What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C11. A Paradigm like no Other


“Clearly you don’t understand my purpose here.  Think back. Think about the ‘Punishments’ I passed down.  Did they really ‘punish’ these townsfolk for their supposed crimes?  If you live over three hundred thousand cycles, what is a few thousand here or there?  Will that truly teach someone to not act a certain way?” She pauses for a moment.


I think about it.  It’s true… If you live a thousand years, or even longer, if you originated from the enclave… A few years, even ten years, would be but a blink of your eyes in time.  It would be like being punished for a few months to a year in my old world. Yes, that would be bad, but hardly life changing… Depending on the punishment.


“Now, think about what the punishments actually were.  Didn’t you find it odd that I sent those women who actively participated, to serve their time in brothels in other towns?  Doesn’t it make sense that I sent those artisans, who turned a blind eye, to other towns as indentured teachers for aspiring craftsmen?  What do you think about the hunters who actively pursued this town’s agenda being enslaved as night watchmen, and front line hunters? Do you think they will rebel against those they create connections with on their duty?  Their second chance with hundreds of thousands of cycles left in their life? Their life is far from ruined by this. How about the women who you found victimized? Do you think assigning them as builders in their assigned towns will isolate them from the citizens they build houses for?”


I feel there was a lot to argue about in what she says.  I don’t know where to start though.


I don’t get the chance, however.  “These ‘Punishments’ aren’t meant to punish, but to give opportunities to these town folk whom you have displaced to reconnect in their new town, build new friendships outside the culture of this town, and allow them to choose to change their ways to fit into their new lives.”


That seems like a noble idea, but how does that actually work in practice?


“And you… You will also have that chance, but only if you understand what folly you committed.  Your self righteous crusade destroyed these people’s lives.”


Did it?  Or did it save them.  Let’s be fair here.


“I can tell from your smirk that you don’t yet understand.  This world does not adapt to you. You will adapt to it, or you will be cast out.  This wasn’t the first offence for the two whom will be permanently exiled here. If I remember correctly… although it’s been a few hundred thousand cycles since it started, this was the seventh or eighth time I’ve had to deal with those two.”


How old is she?  A few hundred thousand?  That’s easily several hundred years.  Although Gaia did say Mika was over 700 years old…


“To that end, I won’t be following you around, you will learn.  Agreed?”


I’m not sure what to say.


“Think of it this way, You’re very smart, right?  You have memories of advanced cultures? If you think you are so much better than everyone else here, prove it by changing people the right way.  Show them how much better it is, don’t force your shallow short sighted ideals on them as soon as you meet them.”


Wait, what?  T-that’s awfully rude.  I think I can at least agree to that though.  How would I go about doing that… Opening a school?  Who would attend… no, that’s too short sighted. There is no incentive for anyone to care.


She takes the thoughts right out of my brain.  “You could, Goddess willing, even even build a town, yourself.  You have many advanced ideas, do you not?”  Although, maybe she’s just mocking me.  “You could build a… what did the goddess say it was called?  Ah, yes, a factory.  Something that makes something.  That’s not yet an idea that has taken hold here.”


Wait, why am I even thinking this?  She’s right, and I know it! Mika’s mother practically built this town herself… With her body… Which, I won’t be doing, but nonetheless, if you have a thousand years to work with, why not?  Especially with these convenient rune-powers. I can aim to build a town, set laws, and invite people to join me.


Forget factories though… I was never much for factory jobs… Although, making a computer out of runes… that would be pretty cool.  Especially since they seem to draw power from somewhere else. It’s almost like an infinite source of power. Think of the computer I could build… Binary and hardware wasn’t my forte back in college, but I still remember enough of it to stumble my way through.


Thinking about it more, Gaia did say I have a thousand years or so to live.  The modern culture of my previous world only took about two thousand years or so to mature to its current state.  If I live a thousand years, I’m sure I can short circuit that. Especially considering that this current culture is already in something like the dark ages.  That was only a 500 year migration… And if I build a computer during that time…?


“Fine, I’ll show you all how to live by building it,”  I declare.


“A fine resolve, take care to not lose your way~”  The Arbitrator smiles at me, and speaks liltingly. It is the first I have seen of her smile throughout all of this.  Is she mocking me? “Now, it’s time to get your traveling companions.” She stands and walks out of the building while saying, “Don’t move, I’ll be right back.”


I am excited to see Mika again.  I’m definitely looking forward to talking, and traveling with her again.  Despite our disagreements, I have missed her presence these last few days.  Lilia also misses her.


When the arbitrator comes back through the door, she is followed by Dubhe, and Lilia.



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