What Side Didn’t Know Vol.2 – A2,C7. Veiled Agreements

No one else might understand, but this dragonkin needs to sleep.  That’s the only way to ensure proper flavor. A conversation must be had to make it aware of its current predicament.

There should be movement soon.  Waiting out here in this rain is not pleasant, to say the least.  And the queen is here too. Seems she is waiting for a chance to… er… relieve some stress.


“Yes, Dubhe.  Can you actually show a bit more respect towards me?”  complains the queen.

“No, you’re not our queen anymore.”  No way will any more respective be given than needed.

“Hgnnnn. Fine.”  It must be frustrating for her, allowing others to treat her as less than royalty, but this is the only way for her to follow Gaia’s orders and still maintain her dominion over the rest of the bearfolk.  Being presented with such a dilemma would be frustrating to anyone. Certainly, going against Gaia won’t end well. Without the good relationship between the bearfolk and Gaia, the Library domain will go back to being neutral and owned solely by the dryads.  That’s right, you wretched thing. Suffer more. It’s pleasant to watch.

One of the dragonkin’s eyes open and focuses on us.  It starts to inhale and prep for a roar.

“Wait!  Wait! We want to talk!”

The dragonkin huffs and snorts before replying.  Its voice is quiet despite its size; its mouth open slightly to emit the stilling noise out.  It is almost as if the voice actually quietens the noises around it. Definitely surreal. “What is there to talk about?”

“We have you trapped!”

“…”  It blinks a few times before responding, “Are you an idiot?”

Stomping a foot a reply is given, “We are not an idiot.”  What an insolent captive. Seriously. Maybe knocking it out and trying again later might be best…  No, can’t be hasty with this.

“You are.  It’s obvious that I’m trapped.  What of it?” It sounds annoyed, like it’s talking to a slow to learn child for the hundredth time.

“Well, yes, there is a reason for that!”

“Dubhe, get on with it, angering the dragonkin with idle chatter isn’t helping,”  the queen scolds.

Fine.  “You are to be food for husband when he comes back.  You can’t escape, so accept that fate. That being your fate, go to sleep.  You’ll taste better if you don’t waste so much energy.”

“What?!”  It’s snarling now.  It would be scary if Lillia wasn’t holding it down.  “You really are stupid. Yes, I’ll just accept that I’ll ‘die now,’ and make sure to taste good for you.  Yes, very well. How about, ‘No.’ Go to hell.”

“Rude.”  Also, where is this hell?  Have yet to hear of that place…

“Yes, my thoughts exactly,”  it retorts.

Sigh.  Maybe another way?  “What is it you desire?  Maybe we can come to an agreement.”

“To not be someone’s dinner?”  Why did it say that like a question?

“Can’t do that.  We need to win husband back.  Anything else? Surely there must be something you want prior to death.”

“… What?  You los… no, that isn’t important right now.  Why does your husband want to eat me?” (Editor’s note: Why does this giant dragon sound like the character with the most common sense in this whole world?) Seems like it’s curious about multiple things, but prioritizing.  Maybe we haven’t been giving dragonkin enough credit for their intelligence?

“Dragonkin is rumored to be the tastiest meat.”

“Yes, that is true.  That’s not a rumor,” it interjects.

“Oh, okay, well, we wanted to present some to husband to win him back.”  Ulg, I hope it doesn’t require us to explain everything.

“You three?”

“I’m here to relieve my stress of having… unusual guests whom have Gaia’s favor…  I don’t care what happens, but smashing your head is very therapeutic.” The queens is wearing a very vicious smile as she explains her stance.

“So, you two?”

“Well, mainly just us.  Lillia is just an inamorata.”  This is turning out to be more work than originally anticipated.

“Us… I see… So, ‘Us,’  why will feeding me to your husband win him back?”  Such a terrible question!

“Obviously because you’re delicious.  We can’t believe you’d ask that. Of course he would understand our appreciation for bringing such a delicious treat to him.”  Let’s clarify this for the naive dragonkin.

“Well… I am delicious… But is that really what your husband wants?”  Huh?

“What?  Yes, of course.  Food is what everyone wants.”  This should be obvious.

“You mean, food is what you want.”

“Well… Yes, that too.”  What is it getting at? Of course anyone would want food.

“Let’s make a deal.  I’ll quietly sleep until your husband gets back.”  YES, perfect. Mission successful.


“When he gets back, he will get the option to eat me, or one other option I will present to him at that time.  It will be his choice of which to do.” What game is this dragonkin playing?

“Okay?”  What could it possibly be planning?

“If he chooses not to eat me… You must let me free.”

“Fine, we accept these terms.  We will eat you, no matter. You couldn’t possibly offer husband anything over yourself as a meal.”  Husband will eat it, then that will be that. No need to think further on this. This silly dragonkin will be a delicious meal soon enough.

“Tch.”  The queen stomps off back to the Gaia tree.

The dragonkin relaxes its muscles and says one final thing before sleeping: “Silly bearfolk, so little do you know about the desires of a male.”

Is it allowable to beat it just one extra time?  Something’s irritating about it’s attitude.

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Editor: DungeonPalmz

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