Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? Blood 30

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Blood 30 – Disquiet

Argh, really! Why is this going so badly!? Everything that I’ve said recently has ended up backfiring on me!

「There’s more or less some methods other than gaining Patience written here, but it seems that they’re not recommended.」

While I’m feeling impatience and irritation, Wrath says that leisurely. Why you, who’s fault do you think it is that I’m feeling this way! Argh, I’m so irritated.

Calm down, me. I am a proud vampire. I cannot be shaken by something this trivial. For now, in order to help me compose my feelings, I’ll try reading this method that Wrath is talking about.

『Acquire the skill of Detection, then by merely activating the skill it is possible to significantly improve the proficiency of Heresy Resistance. However, in this case, until Heresy Resistance is raised to Heresy Nullity you must be careful not to use magic at all. In the worst case you may die so this method is frankly not recommended.』

「That’s a fail.」

Wrath makes a questioning expression, but this is definitely a fail. After all, that goshujin-sama is saying you might die okay? THAT goshujin-sama! Even THAT irregular super-being is actually saying it’s a method where you might die, so it’s obviously not normal. If it’s at the level where that goshujin-sama is saying that you might die in the worst case, then if normal people tried that method then out of 100 attempts 99 would die for sure. I’m certain.

「Certainly, it would be inconvenient to be unable to use magic.」
「That’s not where the problem lies.」

I don’t know why you would be unable use magic, but compared to the possibility of death it means bugger all. Oh my? As a lady I shouldn’t use the phase “bugger all” now should I? It sounds pretty stupid anyway, without a fragment of dignity. I shall refrain from speaking this expression from now on.

「The part where it says you may die?」
「If goshujin-sama concludes it with saying that you may die, then that’s from the reference of goshujin-sama herself. For us regular types, I can see a future where trying the same method would result in instant death.」

Indeed, I experienced those crazy actions more than enough to hate it during my training period with goshujin-sama. If Ariel-san hadn’t stopped me, I don’t know how many times I would have died. Goshujin-sama lacks the perspective of ordinary people. After all she’d be like “it’s normally possible right?” while almost killing me.

「I, I see. Then, let’s ignore this method.」
「That’s wise.」

I flick ahead through the book once again to check it out, but there’s nothing further written on earning proficiency in Heresy Resistance. In that case, the best way is to earn proficiency is to receive Heresy Magic attacks after all. Really, I wish goshujin-sama hadn’t written those unnecessary things.

「If Patience is no good, and Detection is also no good, then we’ll just have to use Heresy Magic after all huh.」

At my words, Wrath makes a really disagreeable looking face. Well, I don’t like it either, but if we want to obtain the resistance, we have no choice but to press ahead with this then. Besides, unfortunately for you I have Pain Nullity and Sense of Pain Nullity. No matter what attack it might be, if I can’t feel it then it’s no big deal.

「Shouldn’t you do this as well? I’ll acquire Heresy Magic, so let’s trade blows with magic.」

I select Heresy Magic from the list and acquire it. I still have plenty of skill points anyway, so I’m sure it’s okay to acquire it. If it’s just to raise Wrath’s Heresy Resistance, then I could just use Charm on him, but if we’re unlucky he might get affected by the technique itself.

Incidentally, I checked whether it’s possible or not to also acquire Patience, but it seems that I don’t have enough skill points. I tried checking the other Ruler skills as well, but the only one I could acquire was Lust. In the case of Lust, even then I would have to use the majority of my remaining skill points to acquire it. To be honest, I’m not at all interested in acquiring that. Considering the risk and cost, the return is too small.

「Okay, let’s begin.」
「We’re really doing this?」
「Why are you asking something so obvious?」

At my words, Wrath breathes a big sigh.

After that, we both start to silently trade blows with Heresy Magic. The reason why we’re silent is because we don’t have the spare capacity to talk. To be honest, I made light of it. What we’re using right now is, Heresy Magic level 1 – Disquiet. As the name suggests, it’s magic that makes the opponent feel disquieted.

The effect is so plain that I’ve never used it, but this, sure is nasty magic. An unbearable feeling of disquiet assails you, like you can constantly hear nails screeching across a blackboard. In addition, both Pain Nullity and Sense of Pain Nullity have absolutely no effect.

When I look at Wrath’s appearance, I see that his face is pale and he has goose bumps. My condition has definitely become something similar. If asked I’d say it’s unclear how useful this magic would be in combat, but if it was used then it might be able to dampen their fighting spirit. It’s a plain but unpleasant magic. Perfectly suitable for harassment huh.

「Has your resistance increased?」
「Not yet.」
「Mine has increased to Greater Heresy Resistance level 1.」
「I see, congratulations.」

Wrath begins a brief exchange. We continue in silence after that.

What’s with this punishment game? In a different sense this is as agonising as when I was beaten up by goshujin-sama. In the first place what’s with this situation where a man and woman are in the same room silently staring at each other with pallid faces?

Also, maybe because it’s a level 1 magic spell, or maybe because Wrath is weakening, but my resistance is slow to rise anyway. I had Greater Heresy Resistance level 6 at the start, which is pretty high, so maybe that’s another reason.

Currently, Wrath’s status is falling as he weakens. When I looked with appraisal his maximum values haven’t decreased, so I think he’ll recover sooner or later. It seems he was done in by that guy called Kuro. Something about it being necessary to cancel the activation of Wrath.

However, even with his weakening body I’m still feeling this disquieted, so maybe if he was in a normal condition wouldn’t this amount of disquiet be likely to cause madness? If I consider it that way, maybe I should be glad that he’s weakening perhaps? I don’t have any confidence that I could endure any more of this sense of disquiet.

Oh my? In my case, I’m not particularly weakening am I? So that means I’m using my magic normally then?

「S, sorry. I’m at my limit…」

Wrath collapses to the ground, bringing an end to the forced proficiency gains for the day.


Translation notes:

“Bugger all” – the literal meaning of the Japanese phrase would be something like “not even worth a fart”. On a side note, Sophia seems to be forcing herself to use a speech style that’s slightly closer to the image of a “proud vampire” – using slightly posher language and talking down to Wrath.

Regarding the title and the translation of the level 1 Heresy Magic spell. It essentially means “unpleasant”, “uncomfortable”, “dreadful”, “unspeakable” etc. It first turns up in chapter 50 of the main story. It’s also been translated as “Disturb” but I think “Disquiet” sounds more like the name of a spell.

In “Blood 26”, Wrath had Heresy Resistance level 9, and in “Oni vs Oni ①”, Sophia had Greater Heresy Resistance level 6. We don’t know how many skill points Sophia has despite Shiro’s frugal training methods but “Blood 25” suggests that Shiro would simply order Sophia to gain skills or status during the 8 years so maybe she used up skill points for that. On a final note, it’s not been explicitly stated but I presume that only available Ruler skills are listed with appraisal and that Ruler skills that are currently taken do not show up.

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