What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C3. Monsters

Maybe the librarian could have spared some additional special fruit?  This trek is exhausting. Whatever was in that first fruit, only the Goddess knows, but Lillia has been wide eyed and completely lucid the two cycles it took to get here.


“Dubhe Food, The plants say the dragonfolk is inside that cave up ahead.”  Her way of addressing people leaves much to be desired… However, it is forgivable due to her prowess.


“Hm.  Can you hold it down, and I’ll thwack it on the head?  We don’t want to kill it, because the meat will start to turn too quickly if we do that.”  This is a knock-out-and-drag-away operation. No killing needed yet.


“Err…”  Lillia looks uncertain.


“What?”  This operation should commence so that the journey to return to husband’s care can occur.


“I – I’m not sure this will be a good idea after all.”  She what?!


“We’re already here though!  Let’s just wrap this up, and get back to Husband so he can understand how much we care for him!”  Seriously! Second thoughts this late in the hunt? What nonsense is this?


Lillia takes a deep breath as the ground starts to shake a bit.  Then a loud roar vibrates my vision.


“W-What was that?!”  That was a lot louder than a dragonfolk.


“W-well, Food Source Tristain’s food is pinned down.  She’s not too happy about it though.” Lillia wore a nervous smile.  “Y-your turn?”


For some reason, it feels warm and dry here.  It’s not like the outside at all. Such a temperature and humidity difference just by entering a cave…  A drink or a fruit would be nice right about now. “O-okay.” The air bellows again, overriding those words into inaudible background noise.


Moving to the cave entrance, taking a quick peek inside – there lies a dragonfolk… no, a very large monster is pinned to the ground by excessive vines, it doesn’t look to be struggling.  ‘It could eat us whole in a single bite and still have the room to fit another two or three in it’s mouth.’  Monstrous.


“Well, no point in backing out now.  We must do what we came to do.”


Witnessing the incoming strike at sprinting speed, the dragonfolk speaks out in defense: “Why are you here?  What have I done to the Gaia Tree keepers to deserve th-” There is no chance for it to finish it’s statement as a soft spot in the skull collapses under the strain of the strike.


It leaves a bit of a bad taste, but it had to be done for Husband.  “LILLIA, LET GO, IT’S DONE!”


The vines retract back under the ground, leaving the dragonfolk unbound.  Pulling it a few inches is too tiring though. Lillia will need to do it. Ah, resting against a warm prey is so relaxing.  Husband is warm, but he’s small. Lillia is… amorphous… but she’s not really warm. It’s been a while since feeling this type of warmth.


“Oh, this is big food.”  Lillia announces after making her way inside the cave.


“It will be delicious.”  Something this big? It’s can’t not be delicious.  Also, filling.


Lillia stands there looking vacantly for a few minutes.  “Lets go, carry it back!”


What?!  You kidding?  No.


“Uh, you’re stronger.  That’s your job.” Let’s clarify this for her.


“Okay.”  She smiles at me, and extends her vine-arms around the dragonkin’s neck, getting ready to pull.


“Whoah, whoah, wait.  You’ll kill it like that.”  Common sense… These dryads have no common sense!  “Grab the horns, and drag it. If you choke it, it will die before we get there.”


“Oh.  Right.  Food Source Tristain’s food must be fresh food.  Got it.” She lets out a sunny smile.


Sometimes I wonder about her.  How can Husband like her so much?  She’s like an accident waiting to happen.  How did husband and Mika keep her in check?  Seems like she would just go off and break stuff randomly.  Luckily, these days, she has been very subdued.


A very strong accident, yes, that is Lillia.  That dragonkin, on the other hand, is easily the largest in memory.  Smaller ones can be seen in the sky occasionally, if one was to watch closely.  But usually ones this big get into fights over territory. It was a hope that a small one with growing wings, maybe only twice as big as a bearfolk female, could be found.  This is easily five for six times the size of a bearfolk male.  It can’t even be compared to bearfolk females.  And Lillia is dragging it with no issues.  Let’s hope her strength holds out for two whole days.


“Dubhe.”  Lillia looks over.


“Huh?”  I guess she is quite cute in her own way… If you can get over the terror of her incredible might.  The way she tilts her head… Wait, that means she wants something. She did that to Tristain when he would be asked for ice.


“Trees in the way.  Your job.” Yes… dragging the dragonkin through the forest will be an issue, with trees every little bit…


“Huh?”  Wait, what?!  How dare you command the wife!  You’re only a concubine! Besides, you’re a dryad!




There is a cracking noise nearby, then the nearest tree slowly tips over.


What!  No! It’s landing here!


“Eeeeeee…”  What an unsightly noise!


“H-hey!  That was close!  Watch where you knock those down!  We were standing there!” Honestly!  That almost seemed purposeful!


“Oops.  Dragonkin safe.  All good.”


“…”  That was on purpose.  Monstrous. Evil.  Inamorata. Lillia.




“Fine!  We understand!  We will knock the trees over for you!”  Ulg! How does one argue with a dryad?!


Lillia beams a smile.  It’s honestly infectious.  How can one not smile back?  It contains 0% of her earlier evil intentions too.  It’s simply is not fair. Hmmmm… Maybe plans need to change to prevent her from stealing husband.  Perhaps a dangerous foe has appeared.




Author’s Note:

Thanks for the support!  I am in your care!  Uh… (nothing to say)


Editor: DungeonPalmz




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