Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 312

Some things a vampire should just not do.

312 – The Limits of Patience (Boredom)

On returning to the ground floor, it was quite distinct how the previously relaxed mood became strained again. The moment I returned, almost everyone there stabbed their gazes at me. Ahh. So my mere existence makes everyone else stressed out then huh, I see.

Kusama-kun hasn’t returned yet for a start, and there’s various other people who haven’t returned yet, so I guess this short break will continue for a bit longer then huh. Or rather, those gazes are like a storm so I’ll leave! For some reason Ogiwara-kun is sitting on the floor in a seiza, but I’ll pretend I never saw it.

I ignore the gazes stabbing at me, and continue walking so that I will simply leave outside. When it could be seen that I was about to walk past them, Shinohara-san started to stand up but she was stopped by the two girls sitting either side of her. I pretend not to notice that exchange, and continue walking through the doorway and go outside.

Sheesh. What’s with this sense of walking on a bed of nails. It makes me uneasy. Would it be okay for me to just ditch them? No good? Okay then…

Once this short break is over the explanation meeting will have to resume, but my excellent supporter in oni-kun is in a strange mood though. Maybe I can’t hope for support from oni-kun any more. If that’s the case, then I’ll need support from somebody else, but there’s only one candidate for that though.

Talking of that candidate, ie vampire girl, she’s summoned a black wolf and leaning against it while sitting down, endeavoring to bask in the sun. Oi, vampire. Are you okay with that? Is that okay with you, vampire? Somehow it appears that vampire girl has come up with a spectacle that seems to be picking a fight with all the vampires in existence. It would be a heartwarming spectacle if she wasn’t a vampire, but she is actually a vampire.


Don’t you go “What?” at me! Apologise to the vampires who have failed to overcome direct sunlight!

「The weather’s lovely. If it wasn’t for the smell it would feel so nice that I could just sleep like this.」

Apologise! Apologise to all vampires everywhere! Sure, the weather is actually lovely. The sun’s rays are beating down on us. The black wolf that vampire girl is leaning against seems like it would make a nice fluffy cushion too. If something could be done about the smell drifting in from the burnt fields, certainly the weather would be so nice that you could just fall asleep. And while I’m thinking that, vampire girl really has closed her eyes and has a posture where it seems like she’s fucking sleeping.


Somehow I feel pissed off, so I lightly kick vampire girl in the side. Vampire girl glares at me with an angry expression, but that was a case of “force majeure” so it couldn’t be helped! It’s all vampire girl’s fault!

「What’s with you? Is it wrong to be sleeping?」

It’s wrong!

「It’s fine isn’t it. There’s no point in me being at such a gathering anyway. If there’s no need for me to be there then why can’t I just be absent?」

Certainly she might as well have been air earlier, but since it’s now looking like oni-kun has dropped out of being a supporter, carrying on like that is troubling for me. I need to impose the exposition role onto her somehow! Can she… actually explain things though? Wouldn’t that be rather worrying in various way?

「It was so boring I was about to fall asleep anyway. I couldn’t help it.」

Saying so vampire girl gives out a lovely yawn. Even when languid her bearing is excessively sexy. Dammit. Should I pluck off her outrageous breasts? Ah, no, never mind. An image forms in my mind of the Demon King gleefully reaching out her hands with a wicked smile, so I put aside any thoughts about breasts in a panic.

「In the first place, do you have any obligation to explain things to that lot, goshujin-sama? That Hero was prattling on about having the right to ask, but it’s not like he actually has such a right though? After all, we were just being considerate enough to give them an explanation. It’s not like we have any obligation to explain things to them at all, so we could just leave them alone.」

Wow vampire girl, it sure seems that you were storing up more stress than I had thought during that explanation meeting.

Well, it’s not like I don’t understand vampire girl’s feelings. Vampire girl has completely drawn a line under her previous life. She makes a clear distinction that her previous life is her previous life and her current life is her current life, so I think she regards the reincarnators as being like acquaintances from the past that she’s had some brief exchanges with. Or perhaps even less than acquaintances. Either way, that’s why she doesn’t think we have any obligation to be nice to them.

To be honest, that perception is not wrong. Our obligation to explain things to the reincarnators, is basically zero. However, they are in fact the victims here, so abandoning them while they have no clue as to what’s going on feels a bit too much, so basically, that’s the only reason to explain things to them. We have no obligation or duty at all. As vampire girl has said, the point Yamada-kun was making about having the right to ask, is also something we are only doing out of consideration after all.

「Or rather, why were you giving them such a thorough explanation, goshujin-sama? That’s more of a miracle to me. Since you’re so poor at explaining things.」

Hey, what’s with that last sentence! You know, that might in fact be the truth but there are certain things that you just mustn’t talk about, okay!

「This is the cold-blooded and inhuman goshujin-sama who has no trace of compassion after all.」

And she adds another such sentence. Vampire girl, my dear, shall we have a little TALK perhaps? It seems that we are having some communication difficulties here.

Sigh. Fine then. I’ll take on the exposition role for you.」

Just when I was about to kidnap vampire girl to My Home to have a little DISCUSSION with her, she tossed out that proposal. What… the… heck!? Vampire girl, you could actually read the mood!?

「What’s with that surprised expression? Just what do you think of me, goshujin-sama?」

Piece of junk vampire. Perhaps my inner thoughts were transmitted, as vampire girl stands up with an annoyed expression on her face. The black wolf that vampire girl was leaning against disappears into vampire girl’s shadow as if being sucked in.

「Humph. I bet if everything was left to goshujin-sama this farce would just be dragged out. It seems like Kyouya-kun is being weighed down by various things as well and can’t smarten up either. It would be best to get this boring thing over with already.」

Saying so, vampire girl jauntily returns to the tree house where the reincarnators are. Who are you? Who is this person giving off the aura of being a capable woman?

「What are you doing? Let’s get started already so that we can get it over with already.」

Before she reaches the door vampire girl turns to look behind, calling out to me. Feeling like half my soul has come out, I follow after with unsteady feet.


Translation notes:

“Seiza” – a polite/formal way of sitting in Japan. Can be used for light punishments as well and the implication here is that Ogiwara is being subtly punished and being forced to sit in this style.

“force majeure” – could also be translated as “unavoidable” or “an act of god”.

“An image forms in my mind of the Demon King gleefully reaching out her hands with a wicked smile” – probably a reference to the A flat chest is a status symbol! chapter.

“Feeling like half my soul has come out” – something like this image.

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