Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? Oni Vs Oni ④

Oni Vs Oni ④

Wait, don’t joke around!?

Even after taking Vermilion Sea head on, the damage he took is almost zero!

In addition,  the bites of the pochi(Dog)-types are not effective.

Among the shadow demons that I can summon my pochi-type Shadow Demons boast the highest attack capabilities.

Although I do have the piyo(Bird)-types for surveillance and the chyuu(Mouse)-types for assassinations, if you are talking about the highest attack power, it is definitely the pochi-types.

The shadow demons that I summon have several skills similar to me. But the pochi-types do possess some specialized physical skills.

Even after receiving those attacks from the pochi-types, not even a little damage is inflicted on the oni.

The difference in the status seems a little too much huh..

At present, I have a hunch that I can grasp the upper hand but advancing closer is probably dangerous.

It will be good if the Demon Eye of Stasis is effective against him. But, should I not let the oni come closer to continue controlling him? TL: seems weird but 近づけず is the negative form

That’s probably a little harsh

If it’s Master’s eyes, it will probably work.

Are Demon Eyes race specific? Is it a skill that can’t be obtained without special talent? In my case I was able to obtain it because my race is Vampire.

Master’s Evil Eyes are the more powerful version and my Demon Eyes are the degraded version.

Still, the only difficult part is it’s acquisition and I think the effect is nasty even if I say so myself.

Even the oni can’t get through these Demon Eyes.

My current method of defeating the oni is to use my Demon Eye of Stasis to seal it’s movement or damage him little by little to kill it.

Either way, I must resign myself to a long battle.

Sure enough, the oni lunged in prepared to take damage.

That’s right.

If neither Vermilion Sea nor the pochi-types prove fatal, rather than giving priority to evasion, it’s better to bring him into close combat and take some damage.

I think I understand that a drawn out battle is disadvantageous for my opponent, on the other hand a short decisive battle is disadvantageous for me.

However, do you think I’ll obediently let you do that?

I release the magic I have stored.

I start parallel will.

I add ice and darkness magic to Vermilion Sea to attack the oni.

Ice and dark spears fly and pierce the body of the oni.

Ah, it didn’t pierce.

Because some blood flowed it seems to have damaged him a little, but it has not pierced through it’s body completely.

After all his status and resistance skills are high and above all else the magic obstruction of Dragon Power is troublesome.

Compared to the cost to use it the inflicted damage is insignificant.

However it’s not 0.

Constant attacks will surely whittle down the oni’s HP.

The damage dealt is slightly higher than the rate of Automatic Recovery.

In addition I have succeeded in slowing it down with multiple attacks.

As it is, it’s my victory.

Though I don’t think it’ll be easy.

Look, a sword came out from space.

Hey, that’s a lot!


There are hundreds of them!?

Huh, they are all exploding swords?

If that many swords explode won’t this whole area vanish!?

That’s bad.

Although it’s far away there are students from my school nearby.

It can’t be helped, right?

If that’s true I’ll have to stop holding back my trump card and perform it here.

The swords fly.

That is like a wall of blades.

A weapon in order to slice, pierce, and even explode the enemy’s body.

I invoke magic towards the group of swords.

Ice Prison Magic [Shining Mist]

A beautiful mist that shines white.

It’s actually a mist of death that freezes and shatters everything it touches into flakes

It mixes with my Blood Mist and becomes a shining vermilion mist.

My greatest attack that I’ve not even shown to Master.

If I had to name it would it be Shining Blood Mist?

Shining Blood Mist collides with the group of swords.

the swords explode and the shock attacks the Shining Blood Mist.

However the impact made everything freeze and it isn’t possible melt nor blow away all of the Shining Blood Mist flakes away

It’s all useless before the radiance that even freezes explosions.

Indeed that should be the case, but the Shining Blood Mist has been reduced by more than half, only about 30% remains.

The boasted flying swords are blocked and I set the remaining Shining Blood Mist on the dumbfounded oni.

The oni came to his senses, pulls a new sword from space and wields it.

At the same time the the ground swells and it becomes a huge wall that blocks the Shining Blood Mist.

However expecting that wall to prevent my ultimate technique, aren’t you making light of me a little?

The Shining Blood Mist breaks down the material with acid, rapidly freezes it and shatters it.

Regular dirt can’t become a shield against it.

The wall of dirt is ruined without any resistance and the Shining Blood Mist approaches the oni.

The oni attempts to counterbalance it with flames.

As a result the flames are overwhelmed and it takes away the oni’s right arm.

In the end the power of the flames is decreased considerably and he only has one arm remaining.

With luck on my side it’s over with this. Though it thought very well, it seems things didn’t go that well.

Although, since it lost one arm will it be able to endure my pursuit?

Vermilion Sea and Pochi-types attack the oni so the Shining Blood Mist can chase him.

Again and again, I construct new magic chasing it making further attacks.

Again and again and again, one of the parallel wills begins preparations for Shining Mist.

Drowning in Vermilion Sea, getting bitten by pochi and pierced by magic.

Before it finishes pulling through, another Shining Blood Mist approaches. Can it endure this?

At the moment I was convinced of my victory the Vermilion Sea, Pochi and magic were blown away, cut and scattered and a blade was half pushed into my body.

What happened?

Damage, did I receive damage?

I who am protected by Heaven Scale?

After being blown off away and rolling on the ground, I get up and check my body. My right arm is partially torn up.

Though it regenerates immediately, the problem is that I can not understand how the oni managed to damage my body.

However when I look up and face the oni I understand the answer.

All Status 99999.

It’s impossible.

I wonder if my head is a little strange?

Although I joke like this, it’s not necessarily unlikely.


The oni howls.

A howl only intent on destruction and without a fragment of reason.

I suddenly remembered something.


The skill that I was cautious of.

It seems that it has been activated.

The increase in status has far exceed my miscalculated assumption.

Though I thought the limit was double, this is hopeless.

It might be a little bad.

Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? Oni vs Oni ③
Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? Oni vs Oni ⑤