Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 217

「Certain kill attack on wakeup」
「All bullets blow? You got me. But」
The characters K.O. appeared on the screen.
In the end, the mincing steps ended .
「To fight me on equal terms means you’re good already」
[That the day when I would permit someone to look down on me in a game really came.]
I’m frustrated, but also fired up.
Now we change characters for a rematch.
The sound of both our controllers filled the room.
D, the real Wakaba Hiiro, is having a good time playing fighting games.
As expected from my original, she’s insanely strong.
Also, even if I have my memories, it’s actually my first time playing a game.
Even If I have a handicap, my character does not move the way I think.
The memories and the real sensation doesn’t quite match.
Also, I’ve been able to fix that, I can now fight considerably well, but I can’t still win even a single round against D.
I looked outside after our fight ended and it was already dark.
Since the flow of time is different on the other side, I didn’t feel that I’ve overstayed here.
It’s regrettable but let’s go home today.
「See ya, I’ll come again」
「Come anytime you like」
And with that, I returned.
Oh shit.
I forgot to solicit pocket money
Oh well.
I’ll ask for it next time.
Returning home.
Should the expression be returned when this world is the world I’m returning to?
That’s right, in my corrected memories, I am from this world, my memory over there was a false memory planted by D.
In that sense, I lived as myself and I lived in this world.
Well, it doesn’t matter anyway.
It’s also nighttime in this world
Maou woke up and greeted me, I secluded myself after lightly greeting her back.
T-that was scary!
Nai wa~(TN: YES! I was waiting for kumo to say this again!)
There’s no way-.
What is that?
That’s strange.
Somehow, this isn’t just a level of becoming a god.
It’s not about if I can win or not, it’s scary on a fundamental level.
Is this how they feel when they’re scared of ghosts?
An incomprehensible fear.
That’s how I feel about D.
Her eyes look like a bottomless abyss
Even with her God’s power sealed, that look from her eye instill fear in me.
I can’t defy that, it’s impossible-
It is not really a feeling that does not match-
As a self-proclaimed worst evil god, I can’t laugh off the original.
In simpler words, I realized that I’m a weakling.
Even if I speak of it repeatedly, that horror can’t be expressed.
My master-
is impossible to oppose.
The first time I saw D was when I got the Wisdom skill.
That time, the voice from the sky(temp) told me the name D.
Next was my first encounter with Kuro.
A smartphone suddenly appeared and then there was a voice that claimed she’s D.
That’s my first contact with D.
She then occasionally interfered, which I thought was creepy.
An absolutely conflicting sensation.
I think that was the reason why I became a God.
My soul had undergone change through apotheosis.
It was that time I noticed it stuck in my soul.
It was my core, my divine area.
It had, or rather, it was swallowing me, it has been my existence.
It was Wakaba Hiiro’s memories.
The existence which filled in my original colour and became me.
I’ve noticed what that means.
I just have Wakaba Hiiro’s memories, I’m different from her.
When I realize that, the doubt and discomfort I’ve felt clicks into place like a puzzle piece.
I don’t have a name.
Up until now, the vampire child has her name from her previous life displayed, yet my name is blank.
It never showed Wakaba Hiiro.
This also explains why my skill points were low.
I’m originally a low rank creature.
So skill points which are part of the soul’s power was low.
The inconsistency of the existence called D in my memory.
D said.
D said that an explosion occurred in the classroom and all the students who were caught up in it was reincarnated in this world.
And as far as I can imagine, no one corresponds to D.
With me, Wakaba Hiiro as an exception.
If I think about it, there are some contradictions in my missing memory.
I can’t remember my parent’s face.
If I self-evaluate myself, I’d call myself a beauty.
Even in my personality, there’s a clear difference between my memory and my current one.
Being noticed about as much as a stone on the roadside by strangers because I couldn’t hide my irritation from being watched by strangers.
And I realized D’s true character and my true character.
In the classroom, there was one spider making a nest.
Oka-chan stopped a boy who was going to kill it.
On the contrary, it was suggested someone be in charge of taking care of the creature.
Eventually, the elected student cried loudly and refused to do it so it wasn’t implemented.
That spider was in the classroom all along.
Surrounded by all of those huge humans.
It’s a situation where she can die anytime.
The humans shunned her, she was creepy.
It was desperately trying to live among them.
That extremely low class existence in the classroom.
That was me.

Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? 216
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 218