Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Angry Oni

Stopping the pain or spreading it…?

Angry Oni

The conference that began today hasn’t yet ended after one day, with slow progress made on various detailed adjustments to the plan, the discussion stretched out over the entire day. Compared to the second conference which was little more than a face-to-face meeting, the conference this time began the real work on preparing all the steps so I guess you could say it was natural. In addition, the Divine Word Religion was also being forced to collaborate in an area that hadn’t originally been planned, so there were many things to discuss.

The detailed schedule for overthrowing the Kingdom. Seizing hold of the Empire. Laying the groundwork for the other countries. The plans for the march towards the elf village. Devising the means for the demons to be invited into the human territories. The plans for the march towards the elf village for the demons. Once the discussion started on the details it was endless.

Eventually the conference continued until nightfall. The Divine Word Religion treated us to dinner, and even prepared rooms for us so that we were able to have accommodations. If I asked Shiro-san I would be able to return to the demon territories, but it seems that everyone felt like staying over today.

I took a break in the room that lent to me. Before I went to sleep, I wanted to be able to focus on creating magic swords until I used up all my MP.

「Sasa-ya-a-a-n! You still up?」

Just when I completed the first magic sword, there was a knock on the door and at the same time Kusama’s voice rang out.

「Yeah I’m still up. Also, didn’t I tell you to call me Wrath?」

While opening the door, I warned him.

「Sorry, sorry.」

Kusama came into the room without looking the least bit shy. While sighing to myself, I closed the door. Kusama is carrying some sweets and drinks in both hands, so it’s clear that he’s fully intending to stay for a while. With this, I’ll have to give up on being able to create any more magic swords.

「Oh? This is a magic sword?」

The sharp sighted Kusama spotted the magic sword that I’d just created.

「That’s right.」
「Hey hey, Sasa-, Wrath, your skill has gotta be about creating magic swords or something like that right?」

Kusama asked with his eyes sparkling, and I responded with an affirmation. It’s likely that I was investigated when I was a rampaging ogre in the human territories in the past. That’s why I introduced myself in a way that conveyed that. And also, based on the documents from that time, I’m sure that they could make a rough guess as to what my particular skill was like.

「What’s your skill, Kusama?」
「Me? With my “Ninja” skill, I can use shadow clones and ninja arts and the like.」

I figured it was a long shot to ask, but Kusama readily disclosed his own skill. Ahh, yeah, Kusama was the type who couldn’t keep a secret after all. Most likely, he doesn’t even recognise that it would be better to keep his skill a secret.

「That sounds handy.」
「Well, it’s handy in it’s own way, but I’m more attracted by magic swords. You can’t create magic swords without using ingredients from extremely strong monsters, right? That’s why they’re crazy valuable.」

Is that so? Since I can create them so long as I have MP, I don’t have any sense of them being valuable. They feel disposable to me.

「Hey, hey. Is there any chance, perhaps, that maybe you could create one for me?」

In response to Kusama’s begging, I gave the okay after thinking about it for a bit. The reason why I had thought about it for a moment, was that I had misgivings that if I make too many magic swords then the market could collapse. However, I recalled that I had mass produced them at Shiro-san’s request for equipping her 10th Army with magic swords. Thinking that it’s a bit too late to be worrying about that, I decided to accept Kusama’s request.

After asking what kind of weapon would be good, I began the creation process. Kusama watched that with great interest. Thus I created them – a pair of short swords. Since he’s a ninja, I added the effect of the darkness attribute to go with it. That might not match Kusama’s own image though. I named them Saku and Mochi.

「Wahoo! Thank you! I’ll take real good care of them!」
「That’s fine, but please use them properly okay? If you don’t use them, then it’s a waste of talent.」
「Sure, sure.」

I handed over Saku and Mochi, and Kusama looked at them with a broad grin. It’s the reaction of a child receiving a new toy. Since he’s so happy about it, it means it was worthwhile creating them. I go through the sweets that Kusama brought, while waiting for him to have had enough of the swords.

「Sasa-yan, do you feel a bit better now?」

Kusama just casually asks that. He asked that completely out of nowhere, but I don’t need to ask why he asked such a question though. Since my bad mood can easily be understood when seen from the side.

「I guess so. It was a bit of a change of pace.」

With the conversation with Kusama, I think my frayed feelings have calmed down a bit. It really is just a little bit though, since there’s no resolution at a fundamental level. This irritation which is coiled up within my chest with no way to let it out, is probably not going to clear away any time soon.

「Sasa-yan, why are you in such a bad mood? I might not be reliable, but you could at least consult with me, okay?」

In response to Kusama’s atypical serious voice, I realise that I must be in an extremely bad state. Even if I talk to Kusama about it, it surely won’t resolve the problem. However, thinking that it might divert my mood, I started to tell the truth bit by bit.

When I first heard about this plan from Shiro-san, the very first thing that came to mind was an indescribable discomfort. A visceral feeling of disgust that couldn’t be explained with words. What that was, was the repugnance I felt towards the method of using brainwashing.

Brainwashing was what caused me to gain the Wrath skill. It’s a despicable method that I hate more than anything else. Yet that is what Shiro-san is using without any hesitation. She’s already using it. Natsume is brainwashing people one after the other, while he himself is completely unaware that he’s been brainwashed by Shiro-san. I can’t laugh it off.

If it really is necessary, then even I might be able to endure it. However, the recent incident was unexpected even for Shiro-san – it was done “inadvertently”. People fell into disaster, “inadvertently”.

Brainwashing, both for those affected by it and those around them, is a disaster. I killed my little sister by own hands when brainwashed. My brainwashed elder brother was led to perform similar atrocities. When I saw that, I remember being so angry that my vision went completely red.

In this situation, the brainwashed Hasebe-san will surely fall into disaster. In addition, Shun as well after he’s betrayed by Hasebe-san.

I am in the position of supporting that. Actually, rather than supporting, it might be more accurate to say that I’m in the position of leading that. Although I hadn’t know about this situation, I had chosen to support Shiro-san. And that choice has already reached the stage where it cannot be reversed. At this late stage, just because I could evade responsibility for the current brainwashing issue, I can’t stop the plan going forwards at all.

I am about to do things that are as atrocious as what those brainwashed are about to do, or maybe even more so. Beyond this point, no matter what reason I may have, those actions will simply be evil to the victims. I am, evil.

To be like that makes me feel nauseous. Even so, I can’t stop. I don’t even think of stopping. I mustn’t think about it.

「I don’t think you have to take it that seriously though. Whether you’re “good” or “evil”, at the end of the day doesn’t it just depend on your standpoint? In that case, you just gotta keep faith that your standpoint is a “good” one.」

Kusama’s thoughts on hearing my story, were so straightforward that they were dazzling. I’m jealous of you for being able to say it like that.

Either way, this is not something that can be stopped with my personal feelings. In that case, I can only press on until the bitter end. Even if it is something evil, I will help Shiro-san until the very end. Yes, until I die.

Kusama「Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren!」
Oni「Don’t do that inside the room, idiot.」


Translation notes:

“What’s your skill, Kusama?” – it’s not explained in this chapter but you could say this is said with the assumption that the reincarnators know they all have one special skill given to them. So the implicit meaning is “What’s your unique skill”.

“I named them Saku and Mochi” – Saku (朔) means “new moon” and Mochi (望) means “full moon”. Incidentally, for those who are wondering, the specific sword type is “tantou” (短刀).

“Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren” – a special move used by Shinomori Aoshi (from Rurouni Kenshin) that used two short swords.

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? SS – Halloween
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Insane Oni