What Side Didn’t Know – A4, Epilogue: Cultural Differences; Author’s note

“You can’t be our husband if you don’t do this.”


“Y-yeah, but, I don’t know where anything is…”


“We told you, we’d help the first time.  We don’t need help, though, humes are simple folk.  We can find our way.”


“B-but… It’s just… weird…”


“Stop fussing, and come over here.”




“Fine, we will do this the hard way”


“Ah!  S-stop, you’ll rip them!”


“Nonsense.  They are very durable.”


“Gentle!  You’re so rough!”


“We can see you like that, oh ho ho ho.”


“I… have nothing to say to that…”


“Heh, we will help you, see, right here… ah… so nice…”


“Guys, I smell food… What are you doing?”


“Arhhg!  Lilia! I thought you were hunting for our dinner!”


“Oh, we see you like being watched.”


“N-no, I don’t”


“I got food for you guys, and already ate the blood, see?”


“Darling, we don’t mind sharing if that’s what you’re thinking…”


“I-I wasn’t…”


“Uh huh.”


“Tristain, why do I smell food?  Where is it? I can’t find it.”


“Lilia, come give Tristain and us a hug, and I’ll tell you about some delicious food.”








Author’s Note

This wasn’t exactly where I expected to end the first ‘Book,’ but I’m happy that it ended here.  Thanks for the adventure. I don’t have a lot to say, except, if you buy this book, thanks. A lot, I mean it.  I can’t express how grateful I am that other people can enjoy this adventure with me.


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