Return of The Former Hero ch.143

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A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Twenty-Six: The Stripped Fox

Sora finished showering with Mary, Ashley, and Wendy; the liquid in the bottles smelled like raspberries, peppers, vanilla, oranges, amber, and the only thing Sora could think of was hot musk.  The four of them sniffed it several times, and only Sora could distinguish between all the different scents. “Really?”  Ashley asked, sniffing the bottle

What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A1. Character Wrap (incomplete)

Notes Current Party/Hamlet: Adult Men: Tristain – Void?/Hume Male, Reincarnated Previously a computer programmer…now a womanizing vagrant.  Previously a father of two daughters. Currently married to Melsy, Lillia’s beloved, and secretly dreamed about by Dubhe… Otsu – Bearfolk Male Maimed once upon a time, saved by the Arbitrator.  Currently the protector and in situ family

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A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Twenty-Five: The Magical Shower

Sora’s POV Sora opened her eyes, arms brushing against Wendy’s hand as she stretched.  Twisting her body, she sighed before sitting up; she caught the others doing the same. “That was so strange,” Ashley whispered, cracking her neck with light moans. Nathan nodded.  “Yeah, it felt real, but at the same time my body felt