Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? S33

Yandere missile incoming!

S33 – Brother and Sister


The voice that came at me contained so much fawning that I could practically hear a heart mark at the end. She came rushing towards me, her whole face lit up with a smile like a flower in full bloom. She only shows this expression and voice to me, while for people in general her expression doesn’t change that much and when she responds she uses a disinterested tone with little intonation. Until a while ago, that’s how she naturally behaved around me.

However, there was now a big difference between the past and present – in that she now clasped a weapon in her hand and came towards me in order to kill me.

「Onii-sama! Onii-sama!!」

I stopped the consecutive attacks with my sword. Why? Just how did things end up like this?



We went our separate ways in a foul mood. Our former classmates who had been pent up in the elf village. Tagawa and Kushitani-san, the two who had been adventurers outside. Sensei the elf. Yuri, who had been brainwashed by Yuugo and had come to attack the elf village together with the Imperial Army. And finally, Katia and I.

We had no idea what would happen to us from now on. Everything depended upon Wakaba-san and her side. As we were prisoners, depending on how Wakaba-san’s side treated us from now on, our situation would change. If we accept at face value what was said at the discussion just earlier, it seems we won’t be treated badly though…… At any rate, there’s basically nothing that I can do is there…..

Until now, I had always tried to do my very best at the things I could do. However, the result of that, is all this. I wasn’t able to stop Yuugo and let him die, I had intended to protect the elf village but the elves were annihilated and Wakaba-san’s side have gained the power of life-and-death over the reincarnators. In my own way, I had tried to do my best. Yet, the result was the worst. No, since I now know about the contents of Taboo, I understand that the end result was not the worst. Because the elves who I had tried to protect were in fact the source of all the evil acts that were leading the world to its ruin.

However, just because I understand that, so what. In the end, that hasn’t changed the fact that there’s nothing I can do. Inside the huge storm that is reshaping the world, wasn’t I basically like a leaf being pathetically blown around in my ignorance? It’s so absurd that I can’t laugh.

Perhaps at some point I might have gotten conceited. No, not might have. I have gotten conceited. After becoming the Hero, I had been convinced that only I could stop Yuugo. I had firmly believed that with my strength that I would surely be able to do something. Like Julius-nii-sama had done, I had been convinced that I could become a person who could influence the world. Despite the fact that Julius-nii-sama had been carrying out his duties as the Hero since he was a child – it’s precisely because he had been active for so long that he became a great man who could influence the world. Simply by having inherited the Hero’s title, I had felt that I was standing in the same ring as Julius-nii-sama.

That arrogant thinking was just earlier, completely beaten down. Sophia made me realise just how insignificant my existence was, to the extent that I felt “is that all I am?”. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t respond to anything. I couldn’t even gain the opportunity to respond. Even if I had raised my voice into a scream, that probably wouldn’t have reached Sophia. She would have snorted in derision, and then it would have been over. And that… was all I could do.

In me, a power capable of moving the world, doesn’t exist. No power, no fame, no nothing. I’ve simply been toyed with by those who are truly moving the world, and used, no, more like ignored? Potimas might have tried to make use of me, but Wakaba-san’s side didn’t take the slightest bit of notice of me. They only looked at me like I was a mob character, as if it made no difference whether I was there or not. The ones who are moving the world, are Wakaba-san’s side, not me.

That by itself, might be fine. From the start, it’s not like I had these grand ideas about what to do with the world. I’d only had the vague thought of being a helpful person like Julius-nii-sama in the future. Then Julius-nii-sama died, I became the Hero and everything started to go wrong. From that point, I thought that I simply had to do something about Yuugo and recklessly rushed in, but this time it might be better if I stand still for a while and carefully think about what I want to do from now on. About what I can do… and what I can’t do. There’s so much that I can’t do. However, if I properly accept that, then maybe I can just try to figure out what I can do bit by bit. I don’t even know what it is that I can do though. Even so, I gotta do whatever it is that I can do. I don’t want there to be any more victims like Julius-nii-sama at least.

