What Side Didn’t Know – A3,C12. Emergency Points

“Well, now, hold on darling.”  The bearfolk woman recovered quickly.  “We can do something about that, erm… Probably.”


She didn’t sound too convincing, but to be honest, I was hungry.


“Tristain, I’m hungry.”  I notified him.


“Hmmm…”  He looked at me.  I couldn’t place what that look meant, except that he was thinking about something.  “Would you put them all to sleep?”


I tilted my head, and thought as well.  Gaia did say in an emergency. It would be very dangerous for Tristain to not feed me.  I likely wouldn’t make it back to my flower flock before I would recede into a dormant state.  It would be very easy to die, at that point. One would only need to knock me over. So if Tristain said ‘Put everyone to sleep,’ I suppose I would need to, it would be an emergency, I guess.  I tapped on my chin with my pointer finger, and responded: “I guess so. You are Food Source, after all.”


The bearfolk woman snorted.  “Oh, child, aren’t you a cute one.”


Tristain was still staring at me, his face had found its way close enough to mine that he was looking directly into my eyes.  “Hmmm…”






He squinted his eyes a bit, sweat started to drip from his forehead.  What in the Gaia’s four layers is he thinking about? Surely it must be important.  Clearly above my level. All I wanted was food after all. Where was my food anyways?  I thought he was supposed to feed me when I asked?


He leaned in closer, and whispered to me.  “Will you help me save Mika?”


I nodded, and confirmed.  “Only I should be allowed to eat someone so delicious.”


“Snnnrrrrrk”  The woman bearfolk made a stifling snorting noise.


“Thank you.”  He smiled, and lowered his eyes.


And that’s when he attacked me like a wild Hume in mating season, with his lips on mine.  To be fair, aside from being very startled at first, it wasn’t unpleasant, and he did taste quite nice.  When he finished and pulled away, he confirmed again. “Thank you.”


He put his hands out in front of himself and created two pieces of ice for me, and then walked away into the forest without another word.


What just happened?


The bearfolk came over to me and put an arm over my shoulder.  “Ah young love.” What? What about this was love? Oh, the food, yes.  I get it now. Yes, I love the food. Yum, yes, so delicious, you could definitely call it love.


“Yes, it is delicious after all.”  I proclaimed, and ate both pieces of ice.  They tasted very nice with the leftover flavor of Tristain on them.


The bearfolk woman looked slightly surprised, but patted my shoulder and told me, very seriously, “if you ever need someone to talk to, you let us know, we are here to support anyone in love.–”  before wandering after Tristain. “Darling! We need to discuss our preparations!”


I frowned, a bit confused.  Why would I need to talk to her about my love for food?  That seemed very arbitrary and unnecessary. I looked over to the remaining person nearby, the trader.  He was staring at me.


“‘Tis first time seein’ uh Dryad eaten.  ‘Scuse me.” He spoke to me and looked away.


I didn’t think it was anything special, but it was like those stories Gaia was always telling us Dryads.  Something about pigs and houses and everyone looking at the world around them with different understandings.  Mostly though, that story was about a wolf eating food, which is why I listened. Surely pigs must be delicious, the way the wolf devoured them so quickly after blowing their houses down.


Well, I suppose I should make sure that bearfolk didn’t eat my food source.  She seems awfully violent. I know she’s been eyeing Tristain since the beginning.  No way am I letting her ruin my meal plans.


I wander after Tristain and her, to see them talking a ways into the forest.  He’s sitting with his legs crossed on the ground, and she’s standing over him.  She’s very close to him. Too close. They’re talking about some way to prevent my sleep from making them sleep.


That’s a pretty silly.  The whole point of my sleep thing is to make people sleep.  Of course they can’t prevent it. It doesn’t seem to have deterred them though.


I wonder what Gaia is going to think?  I haven’t seen her mad in a long time, I’m getting excited just thinking about this.  There may be a very nice big feast. Oh, but i’m sure I’ll be in trouble. But he is food source… Ulg… But Gaia will be mad… This is hard.  But I’m excited too? I miss Gaia. And I like my Food Source Tristain…


Whew, lets not think about this, it’s too much complicated stuff.




Author’s Note:

Thanks for the support!  I am in your care!  Next chapter, we are back to Tristain’s perspective.  Things… get interesting…


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