Other World Monster Breeder ~ 02-64

Aria: Just a bit of intro, but since Rumanshi will probably explain everything I’m just here to promote my own website, Eternal Goddess Aria. I just hope I can get more readers, kek. I have one active project as of now, but I will be translating a new ero novel soon. I was inactive for

I Have Unlimited Wives Slots – Chapter 1

Every morning, Ishida Taki would wake up to a large number of chores. Today, his father had left a note to inform him what tasks he needed to do this day. ‘Feed the animals’, ‘Begin to Mend the Fences’, ‘Enjoy the day! It’ll only be more work from here!’ “For him to end it like

RTD Patreon Launched and FAQ #3

Hi all, Fairy here. We have finally launched our Patreon . I am very sure you guys will have many questions to ask. I have created a page at the menu section to tell you guys more about the Patreon itself.

Shinka No Mi – Chapter 71

A new Shinka chapter~ Sorry it took so long as we are trying out new features. Please try out the Audio File and tell me if you like it. (No. Not Amazon Polly)

Return of The Former Hero ch.119

My first post in the new RTD site! Yay! \o/ Honestly, it’s about time we moving because the old site is already too laggy and slow on stuffs. Anyway, if you interested to join us, feel free come to our Discord channel. Even if you’re not interested to joi, you can chat with our staffs

Smartphone: #258 The Prize Capsule, and the Third

Tentative release days are Tuesday and Friday (UTC: 19:00 – 21:00) I say “tentative” because it may vary on individual/semi-regular basis in both directions (aka more than two or less than two chapters per week) which depends on RL and other stuff.