Wakamo – Chapter 4

TL: Carter
TLC: Fairy
Editor: Timmu

Chapter 4: A Natural at Black Magic

Then, out of the fading light–

Floated a demon maiden wearing clothes that emphasize her breasts to a terrifyingly high degree.

I say her breasts were emphasized, but there’s a lot of dangerous stuff going on down there too… It looks like a cloth version of that bikini armor.

”Ah, looks like I got summoned. I am the succubus Seria, I am humbled to make your acquaintance.”

//TN-D-N-P: Intentional for tone.

In spite of the girl’s looks, Seria politely lowered her head.

“Good afternoon, my name is Franz, the summoner who just summoned you…”

Likewise, I lowered my head in greeting.

”Ah, please do not concern yourself with formalities. You’re my master, are you not? This humble soul is your familiar”

Be that as it may, her demeanor and the way she speaks has an aristocratic feel to it.

“Franz, let me explain. Among the demons who live in the underworld, succubus are pretty high level beings. Though, after being summoned they properly obey their master, so there’s no need to worry.”

Somehow, It seems that being a familiar is not a shameful position for demons.

“Indeed. To put it in this world’s terms, it has the connotation of a part time job you had as a student.”

I need to start learning the culture of black magic.

“At any rate, this is fantastic Franz…”

Prez’ looked more astonished than her praise let on. Her dog tail buzzed left and right.

“To make a high level demon like a succubus your familiar in one shot, that’s an unheard of level of skill! You’re a great fit for the black magic industry!”

“Is… is that so… I never noticed….”

Probably because they don’t really do familiar summoning at school. The contract would be a bit of a problem if a student carelessly summoned a familiar. Doing black magic with a half assed understanding is liable to cause an accident, so the school comes down on it pretty hard.

“Want to try some more?  Then, this time why don’t you try an incantation to call this imp back to us?”

Cercer once again opened to a different page while shaking her tail. 

“This is something that only upper management uses, putting it another way — it’s the sort of high level magic that only higher ups are able to use.”

Whatever, I probably won’t be able to use it, but I might as well try.

“Lets see… sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt….”

The degree of difficulty of this magic is higher than summoning a familiar, but I held the wand and moved inside the magic formation while chanting anyways. 

At the same time president Cercer opened the window.

Upon doing so, the magic formation lit up and a small imp entered from the open window.

It felt as if it was forcibly flung here by my power.

“Um, excuse me. Is there something you need from me…?”

The imp bewilderedly asked prez’.

“Nah, it’s just a little experiment. Please take the rest of the day off.”

“Is that so… understood…”

Making a funny face, the imp left the room.

“Hmm… even though this is a pretty specialized piece of magic…. You’re really something Franz! You’re going to be a star in this business!”

She grabbed my hand and heartily shook it.

“Thank… Thank you very much…”

I didn’t think it would be this easy do something praiseworthy.

“Once you graduate, you are coming to our company! We won’t treat you badly!”

To think I’d be suited to black magic…

And that it’d finally make me a company worker.

//TN-DNP: I think he’s using real, in the internet “real time”sense rather than real real.

— With that, thinking about it, it’d probably be good to get going so I can make it back for chowtime. Being on the outskirts of town, it’s quite far from my dorm. It’s probably an hour and a half to get back.

“Well then, it’s about time I take my leave for today.”

“Talking about heading back, you are living in a dorm right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. My family’s house is far away, so I’m living in a dorm right now. As soon as I graduate I’m coming here.”

“Great! I’ll be waiting for you!”

“”Thank you for your time!””

Somehow our voices harmonized. But ‘prez was not talking.

The succubus Seria said goodbye with me, looking like she’s leaving too.

“Eh, you’re coming too!?”

“Indeed, I am your familiar. I shall depart with you.”

“But… you’d stand out if I were to bring you back with me to the student dorms…”

And surely bringing someone of the other sex back is out of the question…

“Magic to hide your familiar is– well you are tired so it’s probably best to leave it be.It’s considerably higher level that the summoning magic which you tried.” President Cercer irresponsibly replied.

“But, I’m a natural at black magic? Can’t I do it?” 

“Well it requires some specific materials from the underworld. We don’t have them at the company right now. I’m very sorry, but I don’t think you would be able to summon it even if you chanted yourself hoarse…”

This is a problem.

If I were to come back home with a succubus, it would be gossiped about until I dropped out…

“Then, for today, why don’t you stay at our company dorm?”

President Cercer clapped her hands together and suggested.

“But I’m not an employee yet, is it really okay?”

“Absolutely. Look at it as if it is an unofficial offer.”

It certainly wouldn’t be bad to take a look at the company dorm. I’m leaving the student dorm soon anyways. 

“I think it is a good idea master.”

A second vote for it. That’s a majority, so it’s decided.

“Then, let’s do that.”

The dorm was about a 20 minute walk towards the royal capital, the place seems pretty close to the city wall. We did not run into many people, but we got a lot of stares. 

The reason is obvious.

“Everyone seems to be glaring at us.”

The succubus Seria’s exposure is too damn high…

She’s wearing clothes that are designed to just barely cover up that place, but her butt is out for all to see. Being able to see what they shouldn’t, she attracted gazes. That is, she’s stark naked, but still able to be looked at.

“Fine, I’ll say it. It’s Miss Seria’s fault.”

“Master, I’m your familiar, please just call me Seria.”

“Yes, Seria….”

Her behavior is so polite I just can’t. Even if she were a tough talking familiar I’d still have a problem with it, so it is a problem for me.

“From here on, I am at your service.”

“Ye… yes… I look forward to working with you…”

Shit, a beautiful succubus saying the word “service” is a weapon of mass destruction.

“Ah, this is the address for the dorm.”

It was called a company dorm, but the building doesn’t look anything like an inn or a boarding house, it’s a neat little detached condo. It’s something that as just a simple student I would not be able to live in if I had to pay for it.

“I haven’t gotten in touch with the dorm, but as a fourth year student I should be able to stay over one night without saying anything.”

I’ve already paid rent for the dorm, and it’s not illegal for me to not return. It would be as if a student were to spend a night at a friend’s house in the royal capital.

I’ve already got all my credits, so barring getting arrested I can graduate. If worse comes to worst, president Cercer would still hire me if I don’t have my degree, so I would be fine even if I didn’t graduate.

Then, let’s see where I’ll be living in a month from now.

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