My attack stat… – V4 Chap 110 – The Divine Mana Gate

A swift spear stabbed through the air hoping to meet its mark. Although it was a lower quality spear meant for training, it was no less threatening, having been enhanced by a layer of hard mana. Prior to the sparring session, I had stopped and warned Wen Zhi to choose a different weapon if he

The narcissist that became a dragon’s bride in another world – Ch 9

fun stuff happening in the next couple of chapters. be excited :}thank you for leaving comments, I read every one of them! Author: Kiyo Date (伊達きよ) TL: overd.o.seTLC: FairyEditor: ThePlanesKeeper Bees gathering around a blossom “He’s just a wonderful person. He’s taller than anyone you would be able to find in this country, and he’s

My attack stat… – V4 Chap 109 – Those Dyed in Purple

I felt a drop of cold sweat rolling down my back.  ‘Electi had a similar nature as demons? How could that be? Weren’t Electi summoned heroes that helped their masters turn the tide in their favor?’  I vaguely recalled the warning that Koujiro had given me. An Electi had the potential to conquer the world.