What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C10. Tepid

The children have finished eating, and it’s curious that neither the queen, nor Lillia has come back after so long.  Either there wasn’t any danger, or they’ve already been eaten for sure.

Getting the hume woman to help, all of the children are carried up the Gaia Tree steps.  Approaching the entrance, it appears to be getting close to dusk. Eratos is there as well.

The field of death flowers however, are not.


He waves in a direction, interrupting the confused sounds.

“Oh.”  The dragonfolk is sitting nicely, curled around a fire.  That must have Eratos on edge. Fires near Gaia trees is generally forbidden.  That’s probably why the flowers have retreated underground.

Sitting on the dragonfolk’s tail is Lillia, a dryadite in each arm, and the queen.  Their voices can be heard echoing all the way over here.

“Well, suppose we should go see what is going on.”  The hume woman follows behind.

“So this is Dubhe then?”  The dragonfolk talks as we approach.

“Dubhe Food, come sit with me.  Her tail is very warm and comfortable.”  Lillia puts both dryadites in one arm so she can pat the spot next to her.

What the hell.

We were trying to kill and eat this piece of meat, and now we’re sitting around talking to it?  No one talks to their food, it’s bad for your appetite. How is someone supposed to eat something they enjoy talking to?

“This… Is going to be food soon… why are you talking to it?”

“We have an agreement, Dubhe.  Your husband will choose to either eat me, or follow my option.  If I may say so, I won’t become food anytime soon.” Even though she has a giant, scaly, toothy mouth - one that doesn’t even come close to matching the other races; her smirk is as clear as day.

“We’ll see.  It’s a present from me.  Surely he’ll accept.” Know your place, oversized ball of brainless muscle.

“Hmmm, sooner rather than later, yes.”  That was an odd answer.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping until he arrives?  That was also part of our deal.” Surely she hasn’t forgotten.

“Yes, he is back, and waking this way now.  I sensed his disturbance earlier, it is what awoke me from my slumber.”


“Dubhe Food, come sit.  Food Source Tristian will be out here soon.  Gaia said so as well.”


The queen is up this time: “Dubhe, seriously, sit down and get the children near the fire to keep them warm, it’s getting chilly out.  They are newborns, right?”

“Ah!”  That’s right!  This is no time to be stunned into silence!  After sitting next to Lillia and enjoying the warmth, the hume woman follow suit.

“Lillia was saying, you must be the slave now, correct?”  The dragonfolk addresses the hume girl, who nods.

“Quite the collection.”  She lays her head down and huffs out a large, warm breath.

Looking at Lillia, the dryadites appear very active, they squirm around and poke each other.  Lillia notices and smiles. “Take good care of your brother.” She tells her birthed child to our birthed child.  Wow that’s complicated to think about.

“Wait, I thought dryads and dryadites don’t have gender?”

“They don’t, but they do have tendencies.  Right now, the one I birthed is more female.  She is teaching her brother. Her brother is having a hard time since he couldn’t learn in the womb.  I wish Food Source Tristain would hurry up. I want some ice.” Did Lillia become smarter after having a kid?

“So, Lillia, you were telling me about this… Tristain… Right?”  The dragonfolk prompts Lillia.

“He’s very kind.  He always feeds us, Dubhe and myself.  Now that I look back on the time I was pregnant, I feel bad for him.  I was very distracted, and didn’t do much to show my appreciation.” She doesn’t have her usual beaming smile.  It’s a bit of a sad one.

“That couldn’t be helped, you were pregnant, we were pregnant.  Surely husband understood that we were otherwise occupied.”

“Well, it was hard for me to hold multiple conversations, one with each of my unborn children… although one of those was one sided… And one with the outside world.  So, I do have a bit of an excuse. But he asked you… And you turned him away.” What is she going on about?

“That’s not true, we don’t know anything about him asking us for anything.”  There is no way anyone would remember that anyway. Impertinent inamorata accusing us of ignoring our husband’s request.

“Hm… I’m sorry Dubhe.”  She looks away.

Yes, you should apologize.  That was rude of you to imply.

“We shall see soon, children.  The man of the moment is here.”  The dragonfolk raises its head and points to the Gaia tree.  There is a soft glow coming from the doorway.

Author’s Note: Thanks for the support!  I am in your care! Next chapter is a new perspective and arc. Tristain is back! (but not from his perspective)

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