「I want to talk for a bit. Is that okay?」
「Ah, of course.」

I decided that Katia and I should discuss what we’re going to do from now on. We returned to the room where I had been sleeping earlier, and then sat down.

「Are Anna and Hyrinth-san okay?」

What I asked about first, was about my two companions who I hadn’t seen any sign of since I woke up. Particularly Anna, since she had lost her life once during the battle. Due to my Kindness skill she should have just barely survived, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I had successfully resurrected her, but I don’t know what happened afterwards since I lost consciousness as a result of gaining Taboo.

「They should both be okay. I was told they had been isolated in a separate place. We’re linked to Hyrinth-san with Telepathy, so if you’re concerned you can just confirm that later.」

I see. Hyrinth-san has the Telepathy skill. So even if we’re separated a short distance away, it’s still possible to keep in contact huh.

「In that case, does that mean Hyrinth-san is also aware of the situation here?」
「Yeah. I’ve reported all the details of the situation that I could. Although they are also presently being confined, they’re properly being provided with food and so on so they’re not in discomfort, apparently. Anna has also woken up and is healthy, he said.」

That’s great. If there’s one other person who I’m concerned about…

「Katia. Have you heard anything about Sue?」

My little sister Sue was brainwashed by Yuugo and taken away. The last time I saw Sue was when she had murdered our father after being brainwashed by Yuugo. I’d heard afterwards that she’d been taken by Yuugo to the Empire, but I don’t know anything following that. I didn’t see Sue during the battle either.

「I don’t know what happened to her. I’ve heard nothing.」
「I see. However, since Yuugo has died, that should mean that Sue’s brainwashing has also been removed, right?」
「That should be the case.」
「Can she return to normal I wonder?」

My voice was filled with anxiety since I didn’t know myself. While she was brainwashed by Yuugo, Sue had murdered her own father. No matter that she brainwashed, it’s still the case that she killed her own father by her own actions. Even when the brainwashing has been removed, the memories do not vanish. For that reason, Yuri has apparently become emotionally unstable, having been similarly brainwashed. I’d heard that at the moment when the brainwashing had been removed, she’d seemed likely to commit suicide then and there. She’s apparently been forcibly put to sleep for now to stop that, but afterwards she’ll definitely need some kind of mental care. If she’s in a similar situation to Yuri, then Sue is also in danger.

Besides, even if she can overcome that, I don’t know if we can return to our previous relationship. No matter that she was brainwashed, far too much has happened. I don’t believe that it’ll be possible for us to completely return to our previous relationship of brother and sister.

「There’s nothing for me to say there. That’s between you and Sue, Shun. What do you want to do? How will Sue respond? I think it’ll depend upon that.」

I nodded my head to Katia’s serious reply. It might be such a time, but I feel that Katia sure is reliable for being able to properly consider our situation and express her thoughts.

「Thank you.」
「You’re welcome.」

In response to my frank appreciation, Katia had put on an embarrassed and trembling smile.

「Let’s see. In my case, I hope that we can return to being close as brother and sister. That being said, I guess it will be impossible for us to completely return to how we were before. If we can at least reconcile then that would be a good start. Ideally, I think it would be good to use this opportunity for her to take some distance from me as her brother. At any rate, I guess nobody knows what will happen unless we can actually meet.」
「Distance from her brother……」

Katia reacts to my words about Sue taking some distance. On her face is blatantly written the words “wouldn’t that be impossible?”…… I think so too. Sue has an extreme brother-complex. She doesn’t look at me as her brother but as someone of the opposite sex. In that regard, I can only see Sue as my sister, as being my family. Responding to Sue’s feelings is not something that I can do. However, if she’s unable to take some distance from me as her brother, then I don’t think that anything can be done about that.

