Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? SS – New Year’s Eve Soba

Normally when you see Earth food being reinvented by reincarnators in a fantasy world it’s an easy way to make money, right? Normally…

Pre-translation note: Soba (or Japanese buckwheat noodles) are eaten both regularly and on special occasions. By itself, “soba” can mean both the plant (buckwheat) and the food in noodle form. Although there are some varieties that are eaten cold, it’s normally considered best to slurp noodles while piping hot using a particular technique.

A tradition exists to eat toshikoshi soba (New Year’s Eve Soba) on New Year’s Eve. The noodles are cut longer than normal to indicate a hope for a long and happy life.

Another variety is wanko soba, or “soba noodles in broth served continuously so that the guest or customer never has an empty bowl” – example video.

Except in the title, I decided to leave the types of soba untranslated.

SS – New Year’s Eve Soba

Author’s note:

Happy New Year. Certainly I said in the update last year that it was “last update of the year”! The reason: there’s people who would see that who wouldn’t read it right at the start of the new year on the 31st.

「Toshikoshi soba, huh.」

Vampire girl’s voice sounds exasperated. I ignore that, slurping the noodles in my bowl. Sitting next to me, the Demon King is also slurping noodles. Though, it seems she’s not able to slurp the noodles well and is struggling hard. Japanese people are practiced at it, but I’ve also heard that foreigners are surprisingly unable to slurp them. For the Demon King who possesses Gluttony to be like that is rather too surprising though.

「It’s just something similar to soba though. It’s a bit different to soba, but it’s quite tasty.」

Oni-kun talks about his impressions of the soba. Indeed, this soba, isn’t really soba. They might look like noodles that were imitating soba, but they’re not actually soba itself. After all, soba doesn’t grow naturally in this world for a start. What we’re currently eating is pseudo-soba that was developed through repeating various experiments until finally something like it was produced. Using my position as army commander to the max and embezzling from the army budget, I sunk money into developing this. Eh? It’s a crime? It’s fine, it’s fine. As long as it’s not exposed then it’s no big deal!

「I’m not talking about that aspect, rather than toshikoshi soba, isn’t this wanko soba?」

The moment I’ve finished eating the noodles in my bowl, a member of the 10th Army in white clothing quickly refills the bowl with additional soba. Wonderful! Perfect timing! All that training was worthwhile.

「Well, it’s still soba either way. Maybe in some regions it could be the case that the locals ate wanko soba for New Year’s Eve?」
「At my place we had normal soba.」

Vampire girl continues to voice complaints while slurping the soba. Behind her Mera is waiting in reserve, ready for the moment to replace the soba held in one hand. Mera should just eat too.

Thus, the cooks in the kitchen in front of us desperately continued to cook the noodles with agonising cries like it was a scene of hell. We’ve got the Demon King of Gluttony here after all. So naturally we gotta have a huge amount of noodles. I pretend not to see that the great pile of bowls stacked up in front of the Demon King exceeds those before me as well.

「By the way, Shiro-chan.」

The Demon King talks while munching the noodles, having given up on slurping them. You mustn’t talk while eating!

「Where did the budget for this come from?」

Gulp! So as not to expose the trembling within my heart, I slurp noodles. The bowl that had become empty, is refilled again with awesome timing.

「It’s so strange. I get the feeling that Shiro-chan’s personal assets wouldn’t be enough to cover this amount. Not even the cost of the materials.」

Chew, chew. Slurp, slurp.

「We’re eating together therefore you’re accomplices.」
「Ah, that’s dirty!」

Kukuku. As soon as we ate together the Demon King, vampire girl and oni-kun were all accomplices! You’ve lost the right to condemn me! Hah-hah-hah-hah!

「I’ll report this to Balto later.」

Sorry Balto. It’s possible that another direct attack to your stomach has already been decided. But despite that my chopsticks won’t stop!

Author’s note: best regards for this year too.


Translation notes:

“Kukuku” – an evil laugh.

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