What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C6. Useful Thoughts

Begrudgingly, the queen’s daughter and husband both assisted in preparing our chambers for the incoming children.

The gift of a slave was shocking at first, and it’s assured that husband will have some choice words to say… But the hume woman captured by the queen’s husband – despite her bruises and a day wasted calming her down – has done wonders to educate everyone on hume newborns.

Husband will surely free her when he comes back.  He abhors slavery, after all. This actually wouldn’t be allowed for bearfolk either… Our race doesn’t accept slavery.  Each is their own master… Well, except the queen, who’s rules define the bearfolk. However, the queen has made it very clear that none of our family are bearfolk, and the rules as such do not apply to us.

A daily prayer to Gaia has become a custom.  To thank her. It couldn’t have been unintentional that this all turned out in our favor… Well… Except for husband.  What was he thinking, putting that thing on his head?

Lillia hasn’t moved from her spot outside.

Well, that’s not true.  The dragonfolk wakes up every day or two, wounds all healed up.  So Lillia has unconsciously…? Maybe…? Rooted the dragonfolk to the ground.  Every time it roars, it gets a good enough thwack to knock it back out. The queen has even taken to assisting.  She says it’s for my own good that she’s the one taking care of it. Maybe her anger is a bit displaced. Probably.  Certainly. Yes, certainly.

I’m not sure if I feel bad for the dragonfolk now, or if this is how you keep food fresh.  Well, in the end, it’s just food. A few extra bruises aren’t particularly going to affect anything.  Just need to keep it from rotting. Should we feed it occasionally? Pretty sure dragonfolk just sleep for years on end though…  I’m not even sure what they eat?


Is that why dragonfolk taste good?  Because they sleep? Orckin always taste better after eating mushrooms.  Maybe it’s like that for dragonfolk and sleep…


No… Surely dragonfolk eat food.  Since that is the case, the food they eat must make them taste better…



“I’ve been trying to get your attention for a while now…”  The hume girl is looking over, her face is flushed. She is quite useful once she understands what she needs to do.  It also helped when she was told that Husband would likely free her once he came to.

“Do you think dragonfolk would taste better if they slept more, or if you feed them mushroom?”  This is a very serious question. Winning husband back may very well hinge on this decision. Taste with food means everything.

“…”  Silence doesn’t work well to answer this question.

“Well?”  Answer the question already!  Your sole purpose is to help!

“It… would be hard to get enough mushrooms to feed something that big…?”  she answers, her tone wavering.

That… thought… never occurred.  How would someone acquire that many mushrooms?  Sleep must be the only way then. Once again, this hume is proving very useful.

“We will put in a good word with husband when he comes back.  Such a useful hume must be rewarded properly… We suppose?” Hume relations have never been anything much thought has gone into… Hopefully this is enough.  Husband will make it right, as he is a hume, after all.

“O-okay?”  She has a nervous smile on her face.

“Surely husband will come back soon, and then he’ll get mad and free you.  No need to worry. No one could very well refuse a gift from the queen, so here you are.”  Trying to console her is difficult though. It feels like nothing gets understood sometimes.  It’s like this hume speaks a different language.

“Sure.”  She hands over a Gaia tree fruit.  One of her jobs is to make sure enough food gets eaten.

We can’t have her die of not eating either, but she is always so nervous that she also needs to be reminded to eat.  “We will eat, we will eat, but you as well. You are so skinny. How can you hope to be strong if you don’t eat more?  Be like us, and eat plenty.”

“Wel- I- eh…”  She stutters and looks around the room for an escape.

“Sit.  Eat.” As husband has taught, by being weak-willed, it’s best to be firm in these situations.  Humes have this odd propensity to listen and follow commands.

She carefully eats the Gaia tree fruit, as to not spill a drop of juice.  Her face seems so familiar. Odd.

Wait, she is supposed to be the person in the caregiver role.  Grrr. Hm, what work should she do after eating? To be honest, until the birthing labor… there isn’t much more to be accomplished.  Perhaps she can check on Lillia? That will take her a good while, and seems like a worthwhile venture.

Waiting in comfort sure is a grand way to relax before the real work begins.  Definitely going to offer some more prayers to Gaia later. She has wisdom none of us can comprehend.  Wisdom enough to make things relaxing…


That seriously can’t be what Gaia’s doing all the time, is it?

Author’s Note:
Thanks for the support!  I am in your care!  The second chapter may be a bit late this week. I spent 5 days without power and built myself a secondary power distribution just for my generator since my main breaker was fused in the on position and to the breaker box. I need to get the main panel replaced in the near future, but that’s 2k$+ I’m not looking to spend immediately. Either way, I now have a secondary set of wires and power box in my house, fed by a 50amp generator. Woot.

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