Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Past Arc ㉕

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Past Arc ㉕

The world is transformed. Not many people notice the change though. However, those with particularly good intuition had a vague feeling that somehow the world they had known until just a moment ago had changed completely.

『Do you hear me, humans?』

Those who had felt the change, and those who had not – both of them heard the voice coming down from heaven.

『My name is Gyuriedistodiez. There may be some who have noticed this already, but from this moment, the world has changed.』

The man’s voice could be heard even if you plugged your ears. Surpassing national borders, even if the language was different, even if they were asleep, no matter what they were doing, whether they consented to it or not, that voice could be heard, and the meaning of the words was etched directly into their heads. It was truly an act of god. A pronouncement from god.

『From now on, this planet is placed under the administration of the System. I hereby announce that I am the administrator.』

Everyone looked up at the heavens, and listened to those words. They instinctively understood that they had to do so no matter what.

『As you know, due to the foolish behaviour of the humans, the life of this planet is going to expire.』

At those words, some humans yelled jeers at the heavens. That they weren’t in the wrong. That it was the fault of the dragons. No, it’s just those who used MA Energy who were wrong. However, ignoring them, the voice of heaven continued.

『As a countermeasure, Sariel was going to be sacrificed in order to restore the life of this planet. In other words, you attempted to resolve a peril that you had invited yourselves by spending the life of an unrelated person.』

The number of people voicing complaints at the sky became small. The majority of humans were aware that what they had done could only be criticised.

『Don’t you agree that it is logical for the sins committed by humans to be atoned for by humans?』

The voice that was coming down from the heavens, almost felt like a death sentence to the listening people.

『Therefore, we have decided to give you humans a chance. The means for doing so is the System that has overthrown this planet.』

While saying it was a chance, it was a punishment game with enforced participation and no right of veto. A game, prepared by god.

『You humans are required to fight. By doing so, the energy in your souls will be able to increase. You are required to become devices that will fight, win and increase their energy. Then, when you die, the energy that you saved up will be collected, then used to revitalise the planet.』

It was like a death sentence in practice. “Fight and die”, in other words.

『However, death is normally the end. Therefore, your circle of reincarnation has been limited to this planet only, within the System. After you die you will someday be born on this planet, and you will be required to fight and earn energy once again.』

“Die and fight again”, in other words.

『Right now, this planet has been saved from collapse due to Sariel’s energy. By your own hands, rescue Sariel who you had tried to sacrifice. I am simply doing to you what you tried to do to Sariel. Simple, isn’t it?』

What was almost accomplished by sacrificing a god, will be fulfilled by the hands of humans.

『This is your sin, humans. Atone. Atone. Atone. Atone. Atone. Atone. Atone. Atone. Atone. Atone.』

The voice shook with resentment. It couldn’t be avoided even by plugging the ears.

『Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Then, die.』

The unsolicited voice of heaven ended on that note, and could no longer be heard. Afterwards, the people could only gaze up at the sky in a daze.



「Was that okay?」
「Indeed. It was a good performance.」

Throwing away the script, Gyurie asked that question as if complaining, but D responded in a level tone. With that monotonous response, he couldn’t tell if she really thought so. However, from their short association Gyurie had realised that this was typical of D, so he kept his mouth closed as he had nothing particularly important to say.

「Now then, I shall have you become the administrator, to act as a guardian for the normal operation of the System. As I had explained previously, the System is something that makes it so that humans, or rather every living creature within the System, will have the power within their souls enlarged by fighting. Then, that enlarged power will be collected at their time of death, then put to use in revitalising the planet. Then, the souls of the dead will be excluded from the normal cycle of reincarnation, and be born again on this planet. In order to be able to run the System, Sariel has become the nexus for the magecraft. Using Sariel’s power, the System was activated and sustained. Also, to delay the collapse of this planet. Sariel will be bound until the planet recovers, but so long as nothing major happens she will not die. Likewise for the planet. It will take some time, but both Sariel and this planet will surely be saved.」
「I see. You have been very helpful. Thank you very much.」
「No no. It is too early to thank me. There are still many things to do in the System. At any rate, this is also the first time that I have put it into operation. Initially, there will probably be many bugs. I shall take appropriate corrective actions for them, but you will also assist.」
「Of course.」
「Consequently, I shall give you authority over several of the System’s functions. When you discover something that appears to be a bug, if you can correct it then do so. If you cannot then please report it to me. I intend to verify the operations regularly myself, but since you are on the planet it would probably be better for you to look over things in person.」
「What specifically should I do?」
「Since I have no way of knowing what kinds of bugs might occur, just keep your eyes open on the planet. If you discover something odd then please check it out immediately. Also, while this is to be expected, the System cannot survive without living creatures. It is fine to make the humans fight, but please take care to regulate them so that they do not go too far and cause total destruction. Since they will not grow if machines are used to fight, it might be better to destroy those sorts of weapons. Going forwards, it would be ideal if firearms disappear. Via the System, it would be possible to make gunpowder unusable to a certain extent though. Even so, such a function should be something that is added once the System is fully running. The initial target is to get it running smoothly.」
「For helping us so much, I really am grateful. Even though she is bound, Sariel can also be saved this way.」

「Indeed she can. Even I cannot save this planet unconditionally. Sariel will survive with the planet, and also the humans will be made to atone for their sins. This is surely the best way.」

Gyurie nods in response to D’s words. He believed her words that even someone like D would not be able to save an almost collapsed planet unconditionally.

In truth, D would be able to revitalise the planet without creating the System and using such a roundabout method. However, she would never do that. Because it wouldn’t be interesting. Merely for the reason that it wouldn’t be interesting otherwise, Sariel will be bound as the System’s nexus for many years to come, Gyurie will be put to work while unaware of that, and the planet’s inhabitants will be forced to continue to kill each other. Everything, is for D’s amusement.

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