Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 301

Normal service is resumed! The morning after the night before.

301 – I suffered from a nightmare of not showing up for about half a year

Good morning. I have just woken up. Unfortunately, I can not use the adjective “refreshing” to describe the morning though.

The place where I spent the night sleeping, was in an undamaged house in the elf village. Just like the elf houses that would show up in stories, it is a tree house embedded inside a tree. Hmm, a tree house? Yup, well, calling it that ain’t wrong. Probably. Truly the joys of fantasy. Or rather, fairy tales. Normally when I sleep I shut myself in a My Home, but when I saw this thing, I simply wanted to try staying the night.

But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sleep comfortably. Since it’s just after a battle and all. Thanks to the sea urchins and the triangular pyramid secret weapons of Potimas really doing a number on the place, this forest that was once overflowing with greenery, is now completely burnt. Basically, it stinks of smoke. Although this place is a considerable distance from the burnt areas, the smell still drifts in.

Besides, the original owner of this place was an elf. Just that alone makes me feels slightly nauseous. On top of that, I killed all the original residents myself as well. It’s not like I’m scared of ghosts or grudges from beyond or something, but I don’t feel good about it either.

In conclusion, rather than feeling like a nice and relaxing house, it was just too uncomfortable and no good. It might have given a different impression if I was just stopping by for the night during a trip, but the situation is what it is. I couldn’t sleep comfortably and it kinda felt like I had a bad dream too. Just when this huge job is finally over and all, I had thought I’d be able sleep well you know. Well, that “huge job” basically meant massacring the elves though, so I guess I wouldn’t be able to feel good on waking up after all.

The huge job of utterly destroying the elf village. The purpose of which was to kill Potimas of course. In general it’s his fault that this planet has gotten into such a messed-up state after all. Beating down the ringleader means that the distortions will be corrected a little bit. That was the job this time. Well, the Demon King had a fateful connection with Potimas as well, so there was that aspect too though.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about turning over the role of dealing with Potimas to the Demon King. During the battle with Potimas, the Demon King was able to accomplish her heart’s desire and finish him off. However, the cost was huge. As a side-effect of the battle, it’s become almost impossible for the Demon King to fight anymore. It’s not only that. Or rather even more significantly, especially for me, is that the Demon King has only a short time left to live.

The Demon King assumed the role of Demon King because she felt that her life was coming to an end in the first place. Physically, the Demon King does have perennial youth, but her soul had almost reached its limits. She intuitively felt that she would die in the near future. That being said, that was from the perspective of the Demon King’s ridiculously long life. From the perspective of a normal human, she would still have plenty of time left. And now her remaining time has fallen drastically, due to her battle with Potimas.

When I look at the Demon King now, it seems like it wouldn’t be strange for her to die at any moment. When I see that, naturally I can’t help but think about whether it really was a good idea to let her fight Potimas. Even though the Demon King requested it herself, maybe it would have been better if I had adamantly refused her instead.

But, at the same time, thanks to the Demon King taking on Potimas, because I was able to finish things without wasting my energy reserves, the calculations inside my head have also became rather pleasant. What was gained from the Demon King being at death’s door, was a valuable victory, but that is only when measured mathematically. Even if I do say so myself, this aspect of me is garbage. I hate myself.

Hm, well, let’s think about something else. What has happened in the past cannot be changed. I will contemplate what happened. But, I won’t regret it. To regret something means that you are denying what you yourself had done after all. Whatever happens, you gotta accept it, then use it as a source of encouragement to move on.

Now then. In that case, in order to move forwards maybe I should check up on the prisoners first.

The ones who became prisoners from this battle, starts with Yamada-kun’s party. Then there’s the reincarnators who were confined in the elf village in the name of protection. In addition there’s sensei, the only surviving elf. The end. In other words, almost all of them are reincarnators. I damn well killed all the elves after all.

The elves are a race that use clones of Potimas as a base. Combining Potimas’s clones with people who were reconstructed into elves or their descendants, is where the race of elves comes from. It sure seems that before the elves went around kidnapping the reincarnators that they were doing such kidnappings already. Then, those kidnapped people were reconstructed into elves, and had children with Potimas’s clones. If just Potimas’s clones were used then there would have been too much genetic imbalance after all. The children who are born that way are raised to be elves.

Qualitatively, that means that the majority of the elves are Potimas’s blood relatives. Not so much a species as a clan of relatives? Well anyway, that’s why it was better to eradicate the elves, one way or another. The exceptions are sensei and the half-elves. Sensei is one thing, but it would be a major pain to also take measures against the half-elves. My eyes are not omnipotent. There are places that they cannot reach for a start, and they can also miss things. While I think it’s best to eradicate the elves as much as possible, dealing with all the ones outside of this elf village would be a major task. Missing some of them would be well, rather inevitable, right. So for that reason, I’ll ignore the powerless ones with no connection to the elves. Therefore, I decided to also ignore the half-elf that was in Yamada-kun’s party.

Apparently that half-elf had already died once though, but it doesn’t count okay. She was revived so it’s fine. It seems that Yamada-kun collapsed because of that, but it’s not my problem! Not at all! What happens afterwards isn’t my problem either!

Um, yeah. As for what will happen to Yamada-kun, I’m a bit worried but I guess it’s no good to avoid it huh? It’s probably my fault that Yamada-kun collapsed anyway. It was that, right? It’s probably that he hit max level in Taboo, right? Oh my, what if he’s already gone insane or something when I go visit him…… Ah, scary.

Or rather, do I really have to go explain this to the other reincarnators and stuff? Can’t I just leave everything to oni-kun? Having to open my mouth to talk is troublesome. In a way, after taking down the elf village it’s like I have an even more difficult quest waiting for me. So depressing. For now, I guess I’ll just wait-and-see huh.

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Oshiete D-sensei! Lesson 3
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 302