Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Decision Time ⑤

Someone’s very salty.

Decision Time ⑤

Author’s comments: Short. The whole of humanity listening to Ariel’s words

『Ahh… Okay! That might have been quite the sloppy start, but I’d rather you forget that part. Very much so.』

『Now then. What was it again? My views, right?』

『My views. My views huh……』

『I can talk about that, but you know, I don’t really have that much to say though.』

『In the end, it’s not like I’m expecting anything from humanity after all.』

『That’s how it is, right. We’re talking about a bunch who’ve basically been taking it easy until the situation has gotten just this bad – what should I expect from them?』

『Sariel-sama bet her life so that this world could continue to exist, yet until now that debt of gratitude has been forgotten about.』

『Just how many years do you think have passed since then? If you look at the history section in Taboo, you should be able to get a rough idea of just how long it has been.』

『Well, there’s also the fact that there are those who purposely erased this from history so that it would be forgotten about.』

『Having watched this happen all this time as an outsider, I’ve gone past anger and into despair you know.』

『Basically I thought, did Sariel-sama become a sacrifice in order to save the likes of this lot?』

『Hey mankind, long ago you decided to sacrifice Sariel-sama in order to save yourselves. So if you ask me what kind of choice you’re gonna make this time, it’s totally obvious.』

『So I’m not going to hold out any kind of hope, and I’m not going to try to persuade you.』

『However, I’ll just tell you this.』

『The ones who’ll win will be us.』

『Even if nobody wants to save Sariel-sama, especially not even herself, then I shall save Sariel-sama.』

『Even if I have to sacrifice more than half of humanity.』

『If you’re prepared to try to turn Sariel-sama into a sacrifice, then you better be prepared to be become a sacrifice yourself, right?』

『So I shall make this declaration.』

『I am nothing less than the second coming of the Demon King – Ariel.』

『I’m not referring to fakes like the kings of demonkind, being nominated by the System. I mean the true Demon King.』

『I shall continue the will of the first Demon King Foddway, who sought to free Sariel-sama by obliterating all of humanity, by making a proclamation of war against humanity.』

『Mankind, for the sake of the Goddess, please die.』

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