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Chapter 129.5  – Former Hero・Learns

About a week has passed.

I got on Kurato.

It seemed that Kagura-san has completed Leon’s sword right on the appointed day.

With the sword completed, we’ll leave here tomorrow or the day after.

[Kagura-sa? Eh? She’s not here]

…….or so I thought, but Kagura wasn’t on the workshop.

That’s strange.

I wonder if she went out for shopping.

As far as I can see, there was no completed sword anywhere around here.

Perhaps I’ll find it if I search the place, but Kagura-san absolutely hates anyone else rummaging her belongings.

Back then, I borrowed some tools to make a bath without her permission and I could still remember how the she flew into such a great fit of rage.

Although the inside of the workshop is cluttered with scattered tools, she’ll claim that [It’s already organized in a way that it’s easy for me to find things].

Clearly, the ‘organized’ part is a lie, but I know what she means.

I had a toolbox in my desk when I was still on elementary school, and it’s been arranged accordingly for my own convenience.

Well, the sword should be ready when Kagura returns. I’m not in a hurry anyways.

Oh. How about Celes?

She’s been helping out in many ways. I wonder where she is at the moment.

Also, outside of forging the sword, Celis has been studying about human transfer magic, so I think it’ll be good to hear her lectures to spend some time.

I exited the workshop, travelled toward Kurato’s attachment and called out.

[Celes, are you there?]

I called, but there was really no one inside Kurato right now.

Her room was locked so I could already read the situation somewhat.

Thinking carefully, of course if Kagura-san went out, Celes will also go along with her.

That shut-in Kagura won’t go out somewhere by herself so she’ll ask Celes to tag along.

Since there is nobody here, I suppose she’s out with Kagura-san.

First of all, let’s check the small room inside Kurato that is dedicated for Celes.

Although I kinda know there will be no one there, I’m just trying to spend time here.

Anyways, it’s such a small room that there is only a desk and a chair which only one person can fit it, and narrow spaces on its left and right. In a way it’s smaller than a restroom.

The room has no door; it’s only poorly separated by curtain.

However, that’s why there is something exciting about this secret base of hers.

While thinking so, I opened the curtain.

I knew from the signs when I opened the curtain that Celes wasn’t there.

[Hey, Kurato-san. Do you happen to know where Kagura-san and Celes went out to?]

I looked up at the ceiling, and asked Kurato itself.

I wasn’t particularly looking at the ceiling, actually. Just expecting a voice from above.

It almost impossible to communicate with Kurato except by doing this.

It’s such a systematic guy.

Although I said ‘guy’, it doesn’t actually have any gender per se.

……no, I remember that ships are often referred to as a woman.

In that case, Kurato’s spirit stone is most likely a girl. Yes!

Am I stupid or what?

Why did I got excited over a stone?

And well, perhaps I should stop bringing girls inside Kurato from now on.

Since this fellow was such a fluent speaker, I wonder if it caught something through its surveillance system.

[Celes-sama seems to have gone shopping in the city. As for Kagura-sama, I do not know where she went.]

Kurato’s voice which came out from nowhere replied to my question.

So it’s shopping after all.

It didn’t seem to know where Kagura-san had gone to, but I guess it’s similar.

That’s it. Since we are about to leave the town because the sword has been completed, they are probably buying a lot of things in preparation.

[I see. Thank you.]

After thanking Kurato, I thought about what I would do next.

Maybe I should just go to bed. Thinking so, when I’m about to leave the small room, my eyes caught something.

That is…….

Is that a diary of some sort on Celes’ desk?

Even I am not lowly enough to steal a diary while the owner is away.

Deciding to leave it as is, the former hero gentlemanly leaves, but my eyes already caught the title of the book and I felt the urge to confirm it.

Thanks to the excellent private tutor I had, I was able to grasp the contents just from a quick look.

The title of the diary, written on the header, was as follows.

【About Onii-san・part 48】

Seeing such a title only made me want to read it.

What’s with that part 48? I guess I’ll find out.

I picked and opened Celes’ diary, and read it.

Now then, what’s in it?



【About Onii-san・Part 48】

Today, I asked directly to everyone what happened to Onii-san recently.

