What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C9. Unspeakables

The hume woman speaks up.  “So… how does that work…? For a woman to… ‘impregnate’ another woman…?” The queen is just blinking while staring straight ahead.  She may be stunned. The infants in her arms are snuggled up to her warm fur. Lillia is smiling, cuddling, and playing with the two dryadites.  Oblivious to the

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C8. Little Surprises

“Dubhe, it’s time.”  Goddess! that was startling.  Lillia, that hibernator – or, was for the past week – is now suddenly standing in the doorway.  When did she get there? It’s good to see her awake and well.  Her state was worrying. “Welcome back to the world!  Wait, time?” “Oh!”  The hume girl helping stands

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C7. Veiled Agreements

No one else might understand, but this dragonkin needs to sleep.  That’s the only way to ensure proper flavor. A conversation must be had to make it aware of its current predicament. There should be movement soon.  Waiting out here in this rain is not pleasant, to say the least.  And the queen is here

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Two: Can We Get Along?

Sora moved to the red light, everyone but Kari followed.  The light took up the majority of the wall and looked almost solid.  Taking a deep breath she examined the light, looking deeper than what she currently saw; to her surprise, she found symbols.  They were similar to what she saw at her aunt’s shrine.

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C6. Useful Thoughts

Begrudgingly, the queen’s daughter and husband both assisted in preparing our chambers for the incoming children. The gift of a slave was shocking at first, and it’s assured that husband will have some choice words to say… But the hume woman captured by the queen’s husband – despite her bruises and a day wasted calming

OreMegane – Chapter 17

Mabbo, Fairy, Emelia-tan, Schwarz13 Enjoy~ 17. Megane-kun, Goes to Joseph’s Shop. By the time we reached the royal capital, it was somewhere before evening. The redbear’s fur, meat, and the like are brought to the warehouse where the Adventurer’s Guild disassembles and gives out rewards for large beasts. As there aren’t many people from the

OreMegane – Chapter 16

Mabbo, Fairy, Catfish (Eme), Schwarz13 Enjoy~ 16. Megane-kun, Solved the Digits’ Mystery Those digits bother me, but first I’ll have to bring down the redbear. If my prediction is correct, the digits will only get higher from now on. Nocking the arrow once more, I then draw the bowstring. —First step, seal its offenses. 「Rrroaaaaar!!」

Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 2, Ch. 6 – Hans Lockhart

Arc 2 – Swing Ch. 6 – Hans Lockhart |──────────────| He endlessly swung a worn-out practice axe, parading himself around a chipped wooden pole. Deep inside a desolate rainforest in the outskirts of his hometown, the teen practiced. With the snapping of branches and crackling of leaves below his feet, he kept following the flow

OreMegane – Chapter 15

TL: Mabbo TLC: Fairy Edit: Emelia the Catfish Proofread: Gihad97 Enjoy~ Megane-kun, Surprised by Laila’s Competency After dividing up the work with Laila, we started searching and managed to find some clues. Patches of folded grass. These are remnants of someone passing by. The width is wider than that of a human. Precisely, it’s a