My attack stat… – V8 Chap 253 – When Science Fails You

Golabki eyed his opponent as another wave of mana narrowly brushed past him. His sharp vision honed onto any openings in Lamps’ guard as he dodged across the battlefield. For the wily man with such an untrained constitution, a single direct blow would end the match. However, Lamps’ near-infinite mana capacity made even that impossible.

My attack stat… – V8 Chap 252 – A Victory Oh So Sweet

I looked all around wondering what Katalina was going to send me now. “Claude, above you! Use those!” Out from a portal, a sheathed sword stabbed down from the sky. Before it could hit the ground, I snatched it from the air and popped the sparkling blade out slightly. Katalina must have gotten it back

My attack stat… – V8 Chap 251 – My Darkness, Your Evil

The Mad Empress and Lamps Magellan were standing before me, like imposing final bosses waiting for the hero’s approach. Even with everything that happened, they hadn’t jumped into action. It was strange. For what reason would they have to stand there idly while the tides of war changed against them? I couldn’t help but wonder

My attack stat… – V8 Chap 249 – A Triad in Arms

Hours before the final assault on the capital of Bryansk, several leaders were seated around a large table, faces full of concern. A priestess in long robes patterned with the sun and moon sipped her tea as she patiently listened. The brow of a warrior furrowed as he sat listlessly in a set of armor

My attack stat… – V8 Chap 247 – The Impenetrable Mad Empress

“Another of your ‘technology’ ideas, I take it?” The teasing voice that Lamps had grown so fond of permeated through the research facility. A collection of nearly everything Purnesia had to offer was packed in this warehouse, where the astute inventor could work his magic. If one looked closely, there was much more than that.

My attack stat… – V8 Chap 245 – Will of Yaldabaoth

I looked around. The results of the grand battle in the center had registered all throughout the Purnesian side. Cries of panic rippled through the ranks as their apparent champions had been defeated. Their ultimate weapons were no match for the abilities of the Electi, so it was natural to think that they had lost.

My attack stat… – V8 Chap 244 – A Fight for the Capital (2)

When my normal attacks failed me, what else could I rely on but good, old-fashioned brawling? Granted, I wasn’t an expert on fists of fury, but there were other ways to fight that didn’t count as a direct attack. Somehow, Orwitz’s strikes didn’t register as such, so a loophole existed. Lau could often damage me