Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? SS – Halloween

Doujinshi authors, please illustrate!

SS – Halloween

Author’s note: This short story has no particular relevance to the main story.

「Trick or Treat!」
「What’s with this sudden visit?」

On the day of Halloween, I charged into D’s place. Don’t you know!? Halloween is one of the two days a year when you can beg for sweets okay! Incidentally, the other day is Valentine’s Day. My biological classification is technically female though, so I’m referring to friendship chocolates. Not that I have any friends though!

So, today is Halloween. A day when children can beg adults for sweets – what a wonderful festival. That being the case, I’ve come to beg D for sweets. Because I’m hyped up for this day I’ve even created a witch-girl costume. Witch-girl Kumoko is here in all her glory! Now then, hand over the sweets!


Saying so, what D held out was a single piece of snack food that you could buy for 10 yen. You’re doing it wrong! Okay, I realise that this is certainly as tasty as the name suggests! But surely you have some sweets prepared that are more suitable for this event!

「You might be saying that, but that is all I currently have here.」


「Since you have gone to all that effort, how about you go buy some sweets like that?」
「Eh? No way!」

If I went out dressed like this I’d stand out way too much you know. Why do I have do that kind of shaming play then?

「In that case, why did you even come dressed like that?」
「Going with the flow.」

I thought that D’s expressionless face is especially scary this time. I can’t tell what she’s thinking at all. I think I have a poker face on the outside, but I don’t think it’s as much as D’s.

After thinking for a short while, D slowly stands up. When she was sitting she was definitely wearing ordinary clothes, yet the moment she stood up her clothes had already changed to match my witch-girl costume. Even if my eyes are made out of seaweed or something, all I can say about the moment she changed her clothes is that something-or-other happened.

「Well, shall we get going?」
「Go… where…?」
「Outside of course.」
「Why… would… we… do… that…?」
「Because that looks to be more interesting.」

Without resistance, I was dragged out to a cosplay festival venue. I’ll just say that twin witch-girls were very popular. I’m worn out…… Today’s lesson: nothing good will come of carelessly involving D in events.


Translation notes:

“My biological classification is technically female” – I guess you should take this to imply that Shiro doesn’t consider herself to be “feminine”.

“friendship chocolates” – In Japan, Valentine’s Day is basically a day when the girls give chocolate to various people: family, friends, colleagues, and also love interests.

10 yen – about 10 cents / pence. Ie pretty much the cheapest an item for sale can be.

“shaming play” – S&M terminology. In this case, the type where the person goes out in public wearing something embarrassing.

“Even if my eyes are made out of seaweed” – possibly referring to how cartoon like faces will sometimes be drawn on a bed of rice (eg in a home-made bento) and the eyes would simply be plain seaweed (dried black flakes). Basically, Shiro has no clue how D did what she did.

“Go… where…?” – Shiro speaks this line (and the next) in an unusually polite and also halting voice (as if she’s scared).

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