Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? 214

214 What I can do now

I left the town.

I will keep the delicious food and alcohol at this time.

Oh my God!

Well, it can’t be helped.

I can’t drink alcohol outside as expected

Also, if you take in bliss continuously, you’ll get bored eventually.

Things like this needs a cool-off period.

I understand a little more about the joys of an after work beer for salarymen.

If I have a complaint, it would be about the vampire girl not learning magic at all.

Far from learning, as she seems to be unable to grasp the magic I worry for her future.

Well, but I can’t say that to the person either.

It’s good that I’m a God

This is the result of my efforts.

But, it’s painful to be completely excluded from the system.


To be frank, the things I can do now as pales in comparison to the previous me.

I take out a thread.

I’m still able to properly make threads, not as a skill but because I’m originally a spider.

In fact, since it is now out of the system framework, I can completely customize the thread.


I can’t help but say that I got weak on everything else.

Thanks to the magic not being able to attach parts of the removed attributes, it weakened.

All except Darkness system, Space Magic, Therapy Magic and Heresy Magic attribute is not present.

Even with Therapy magic, since I become a God,  I regenerate even without the use of magic, so it’s useless.

As the space magic does not receive any more assistance from the system anymore, invoking it becomes unstable. Therefore, I need to practice it.

Heresy Magic can be used.  Well, there are no opportunities to use it.

There is also the fact that, depending on the enemy there are types of magic that are rendered useless, the only magic that can essentially be used is darkness, so to speak.

Well, that’s only when thinking about combat, there’s no problem when using it in daily life.

I can make self-shaved ice from ice.

Though I didn’t do that.


I’m not resistant

Because resistance involves attributes, my defense-system is gone.

Abnormal state resistance might be disabled, so I eat normal food.


It is inconvenient that I’m in such a state

I can’t do anything now, almost all I’ve done has an attribute.

Space Magic is a bit special.


The other attributes are inconsequential but out of those that I can’t use anymore, the one that shocked me the most is Poison

The poison that supported me to make the finest threads, a peerless one is now gone.

All poisons in this world has poison attribute.

There’s no chemically made poison, just magically made.

That’s why, it’s not really called poison, but more like  “A continuous magic damage”

I was producing poison via poison synthesis and only water came out!

If you see it from the magic perspective or the system’s, it’s genuine H2O


That’s because poison resistance is in poison attribute, to tell you the truth, the poison has no meaning

There’s no chemically made poison in this world because of the system, the amount of poison won’t affect anything.


It isn’t created, because it can’t be brought in. However, if I use potassium nitrate from this world, I can make it.

The only one who can do it now is Kuro


Next is the evil eye.

The usable and non-usable ones are separated.

The usable ones are Farsight, Foresight, and Destruction eye.

The non-usable eyes are Grudge, Paralysis and Magnet

Farsight is like a telescope and it is easy to use.

Foresight is a bit weakened, but it’s still not unusable.

Without the system’s assistance, math process becomes extremely complicated, it has been a burden to use, but I can still use it.

Destruction, yup, I can use it.

As the things i can’t  use are all the attributes, It can’t be helped.. really can’t be helped

Those that affect the HP through the system such as Grudge, paralysis and magnet is attributed.


Thread, poison, magic, and evil eyes.

These four were my biggest weapons, now, one was lost, and two were half-usable

It’s a sign that I’ve weakened.


Why is that not obvious?

There is no way God is a weak existence.

Of course it’ll reduce what I can do.

There’s no doubt.

But even if the things I can do has reduced, the quality has increased exponentially.


First of all, Status.

Since I’m out of the system, my precise status doesn’t exist.

However, as the physical capabilities are improved by magic, similar effects to this world’s status can also be displayed.

But, unlike the fixed status, I can freely adjust it.

You can say that my physical capabilities can be controlled more freely.

As my magical power cannot be compared to before apotheosis, thus my physical capabilities have been reinforced and my status would easily be over 100,000.

Since the upper limit is 99999, it is impossible to win against me in status.

Moreover, 100, 000 is under normal circumstances. If it’s in a battle, the output can also increase a little more.

I can also penetrate the Demon King’s Physical Nullify because the load exceeds the upper limit the skill can tolerate.

It’s called bulldozing.

Even with that, no one can defeat Kuro in this world.


D’s gift 「God’s basic course」, also describes the minimum amount of power usage required as God.

I may be the lowest rank but, it’s possible to get the battle ability just to call oneself a God.


Also, even I lost my powers and my skills, my memory of using it is not lost.

The attribute from system can’t be reproduced, but, with time, it is possible to make something similar to it.

Among the skills I’ve lost, I think I can develop techniques similar to them.

For the meantime, I want to restore evil eye.

To do that, I isolated my body in a different space and

I made a clone collect the babies which had been born from the revival eggs so I could absorb them.


The power of each individual one isn’t much. Because the imitation Parallel Will isn’t much different, I put each in charge of reproducing an ability.

I’m repeatedly working hard, even though my main body is idle.

The swan gracefully moves on the water’s surface, to make it happen it’s moving it’s feet furiously.

My main body isn’t lazy.

As nai as it could possibly be.


That’s how I trained in a concealed place in the middle of the journey.

Fu~ I want this vampire girl to follow my example a little.

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