What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C2. Adventure Seekers



“Hm.”  She has her hazy unaware look about her right now.  Great, she will be more agreeable then. It’s somewhat unfortunate for her, it seems pregnancy is quite hard on a dryad.  It may be a guilty pleasure to occasionally ask for unreasonable things when she gets like this, if only to see how she reacts.  That said, she snaps out of it if she is asked for something obviously improper or impossible. Once, she was requested to smack Husband.  The action was performed… but not on Husband. Perhaps these jokes need a bit of work…


Either way, she can at least answer yes or no questions honestly in this state.  This must be used advantageously. “Have you met a dragonfolk before?”


She nods.


Good!  This is promising.  “Could you incapacitate one in your state?”


She tilts her head as her eyes narrow, becoming more clear as they contract.  Er, that means she needs to think about the answer. It’s not known that dragonfolk can give a dryad a pause.  Very interesting. Also somewhat concerning, does that mean dragonfolk are that powerful?


“Why?”  She asks, tilting her head.


Thinking for a moment about how to answer, and relaying shortly there after: “We wish to entice Husband back to us.  Surely food is the universal language. It is rumored that dragonfolk meat is the tastiest. But meat is best served fresh, so we need to capture one alive… but easily culled.  Husband will surely appreciate us and understand our appreciation for him if we do this.”


Oh Goddess, she is so innocent.  She gives a happy smile and nods before her eyes glaze over again.


Magnificent.  Now to find a nearby dragonfolk.  Let’s talk to the dryad librarian.




After returning to the Gaia tree, it seems oddly quiet.  Usually muted conversations from different rooms can be heard seeping out into the main chamber.  It’s very eerie. What has everyone so quiet? Walking over to the ledge of where the dryad tossed us down previously, it is decided that perhaps it’ll be more comfortable to just walk down the steps this time.


These sore paws are nothing compared to the terror of falling.  When the bottom is reached, the dryad librarian is sighted to be pacing in front of a doorway.  A white light is escaping between the vines-san-door of the library room.


“We would like to know where to find a dragonfolk,”  it’s announced to him.


He looks startled for a moment, but regains his composure, and smiles.  “Ah, of course.” He looks back at the doorway of light, and then back at us.  “Well, the library is in use right now…”


“By Husband?”


“Ah, yes.”  He is fidgeting and avoiding eye contact.


“So… He is a Hume who knows… how to read and write?”  Husband never ceases to amaze.


“Ah… It appears so?”  He is smiling nervously.  Rather, he won’t look this way, and his hands are turning into vines intermittently and wringing each other.  He is usually so still.


Well, whatever, it doesn’t concern the task at hand.  Just need to find a dragonfolk.


“So then, we cannot use the Library to search for one nearby.  Do you know where any might be despite that?” It can’t be helped if the library is in use, after all.  Only one is allowed to use the library at a time, unless the dryad librarian is assisting. It’s been said there have been… incidents… where arguments were settled in distressful ways in the library itself.  It’s not allowed, hence forth, that more people be in the library at one time than absolutely necessary.


“Ah!  I do, about two days north of here, there is a small mound… er… mountain.  The dragon there has been working on building it for several thousand cycles.  She visited here prior to settling in that spot to ensure it would not affect the Library’s operations.  Those dragonfolk are so considerate.” The librarian is smiling, lost in a happy thought.


Dragonfolk considerate?  More like foolish. With power like theirs, one could rule over many, yet they hole up in self-made mountains, sleeping until hungry.  What nonsense is that? It’s just lazy.


“Lillia, we should go pay our new neighbor a visit!”  Motioning for her to follow, the stairs back up became the next destination.


When we get there, however: “Carry.”


“What?”  She can’t be serious!  She weighs like twice as much as a pregnant bearfolk!  I can’t believe that husband actually carries her sometimes.  It’s just lazy on her part. And spoiled. Husband definitely spoils her.


“So tired.  Carry.” She looks down at the ground, her shoulders drooping.


It’s difficult to think of anything that could be said to placate her.  Luckily, it isn’t needed.


“Ah, I happen to overhear.  Sister, eat this special fruit. It should refill your energy. Also, take a normal one with you”  The librarian hands Lillia a small fruit the size of a nut along with a regular fruit.


This Gaia Tree has special fruits?  Well, whatever, there is traveling to be done.  Grabbing the little fruit from the librarian and stuffing it into Lillia’s mouth before anyone can protest, both dryads appear to be quite surprised.


“Grab the other fruit, and let’s go!”  Our will shall be done! Move!




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