What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C9. Unspeakables

The hume woman speaks up.  “So… how does that work…? For a woman to… ‘impregnate’ another woman…?”

The queen is just blinking while staring straight ahead.  She may be stunned. The infants in her arms are snuggled up to her warm fur.

Lillia is smiling, cuddling, and playing with the two dryadites.  Oblivious to the question, apparently.

“What?”  How would that work anyway…?

She speaks again, slowly, in thought.  “Well… Does that mean… you and… Lillia… Y-you know… uh…”

“No!  Husband was there.  We only had relations with Husband.  We both…” Hold up, why is this up for discussion?  “A-anyway, we don’t know how that works. Husband can figure it out when he comes back.”

It’s the queen’s turn next.  “Does that make Lillia both a husband and a wife?  And Dubhe has two husbands…? Lewd…” She is seriously considering this?  Get the smirk off your face! It’s not funny!

“No!”  The roar was a bit loud and the suckling children cry out briefly, startled, before going back to work suckling.

“Well, It’s Food Source Tristain’s fault for passing on the seed from me to Dubhe.  We’re just a family, I don’t need to be a husband. Having a warm, soft Dubhe for family is nice.  And she feeds my daughter… I don’t need to be a husband, that is enough.” Everyone stares at Lillia.

The queen breaks out laughing.  She stifles it to not scare the two children in her arms, but she is still clearly on the verge of tears.  “Fufufu… Dubhe has two husbands…” She’s even snorting like an orckin to keep it in. How unsightly.

Meanwhile, the two daughters have had their fill, and are gently laid down before grabbing the remaining hume children.  Hume newborns seem quite weak when compared to newborn bearfolk, and seem to eat much less. That much was evident after feeding a hume female and bearfolk female side by side.  Feeding the humes first should ensure everyone gets enough food. Male bearfolk infants are quite greedy, sometimes they will even need to be removed to allow their brothers a chance to eat. Need to keep that in mind when balancing the children’s meals.

It has been a while since bearing children.  The things a person forgets when living a child-free life.  “Hume woman, fetch us some fruits. Two or three… No, three.  It’s so nice to have someone to wait on us.”

Her hands devoid of children at this point, the hume woman does as requested.  The queen speaks up. “Dubhe, in all seriousness, this is a problem. You may not be bearfolk anymore, but you are here on our land.  Not only that, but Lillia is going to overstay her welcome in Erato’s Gaia tree. You know the rules about territory. We will need to fight, or you will need to leave.  Personally, I don’t want to fight a new mother, nor a mother of a dryad.”

She is right, there’s no way a new mother, nor an pregnant mother would be expected to fight, how disgraceful would that be for her if she won or if she lost?  Then again, letting squatters stay would also be shameful for both the squatters and hosts.  Then again, dryads are seen somewhat as representatives of Gaia, so held in high regard. Fighting would bring all parties involved nothing but misfortune.  Not fighting, however, could be just as bad. Who will listen to a queen who doesn’t enforce her territory? Or a Dryad?

What to do.

There is a muted roar that everyone hears.

The queen and I both have the same thought, I set down the hume males, and take my bearfolk son.  “Pretty sure we forgot about that. Uh… You go check on it?”

She shakes her head.  “Nope. I’m no match for a dragonfolk.  I’m still impressed you and Lillia dragged that thing back here.”

Looking around, Lillia is nowhere to be found.  “Lillia?”

No response.

The hume woman speaks up: “Ah, she said something about getting the children some light, then left.”

Not good.  Not good! She has our dryadite… sons?  Daughters? Er… Either way, they are outside with that Dragonfolk monster!  She is a dryad… but they are just children!

There is no one else, these children here must be fed and cared for.  “Queen, please, save our children.” Begging isn’t very graceful, but these are our children!  Shame is for those who have room to spare. We have none, right now.

She sighs and turns around.  “I’ll go see what I can do, but I won’t go against that monster.  I have myself and my people to think of. You are neither. It does make sense to have you indebted, though… Or that dryad…”  

“We thank you, Queen.”  She is so reliable when it suits her needs.  Hopefully we can all have better relationships in the future.  She would make for an effective ally. Asking for help from someone so cold blooded is worrisome, but she only does things that ultimately make sense for the bearfolk people.  She can’t be faulted for that. It makes some unhappy, but the race as a whole stays united. It’s a necessary evil.

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