What Side Didn’t Know – A2,C5. The weight of the unknown

Silence reigned.


Not only did he keep his voice to himself, his animated memories and thoughts were gone from my regular training.


My seething anger had waned quickly and was replaced with guilt that perhaps I had gone too far.  I had irreparably damaged our relationship, the sole person I had felt kinship to had been pushed away.


I struggled to push it further from my mind, and attempted to continue my practice.  It had become easier and faster to find my center well enough to control the air around myself and manipulate it quickly and with precision.  Despite the distractions in my thoughts, controlling my runes had become second nature.


Around that time, a most confusing and unexpected event happened.  I was performing my usual ‘grab a fruit, slice it, and eat it,’ but it wouldn’t slice.  Looking at it curiously, I grabbed it from the air, and studied it for a moment.


It looked normal.  I brought it to my mouth and attempted to chomp it.  Like a smooth rock between two pressure points, the force of my teeth against something hard, or, rather, reflective, caused the fruit to slide out of my hand, and bounce on the ground.


I frowned, and stared at the disobedient fruit.  Maybe the Trees have taken to showing their displeasure with my thoughts or actions?  I was really worried about that. Maybe I should apologize to Tristain for reacting so harshly.  It was a conflict that I felt I was losing. If I gave up this battle, where would the end be? Would he continue to harass me endlessly, never allowing me to win?  Would he feel entitled to take my reciprocation of his attention for granted, expecting me to follow his whims?


“Mika.”  Says Tristain, speaking to me for the first time in several sleep cycles. I stop frowning at the fruit and look up to frown at him.  “Look, I’m sorry.” He’s showing me a small smile. “Uh, for multiple things. First, for preventing you from eating that fruit.” So he’s back at his tricks, I see.  “And, uh… I’m sorry for kissing you?”


Was that a question?  Is he really sorry? I must be putting on my best ‘I don’t believe a word your saying’ face, because he nervously looks away and continues his monologue.


“Uh, so, I do enjoy your company, and I didn’t mean to upset you so much.  I didn’t mean to upset you… well, I did, but not like that.  I thought we were just having fun.  So, uh, I’m sorry.” His shoulders are drooping and his smile has vanished.


Thinking about it, it’s not that I don’t enjoy his antics, it’s more that I want to have an equal part in them.  I don’t always want to be on the receiving end. I want to enjoy myself as much as I see him enjoying himself. To that end, he can’t always win.


And secondly, I’m not sure I like him in the way he wants.  I’m not interested in a casual relationship of convenience. And I think, with my thoughts sorted, his apology, and my feelings being validated, I can respond.


“Apology accepted.  But understand that I don’t want your approaches, I don’t feel that way about you.  Also, I want to have fun too. So sometimes you’re going to have to lose.” And with that, a very thinly sliced fruit, which had been rolling around on the ground, effectively mush and juice at this point, flew into his face. The now goopy fruit separated into several projectiles and bombarded him from multiple directions.  I was very careful to ensure that not even the smallest drop was wasted, and found its way to his face.


Smiling, I inspected my work.  Yes, it had covered every inch of his face.  He licked what he could reach with his tongue, and carefully wiped fruit from around his eyes into his mouth, his other hand catching drips from his chin.


“Well, I wasn’t expecting that.”  He sauntered off back to the place he was before, cleaning his face from fruit guts.


I smiled appreciatively, I had finally won another one over him.  The sense of satisfaction was enjoyable, and I took the moment to bask in it.  The sweet sweet victory was mine.


But that would be short lived.  No sooner than he had finally finished cleaning his face, and something happened that caused my heart to freeze over in anticipation and fear.


The door began to open, crackling ominously as it grew into an open archway from a solid wall.


Author’s Note:

Thanks for the support!  I am in your care!  Hopefully introducing a new character in the next few chapters.  hype hype hype

When I do, hopefully I will have some artwork I commissioned and a banner (since it has said character on it).  I’m super excited.  Probably because it’s a girl.


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