What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C4. Not quite as planned

There is definitely something wrong with that fruit the male dryad gave Lillia.

Despite wanting to get back quickly, it is still surprising that it only took two days to get back to the Gaia Tree.  This is despite knocking down nearly every tree on the path back, and dragging this monster behind us.  Completely exhausting two days. It would be wonderful to gorge on a delicious meal and sleep for the next two days.  There was no rest on the way back, after all.

The dragonfolk meal can be brought no further, however.  This is the edge of the field of death flowers. It will be left here, and Lillia will follow as we get husband.  He will be so proud. The suspense and excitement is worth this fatigue. Surely he will love this gift. It is food, after all.

“Okay, I sleep here, tired.”  Lillia stretches out her arms, and unfurls them into branches.  She doesn’t transform completely into a tree, but she does put down root and out her arms as leaves and branches.  She must be quite tired.

Her belly looks more swollen than before as well.  Maybe this wasn’t the best idea for our unborn children.  We should definitely rest after this.

It was a thought to retort, but there wasn’t even time to stop her from sleeping.  “Well, we will need to get to husband ourselves then.” The words seem somewhat hollow when no one is there to hear them.

What if husband doesn’t like this food?  It is worrying.

Compared to the last few days, trekking down to the base of the inner tree was a trifling matter.

It is easy to forget, when one has a husband caring enough, just how much work it is to hunt food when he isn’t there to provide.  So then going four day without, to accomplish a task, and finally realizing how really silly and dependent we had become… Why was going down these steps such a big deal before?  Nothing but a small matter and some extra soreness.

At the bottom, the Librarian Dryad is pacing in front of the same doorway as before, white light still leaking from it.

“Ah, so you’re back!  I-is my sister with you, by chance?”  He seems awfully nervous.

“She was tired from dragging the dragonfolk here… So she is sleeping with her leaves out at the edge of the forest…”  Why does he seem so agitated?

“O-oh, that’s no use.  Well, you will have to do.  Come with me.” He parts the ivy serving as a door, spilling bright white light into the chamber.  Motioning, he indicates to go through.

The library quarters is not unfamiliar territory.  Nearly every bearfolk is required to learn basic literacy, and then is given the opportunity to make at least one inquiry to the library.  The exceptions to this are rare, so, this is not unfamiliar.

However, this light.  What is this? Never has this been here before. Not that has been spoken of, at least.

“So, uh, the Hume… He is literate, and said something about ‘programmer, gamer’ and ‘computer,’ and assured me that I needn’t be concerned… Well… It’s been a few days, and he’s still connected and on the floor…”  He points to the floor.

There is husband.  He is wearing some sort of helmet, which connects to the library.  There are runes, not blue runes like humes have. Not green runes like bearfolk.  White runes. They emanate from the helmet and are spread out on the floor around him.  The light is pulsing outwards in a calm rhythm. His heart beat can be heard after a tilt of the ears, so surely he must still be alive.

The helmet on his head is eerie.  It gives off the feeling that removing it will be bad… and that leaving it on is also bad.  It is distressing.

“What did you do?”  Husband isn’t an idiot.  Surely this must be the dryad’s fault.  Everyone know Dryads are less than… Err… Need guidance at times.

“Well, I did warn him.  I think.” You think?! What does that mean?  “In any case… I’m not sure there is anything we can do for him at this juncture… But I wanted to let you know.  Actually, Gaia told me to tell you. Errr, Gaia actually told me to tell you to relax… Something about not fighting with the queen or something.  I don’t know.” He shrugs. “Well, I’m off to see the queen. Since the library can’t really be used right now, you can come visit his corpse whenever you want!”

“He’s not dead, we can hear his heart.”  It is uttered very quietly. This dryad is rude.  Completely inappropriate. Anger runs deep against him.

“Yes, of course.”  The dryad pats our head and walks out the door.

“Husband… What happened here…”  Kneeling down, paw on his shoulder, his warmth can be felt.  This is the warmth husband gives. He is alive. “When will you wake up?”

“Graaaaaaaaah!”  Ruffled fur! Can’t mope about this!  Children are coming, and a den needs to be prepared to greet them into this world!  Lillia will have a child soon too, so she can help prepare the room. Mustn’t get complacent just because husband is… Doing… something…?

What the hell is this anyways?  Gah! No time for worry like this!  Focus! Focus!

Den mother needs to Den!

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