Below, I’ll write my opinion to the answers.


[Haruto, I wonder if he likes to do it outside. Only the two of us alone in someplace where no one else is around.]

I see. Certainly, Oni-san likes outdoor activities.

I also was once brought to a back alley when I was going out on a date with Onii-san.

Attention is required when going on a date with Onii-san.

It’s not that I’m against it.

When going out on a date with Onii-san, make sure to wear good looking underwear since he’s going to see it regardless.


[Haruto really likes breasts. He loves it when he’s smothered in between breasts.]

I also have a feeling that that’s really the case.

Onii-san’s attachment to breast is particularly great.

I can’t hold him in between my breast so I kind of envy those who can.

My mother’s breasts were big so I hope one day I’ll grow to that size too.


[Haruto-san likes to take a walk. It’s exciting even if nothing happened. It’s very thrilling walking together with him]

I was surprised by this.

Getting excited from just taking a walk with someone, what kind of thing is that?

Anyways, I think it’s more likely Mina-san’s preference.

Anyhow, does Onii-san really like to take a walk?

Usually, they will only wander aimlessly when Onii-san is going out with Mina-san. For Onii-san, I guess that’s enough.

Taking a walk, I’m quite interested with the prospect.


[He seems to like something called『randsel?』I don’t know really well but it’s a custom-made red bag which is carried on our back.]

What is a『randsel』?

Although I was shown the item, it’s just a red backpack.

Since it seem to be something from『Earth』, the meaning behind this『randsel』, I couldn’t really grasp it.


[The thing Haru-kun seems to like doing? Now that you ask, he likes to grab on my butt for about 30 seconds.]


I agree to this.

Oni-san seems to like grabbing butts.

Also, when I sit down in Onii-san’s embrace, he’ll always pinch on my butt.

My butt is kind of big and it’s to his liking.


[Ah that fellow. He likes to play around with a sleeping woman. From the first day we met, he’s carefully touched every part of my body while I was sleeping.]

Now that we talk about this, it’s true that Onii-san likes to touch the girls’ body when we are sleeping.

Almost every night, I would see Onii-san doing perverted things inside my dream because he’s been doing similar thing on reality while I was sleeping.


[Husband seems to like black hair! When he look at my black hair, he seems very pleased by it!]

Unfortunately, this seems to be true.

He also once told me, while he’s playing around with my hair, that he likes black colored hair.

Since Aura-san and Kagura-san joined, I’ve confirmed that it’s really the case.

Onii-san is also black haired, same as those two girls, which kind of makes me envious.

 ◼︎ Finally, my own opinion about this matter.

Everyone, when it comes to what Onii-san likes the most in my opinion, it’s 『crevice』.

Onii-san really likes crevices.

When I’m wearing short pants, I always catch Onii-san staring at the crevice of the short pants.

Other than that, the part where clothes are loose or stick together, I also often catch him staring at crevices in armpits with such a great concentration.

There is something there that I can’t see but Onii-san, as expected, he really like crevices.

Part 48 ends.



What in the world is this, I wonder?


It’s somewhat hard to describe.

What are you trying to do, Celes?

I tried to look for other similar research diaries.


It has gone up to 48 parts and each research has diverse content.

Roughly speaking, it’s about the position I mostly used, at what point I would moan and my preference for underwear.

It’s all too embarrassing for me to read.

Well, I knew that Celes is always keen on researching something.

According to these research diaries, I’ve also confirmed that the female members often do exchange information regularly.

Now that I think about it back then, everyone seems to know what happened between Laurier and me;  it’s all because of Celes.


No, it’s indeed quite embarrassing, but it’s good to see that the girls are getting along well to each other.

While I was doing this, time went by without me knowing and Celes had returned.


If I was caught reading the diary, Celes would’ve jumped at me like grasshopper since I’m not suppose to read all of this.

Because I’ve stopped reading, there is no reason for me not to notice the sound coming from down below.

I returned the diary to its original place and went down.

[Welcome back, Celes.]

[Ah, Onii-san. I’m home.]

I welcomed Celes who was holding a large paper bag.

[What did you buy to get the bag this big?]

