battle, she still had enough power to shoot through that Merazofis’s magic defence. There’s still much that I don’t know about this world, but there’s some amazing people out there. That includes Merazofis, who despite being shot through the heart, carried out the retreat without even a change of expression on his face.

I doubt that could kill him. Despite being shot through the heart, for him to look as if nothing had happened, makes me wonder if he’s really a normal living being. He was a genuine monster. If that unknown magician hadn’t aided us, I doubt whether Kunihiko or I could have survived. Realising that, I belatedly feel a sense of terror rising. While breathing out a sigh, I left the battlefield.


Dat was seriously dangerous. Da heck was dat monster? I never heard there was a demon like dat though. Or rather, I’m seriously grateful to those two youngsters for being able to pin it down. If those two hadn’t been able to pin it down, who knows what would’ve happened.

「Vice Captain Aurel, it’s troubling if you disregard my instructions and act on your own.」

Argh, da noisy one is here.

「What’s with that tone? I’m always telling you, right? That as the Vice Captain of my glorious squad, you can’t just expose yourself as a bumpkin with that stupid tone.」

Da captain’s scolding goes in one ear and out da other. Argh, what a pain. Why do I havta get these lectures from my superior on such a battlefield I wonder. I bet dat dis guy just don’t get how seriously bad dat monster was. He just doesn’t get it dat if not for me and those two adventurers pinning it down, we’d have been da losers here. Instead he was grumbling da whole time about preparing the great magic already while next to me. In da end I let loose with great magic as he wanted, didn’t I? Dat should be more dan enough. I’m totally worn out from da great magic on top of da long distance sniping you know? I’ve done far more work dan you just with following orders.

Argh, I want to go back to teacher. If it was teacher den he’d be far more understanding. He’d be asking for far more unreasonable things instead though.

In da first place, why do I gotta be standing on da battlefield anyway? I’m da second daughter of a poor noble, so I thought I would be trying to catch a suitable fiance, then live in peace. Catching teacher’s eye was the end of my luck. I was called out by da royal magician before I could recover from total shock. You never know what life can bring.

「Are you listening!?」
「Yeah yeah.」

I’m not listening. Sigh. What’s teacher been doing anyway? Blowing the heads off da top brass of the demons.


Translation notes:

“Aurel” – phonetically it is written “Ooreru”. She has quite a strong accent, though it’s not really a regional accent as such. She uses the same speaking style in her previous appearances though it might not be obvious from the translations.

“Empire knights vs Ogre” – this chapter is near the end of the Turb0’s translations. I’d suggest checking out the chapter after it as well.

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