Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? Oni vs Oni ③

Oni vs Oni ③

Isn’t this bad? Isn’t this breaking the rules?

A red liquid draws near me while melting the surrounding trees. It is probably the effect of a strong acid attack, the speed at which the tree dissolves is not
normal. The red liquid completely melts the form of anything it touches as it passes. Even with my defense, it would be dangerous if I touch it directly. It attacks limitlessly in all directions. For it’s a liquid its movement is unrestricted. Furthermore its movements are unexpectedly quick.

I fire an explosion sword while fleeing from the red tidal wave. The 5 explosive swords I fired approach the girl and were obstructed by a thick wall of red liquid just
before they hit. It was blocked. A defence that can also be used to attack is troublesome. Although the explosion from the explosion sword can disperse it to a degree it’s replenished
immediately. There is a limit to the number of explosion swords so I cannot waste my shots. Compared to my opponent who can keep fighting as long as they have MP.

The end of the MP isn’t in sight. It recovers rapidly as soon as I use it. If you aim to exhaust MP you must assume it’ll be a protracted fight. As well as the magic swords I have stocked, it seems necessary to hastily construct magic swords in
the middle of this fight.

Though I thought that, my opponent doesn’t seem to mind having a long battle at all.
The girl’s shadow swells greatly and something like a dark red wolf shape crawls out from it.
One of the Vampire’s abilities, Shadow Demon.

『Shadow Demon Lv-』
HP:    3000/3000 (Green)
MP:   1/1 (Blue)
SP:    2500/2500 (Yellow)
:        2500/2500 (Red)
Average Offensive Power:   3000
Average Defensive Power:  2500
Average Magical Power:     1
Average Resistance Power: 1500
Average Speed:                   3000
[Greater Enhanced Destruction Lv2] [Greater Enhanced Damage Lv1] [Greater Enhanced Slashing
Lv1] [Greater Enhanced Impact Lv1] [Strong Acid Attack Lv8]』

Wait a minute. Isn’t it too strong? This is much stronger than the monsters I see around…
I’m amazed to learn that it even has some skills.
Furthermore, despite thinking there’s only one more come out of her shadow one by one.
8 Shadow Demons in total line up before the girl.

And they dash out the moment the girl raises her hand. The red tidal wave and the dark red shadow demon attack me simultaneously.
No, this will be impossible to avoid.

As I avoid the red tidal wave somehow, a Shadow Demon lunges to the point I evaded to.
I am bitten by the fang of the Shadow Demon without being able to finish dealing with it.
I cut down the Shadow Demon which bit me and launch a thunderbolt at the remaining Shadow
Demons who are leaping at me.
The next moment, water falls from overhead.
I feel pain as my skin melts at the same time.

It’s been a while since I took damage.
However, it’s not to the extent that I can’t stand.
I don’t have acid resistance, however the damage can be considerably reduced by my defence

I release the power of fire and thunder to blow away the red water which was clinging to my body.
If I continue taking this without doing anything, it’ll become a fatal wound.

The girl also understands this.
For this reason she continues to turn her eyes towards me.
The eyes which contained the power of Demon Eye.

The Grudge and Stasis Curse Demon Eyes.
The Grudge Curse Demon Eye absorbs my HP MP and SP.
I also have a skill called Grudge Curse, the effect seems to be similar as well. The Demon Eye can
absorb the power of the opponent just by looking at them. I can’t use my skill unless I’m touching
my opponent directly.
I think its performance is slightly too good to only have to see them.
With only a little bit being absorbed my HP doesn’t change much.
The Stasis Demon Eye cause the abnormal status paralysis.
Though both are troublesome, the Stasis Demon Eye are particularly bad.
It’ll be impossible to do anything if I become paralyzed.
Though I have resistance the effect may accumulate over time and I’ll be paralyzed.
As expected the worst part is I have to get rid of that red tidal wave endlessly.
If so how long until I die.

I should want to die.
Despite this I’m thinking about how to win.

My body seems to ignore the bewilderment of my heart and moves independently.
At the risk of receiving damage I thrust into a Shadow Demon and cut it down.
Of course as I hit the Shadow Demon the red tidal wave takes the opportunity to attack me.
My body is being swallowed and melted.
I blow it off with thunder and fire.

Is the output weak?
I’m startled and look at the thunder sword and fire sword.
Half the blade of the thunder and fire swords has been melted and the durability has greatly

I’ve been had.
Even if my body could endure it my weapons could not.

Oni vs Oni ③
Though I don’t know whether you aimed for it, having my weapons destroyed is really
disadvantageous for me.
Though it’s bad it’s not the worst.

I pour MP into the thunder and flame swords.
As the skill level of Illusion Weapon Creation went up I became able to repair magic swords.
With this the thunder and fire sword are also fine.

However, the MP cost can’t be taken lightly.
While Illusion Weapon Creation is convenient the consumption of MP is intense.
I cannot restore them over and over again.
When it comes to this I’m at a greater disadvantage in a drawn-out battle.

To win I have no choice but to fight in close combat without losing to my rage before my MP runs
I have no choice but to use the magic swords stored in a different dimension generously.
This girl is that strong.
I can’t win if I’m stingy.

The girl summons Shadow Demons again.
A stance completely devoted to long distance battle.
Then it’s essential I get close.

Once again I think of winning.
If it’s this strong girl she’ll kill me.
That will be fine.
Shouldn’t that be fine?
Why am I think of winning?

While being conflicted, I rush towards the girl.

Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? Oni Vs Oni ④