Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 296 – Elf Village Battle ⑧

Run for the hills…!

296 – Elf Village Battle ⑧

The countless number of sea urchins floating in the sky. The huge triangular pyramid in the center of them. Somehow, it’s a scene that really makes me want to say “go do it in space!”. Nai wa.

To everyone living on this planet, I’m sorry. You’ve sure worked hard. Well, if there’s some weirdo out there who’s delighted with allowing those things to float around, all the saved up energy won’t last. I had wondered “hey, just how much energy did you grab to make even one of those sea urchins”, but considering the amount gathered here then the world could have been saved once or twice over long ago. Or rather, this world sure has been put through such unbridled and continuous exploitation for so long huh. I guess that’s proof of just how hard the inhabitants of this world have been working. Seriously, they’ve really worked so hard! ……Well, despite all that, there’s no change in what I need to do though.

『All members, emergency evacuation』

Via telepathy, I send an evacuation order to all divisions. It would be hard for vampire girl or oni-kun to face those sea urchins as well. Against those sea urchins which even the Queen couldn’t do anything about without my assistance, since there’s too many floating around to even count, this is a case of “he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day”. Besides, since I’m about to get serious, they might get caught up in it as well.

On that point, Mera is excellent. Before I had given my evacuation order, he had already made the army retreat. Beforehand, I had already warned him not to overdo it if an unexpected situation occurs, but he still took prompt action even so. Since he immediately evacuated once he felt danger, with one thing and another, I guess Mera might be the best general we have amongst us all.

Using the bile sisters, I secure the reincarnators. I toss them into another dimension. It seems that two of them were taking independent action, but I had them nabbed and secured as well. Good. With this I can now turn the entire area into a battlefield without worry.

Now then, time to get serious eh? Darn it. I had wanted to avoid revealing the full scope of my power if possible, but now’s not the time for that unfortunately.

While I was making all those preliminary arrangements, a corner of the triangular pyramid begins to glow. It’s a **** Motion Gun, huh? Yup, it’s a **** Motion Gun! As I had expected, a moment later that light was fired at me as a heavy laser beam. Yeah yeah, it’s death chute from another dimension time. Okay then, right back at you! The heavy laser beam heading towards me is swallowed up by the gate to another dimension that appears in front me. Then, that laser exits from the gate that appeared beside the first one, and is fired at the triangular pyramid. Anyone who can make use of other dimensions would think of this, right! To transfer a long distance attack via dimensions and to return it on the opponent!

The laser that the triangular pyramid itself fired hits itself. But, I guess it’s to be expected, as it seems that the triangular pyramid had a barrier up, and the laser is repelled in a dazzling flash of light. I guess that would probably be a barrier that combined a magecraft jamming field with reflection, huh? The laser is repelled by the barrier and scattered into shards in all directions. Then on impact, those shards are annihilated.

……That was way too powerful. What the heck? At the point of impact the ground itself vanished, okay? Rather than making a crater, it made a hole instead. Are you physically trying to wreck this planet? I thought it was a **** Motion Gun, but it was the **ath Star’s super laser. Just how much energy was wasted by that one shot?

I’m glad that I didn’t consider trying to defend against that thing. There’s no way I could defend against that I bet. Heh, even so, long distance strikes against me are futile! I’ll simply return the whole damn lot of them right at you! Well, I’m gonna sink this lot before a second strike comes though.

I sneak a quick glance at Kuro. He’s being dragged away by oni-kun. Perhaps he noticed my glance, as he was glancing over his shoulder, and then quickly resumed escaping. For now, it seems like he’s not planning on intervening in this battle. While that part is okay, it’s regrettable that I’m being forced to reveal my cards though. However, if I was asked whether I could overcome all this without getting serious, it sure would be a hard task. Well, it’s not like I couldn’t do it if I had enough time, but if I took such leisurely action, this whole region wouldn’t just be turned into scorched earth, it would be completely annihilated.

Take a deep breath. Now it’s my turn. Saying so, it’s goodbye from me and into another dimension I go. Nyahaha. No matter how powerful a beam it might fire, if it can’t cross dimensions then it won’t reach me! Using dimensions is cowardly you say? It means that I can do whatever I like against an opponent who doesn’t have the ability. Well, this is exactly why having the ability to manipulate dimensions is indispensable for gods of course. It seems like I’m particularly specialised with my abilities in this regard though.

Now then, let’s lift the lid on the cauldron of hell. The triangular pyramid and sea urchins are floating in the sky. Higher up in the sky from them, dimensional fissures appear. Those fissures spread out in a pattern like a spider’s web, covering the skies above the forest where the elf village is. Then, a countless number of eyes peek out from those fissures, facing the ground. A myriad of eyes gaze down upon the ground. They are my clones with the Evil Eye of Gluttony.

The swarm of clones simultaneously activate the Evil Eye of Gluttony, greedily eating up the energy from the triangular pyramid and the sea urchins. The triangular pyramid and the sea urchins all shoot attacks up at the clones, but they’re obstructed by the spider web shaped dimensional fissures, and not a single attack reaches the clones. Indeed, the dimensions are fully isolated. Of course they won’t reach. In the meantime, having had their energy eaten, the sea urchins start dropping to the ground.

This is me being serious. Fully utilising my dimensional abilities, first I sequester countless clones in another dimensional My Home, then one-sidedly squeeze the energy out from my opponents with the Evil Eye of Gluttony. Even if the opponent is a god, once they’ve run out of energy they’re an ordinary living creature. Since having an unbelieveable amount of energy for a living creature is what qualifies a god as a god, if that is taken away then they can’t be called a god. As an incomplete novice god, this is the strategy I devised to take on Kuro.

Or rather, this is all I could do. After all, I’d lose for certain in a direct fight. Therefore, I had no option but to thoroughly expand my hand of available cards. Basically, this is all I could do. There’s not many things I can do that could reasonably be called god-like. Even so, this is the new My Home strategy that I’ve continuously refined in order to defeat the higher ranking god that is Kuro. A bunch of mere elven weapons had no chance of defeating it.

Once again I check on Kuro. Yikes. He’s totally looking. Please stop, please don’t look. Since this is all I can do, if he develops a way to counter it then I’ll be checkmated. Which is exactly why I didn’t want to do this. Pretty please, don’t counter it okay?

While I was making such a wish, all the sea urchins had fallen to the ground, and in the end the triangular pyramid also dropped to the ground without power.

Translation notes:

“**** Motion Gun” – 〇動砲 in the Japanese, obviously a reference to the Wave Motion Gun (波動砲).

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