It’s no lie that I wish for her to take some distance from me as her brother. However, I’d rather us return to our old relationship than for us to break apart on bad terms due to this incident. While I can’t see her as a member of the opposite sex, I love her as my sister and a precious member of my family after all.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. When I replied, the one who opened the door and walked in, was Wakaba-san.

「Do you want to meet your sister?」

Then she asked me that with incredible timing.

「I can meet her!?」
「Of course I want to meet her. Please let me!」

In response to my spirited request, Wakaba-san held out a hand. There was no explanation, but what will happen if I take her hand? I took her hand even though I was confused. The next moment, the scenery had changed.

「Where am I?」

When I spoke my question, what arrived first was not Wakaba-san’s response but Sue’s voice. When I turned around, Sue was there. There’s nothing in her attitude showing something like fear or feeling awkward and wanting to avoid me. She runs towards me with a smile on her face.


While calling out to me in a fawning voice, she readied a weapon.


A stupid sounding response leaked out from my mouth. I was able to react properly thanks to my daily training. As Sue aimed her sword at my heart and swung down without hesitation, at once I drew the sword at my hip and responded.

「Sue!? Are you still brainwashed!?」
「No! I’m completely sane!」

Sue doesn’t stop her attacks. While defending against that, I reached the pinnacle of confusion. She’s saying that she’s sane, but I don’t think anyone would consider her sane!

「Sue! Stop that!」
「I have realised it! That this is the only way for me to obtain onii-sama!」

Sue’s strikes are all focused on my vital points. There’s no leniency in her attacks. She’s seriously trying to kill me.

「By using this『Conquest』skill, I will be able obtain everything of onii-sama! Even onii-sama’s heart and soul! Of course I will preserve your body once it’s empty!」

My spine froze. I can’t comprehend Sue’s words. I don’t want to comprehend them. I can feel a madness that I’ve never felt before from Sue. Either way, it’s clear that Yuugo’s brainwashing has had a negative influence upon her.

At any rate, I’m uneasy about this『Conquest』skill. When I use Appraisal on Sue, I see that she now has the『Greed』skill. That’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins skills that Yuugo had possessed.

「Sue, when did you get that?」
「I had already satisfied the conditions before I had been brainwashed by him. But because he owned it I couldn’t get my hands on it. Once he died, not only did I become free, I was able to get my hands upon Greed!」

Sue doesn’t stop her attacks while she talks. While also talking, I check the effects of the『Conquest』skill that Sue has.

『Conquest: When Greed is active, absorbs the target’s entire soul.』

So, what does this mean exactly? Greed has the effect of being able to take over the skills and status of a defeated opponent. Does this『Conquest』skill supplement that, making it possible to take everything from the opponent? However, if that is possible, then I don’t understand the reason why Yuugo didn’t use it. Ah, it’s the Ruler Authority huh! One of the pieces of information I had gained from Taboo was regarding Ruler Authority. It grants the authority to interfere with the System and is only accessible from those who own the Seven Deadly Sins skills or the Seven Virtues skills. It shouldn’t be possible to activate the related skill unless the Ruler Authority has been established. Even though Yuugo had a Ruler skill, since he hadn’t established his Ruler Authority, he couldn’t use『Conquest』. In that case, does this mean that Sue has been able to establish her Ruler Authority? No, Sue isn’t at level 10 in the Taboo skill. It shouldn’t be possible for her to establish her Ruler Authority. In which case, she can’t use『Conquest』.

「Sue! It’s meaningless to do this!」
「Onii-sama! This is the only way left for me!」

It’s no good. She won’t listen to me at all. What should I do?

「Get away from Shun!」

Fire rushes towards Sue. At the other end of that fire is Katia.

「Come get me, Sue.」

And so, Sue shifts her target from me to Katia, and attacks. Why did all this happen? What should I do?


Translation notes:

“mob character” – slang for a minor character in a story. In other words, Shun’s saying he’s nobody special or significant.

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