[This? It’s various books and tools. Since we’re going to be away from the town for a while, Kagura-san and I made some preparations.]

I knew it. They went out to prepare for the departure.

Since it’s Kagura we are talking about, of course she’ll buy a lot of tools.

[Let me help out.]

[Ah, thank you.]

I took the paper bag from Celes.

Uwa, heavy.

[Ah, let me take out the book I bought first.]

Saying so, Celes went up to Kurato’s 2nd floor.

Take out books… does that mean she’ll go to her secret room?

…..w-well it’ll be okay, right?

Following Celes, I carried the luggage to the second floor.

On the second floor, Celes was staring at the contents of the small room.


[Wh-what’s wrong?]

I think I got caught.

The former Hero is trembling.

[……..Onii-san, did you come here earlier?]


That’s fast.


What do I do? Should I lie?

No, about Celes’ feeling, I feel confident to some extent.

Rather than lying, it’s better to sincerely apologize.


The former Hero is being honest.

[Did you read them?]


She pursued the matter.

What did I read again?

There’s nothing.

Good grief, she still found out even after I returned them to their original places. Scary.


I replied anxiously.

I’m scared that she’ll hate me for reading her books without permission.

Let’s apologize first.

[How was it?]

I was still forming an apology inside my head when Celes said that.


I thought that she’ll be angry, but looking at her expression and tone of speech, it looks like it’s not the case.

Celes was beaming at me instead.


[After I’ve written 50 parts, I planned to proofread it with Onii-san, but since Onii-san has already read it, I ask what do you think about it.]

O-oi, she’s planning to show it to me from the beginning?

It’s good that Celes isn’t angry, but what’s with this development?

What kind of game is she playing here?

[Well…..about that. I did not read all of it. Just taking some quick look, so it’s a bit…..]

It’s probably a lame excuse, but it can’t be helped.

[Is that so? I see….]

Celes seemed to be digesting each of my words carefully.

I had a bad feeling about this.

[Then please read this here…..]

While I was still thinking about thing, Celes took out the books, and asked me to read them all to confirm.

To think she has accumulated 50 parts.

I’m not ready for that at the moment.

However, Celes didn’t budge.

A researcher like her has no such thing like breaks when it comes to topics they research on.

Before I could think up anything else, Celes started to told me everything with such a fervor.

No choice.

I steel myself and looked at her.

My embarrassing facts!

I dropped the luggage and listened to Celes.

[If Onii-san receives a hug, do you prefer being hugged from the front or the back and does having big breasts affect the result? Also, do you like the act of hugging itself?

Because Onii-san looks ecstatic whether being hugged by Laurier-chan or Tanya-chan, it looks like breasts have nothing to do in this.]

Celes spoke ceaselessly.

She’s just like that.

If it’s a regular matter, she’d blush and run away but when it’s about research, her face is brimming with enthusiasm.

Let’s answer the question.

[I like being hugged from either side, since the feeling of being hugged itself is good and breasts are certainly not that important in this matter.]

[I knew it!]

Celes, ablazed by my reply, started writing my response.

Do you memorize all that? No, that’s why she’s been writing it.

Afterward, Celes would ask me about this and that and I will answer accordingly.

Normally, Celes won’t be able to talk about erotic things, but so far, more and more erotic topics are being spouted to the point that it embarrassed me instead.

However, I was even left wondering on how the reply on some certain questions.

I cannot explain it with words well.




If I cannot say it with word, just show it through real practice.

[The answer is like this?]

[Eh? Eh? Kyah. O-onii-san?]

I took Celes hand and placed it on her chest.



【About Onii-san’s habit・Part 49】

Today, Onii-san saw the research content.

I didn’t say it to Onii-san, but although I intend to show it to him eventually, it’s not good to look into others’ belongings without permission.

I don’t think he could’ve opened the desk though.

In any case, thanks to this, I got the opportunity to hear it directly from Onii-san himself.

Details will be noted separately, but I got the confirmation that most of the contents are true.


The confirmation…..I actually reproduced it in various ways.

Right here, in this very room where I’m writing this note.

After we left the city, even though I often used this place, I felt strange since everytime I sit here, I was reminded of the event on that day.

Even now……….

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