What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A3,C6. Delicious

“I feel like people are throwing the term ‘Married’ around like candy…”  This hume who is now my husband is making my head hurt. “What is candy?”  Dubhe, the fluffy ex is interjecting herself.  It irritates me. Know your place, ursine! “Well, maybe as a hume, you might not understand the significance of being flexible

A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Six: First Trial

Sora’s vision cleared as the ceiling came back into view; Wendy stirred beside her, rubbing her eyes.  “I’m a little scared about what we’ll be doing.” Lifting herself, Sora nodded.  “Me too, I don’t want to mess up.  I don’t know what opening your Core levels will do or what that involves.  My aunt described

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A3,C5. Melsy

“Grrrrr…” “Come on, I got you.”  As much as he is being helpful, I’m mad that he’s helping me.  I’m a dragonfolk! I shouldn’t need any help! “You probably haven’t used those muscles in like… a long time, right?  It’s not a big deal, here hold on.” He’d scaled up my old body, and is

OreMegane – Chapter 19

19. Megane-kun, Reunion with Childhood Friend as well 「—Horun, who is the villager that arrived… Ah.」 Ah. From behind Horun who’s drowning in doubt, a face I know of came out. 「You, aren’t you Eil!?」 His name is Lexton. After the Ceremony of Determination three years ago, he left Albat village right away, such is

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A3,C4. Dragonfolk

Uh, so… They won’t eat me?  Maybe if I just act like a rock, they’ll forget about me and go wallow in their own problems. Maybe I should just go back to sleep. “Lillia, what are your plans?”  This Tristain hume is talking again… Almost as if this dryad has a reason to answer to

Chapter 8 – A change of Perspective

Author’s note:  Hi guys, so here is where the story stops being in third person and begins to be in first person.  Why? I enjoy writing in first person. If you have any complaints, speak now or forever hold your peace.    Also, my many apologies for my awful nature. Am trying to fix. Close door

MOSS: Schrödinger’s Undying Love Theory

It was afternoon, the best time to confess to your crush. The classroom was empty except for a couple of boy and girl. They both know they had something that they shared together, something that defined them. Actually, neither of them were there to establish an intimate relationship with each other. Their relationship couldn’t get