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OreMegane – Chapter 34

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 34. Megane-kun, Made his Decision When I honestly asked him 「What kind of assassin with a wider scope of work do you mean?」, Wise smiled to put on airs. 「I meant it the way it is. Their scope of work is wide.」  As I said, that’s what I don’t understand…

OreMegane – Chapter 33

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 33. Megane-kun, Unwittingly gets Interested 「Well, hold your horses.」  I thought I could nonchalantly leave this mansion just like that, but I got stopped just as expected. I wanted to put it off my mind, but I couldn’t help but notice that the gramps and the auntie have been on

OreMegane – Chapter 32

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 32. Megane-kun, Invited I wonder, is it the inner parlour where I’m being led to? There’s a coffee table in the heart of this spacious room, paired with it are a couple of leather sofas.  The carpet is luxurious, they even have a fireplace even small and detailed decorations are

OreMegane – Chapter 31

Mabbo, Fairy, Yakult, Schwarz Enjoy~ 31. Megane-kun, Surrounded by Sense of Danger Not even a frame of a second after she knocked, the gated opened immediately. 「I appreciate your effort, Lorobel-dono.」  An old man, aged well over 50 years old, appeared inside his black tailcoat. First, he looks at the messenger, Lorobel. 「This fellow here

OreMegane – Chapter 30

Mabbo, Fairy, Yakult, Schwarz Enjoy~ 30. Megane-kun, Heading to Leavant Household Hurrying up my conversation with the adventurers, I stood from my seat.  「I’m sorry, I have another business after this.」  I said so because the talk was slowly heading towards 「let’s have lunch together」 direction. Also, another reason is that it’s extremely displeasing to

OreMegane – Chapter 29

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 29. Megane-kun, Visiting 「Black Swan of Dawn」’s Residence Once Again 「Yeey! This rabbit is tasty, isn’t it!?」  「Hold up. Well… I said, hold up!」  With my fruitless resistance, the Splinter Fang Hare that sat on my shoulder was plundered  by my sister. Un, well, it’s a gift I bring for

OreMegane – Chapter 28

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz13, Yakult Enjoy~ 28. Megane-kun, with Blonde Mushroom Clinging to Him 「I bet you wouldn’t like to hear a lengthy speech. Let me explain it in brief. 「Last night, The Carriage accident happened because the horses ran amok as a result of being chased down by wolves. Due to that, the wheel slipped

OreMegane – Chapter 27

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz13, Yakult 27. Megane Kun, taking his leave after fulfilling his role as a passerby After swapping roles with Lorobel, I left the accident site and head towards the forest. The number of the wolves is, six at most? It’s a number that will be difficult to face against if you’re just using

OreMegane – Chapter 26

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz13, Yakult Enjoy~ 26. Megane-kun, Accomplished an Unexpected Reunion. 「…Hmm」 It smells like trouble. Roughly speaking, there are four highways that meet into a crossroad and lead toward outside the walls. Commoners use the northern and southern gates to come and go, while the Royal Family, their purveyors, nobles and the like utilize

OreMegane – Chapter 25

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz13, Yakult Enjoy~ 25. Megane-kun, bewildered by the glowing Megane. —Found it. Half a day since I delved into the woods and I finally discovered the hare’s nest. I did my prep then headed towards the woods. I spent a night outside and made my move at dawn, treading into the untrodden regions