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OreMegane – Chapter 47

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz13 Enjoy, or whatever. 47.メガネ君、鍛冶場の勝負を見届ける 47. Megane-kun, Watching the Duel in front of the Smithy My neck is in danger at this angle, really……But well, I’m fine, so that’s okay. My face obviously hurts, though. With the disgusting aftertaste of a brush with death still lingering, I choose to sit next to Chace

OreMegane – Chapter 46

Mab, Fae, Schwawa Enjoy~ 46. Megane-kun, Picked a Fight with the Bully 「Uwah, gross」 It was transparent when it was alive, but now it’s in the brownish color of the ground and dead leaves. Taking that into account, appearance-wise, it looks nothing more than just a huge lizard with a plain color scheme. If I

OreMegane – Chapter 45

Mabbo, Schwarz, Enjoy~ 45. Megane-kun, Winning via His Mental Trainings Sky Lizard. It was there, on top of some branch. Looking at it with the 「Night Vision」, it appears red in my vision. Its size and its shape match the description from the Field Guide, so I’m pretty sure this is my prey. Still, I’d

OreMegane – Chapter 44

Mab, Fae, Schwarz Enjoy~ 44. Megane-kun, Heading out to Hunt Fearing that she might be mauled if we leave her alone, we move a short distance away from Florentine who’s sculpting her cute Evil God doll (temp name) before I have Cherry read the book for me. Our rooms are also a bit dim anyway,

OreMegane – Chapter 43

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy 43. Megane-kun, Looking for Someone to Read Him the Field Guide The pharmacist granny gave me a bottle of liquid paralytic poison. Touch to the skin is safe, but it can spread throughout the body if it gets into the eyes, mouth, or wounds even for a small amount. It’s very

OreMegane – Chapter 42

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy~ Chapter 42. Megane-kun, Acquires Poison To be a hunter is to take different measures when one can’t hunt in a fair way. Humans aren’t that strong of a creature to begin with. Animals and demon beasts are fundamentally more physically capable than humans. If we are to fight them naked and

OreMegane – Chapter 41

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy~ Chapter 41. Megane-kun, Going to the Mountain to Check After parting with the coachman uncle, I returned to the inn…dorm? they allocated to us, only to find two girls frolicing around in front of the building, one has blonde hair the other white. They are Cherry and Florentine. Apparently, they’re playing

OreMegane – Chapter 40

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy~ Chapter 40. Megane-kun, Looking Around the Assassins’ Village The house we are led and loaned to is a bit bigger than the other houses in the vicinity. It’s a two-stories house, it looks like a cheap lodging from the outside. It makes you feel that it’s just a place for nothing

OreMegane – Chapter 39

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy~ Chapter 39. Megane-kun, Arriving to the Assassination Training School The last stretch of the trip went smoothly, and by the time the sun is set, the carriage is stopped as scheduled. 「We’re here. Get off.」 Following the old coachman’s words, we get off the carriage and then—We’re struck dumbfounded. —What we

OreMegane – 38

Mabbo, Schwarz, Enjoy~ 38. Megane-kun,  Spending the last Afternoon Break 「We’ll arrive by tonight」  On an afternoon break on the eighth day, the coachman told us that. Despite the slight drizzle, the weather is great. Today is another sunny day. A strong rain can drain the horse’s stamina, and it might get sick at worst.